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Roald Amundsen


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Contibución de los alumnos al proyecto interdisciplinar sobre Admundsen y Scott

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Roald Amundsen

  1. 1. Roald Amundsen
  2. 2. Roald Amundsen was born on July16, 1872 in Borge, Norway. He wasthe first explorer to reach the SouthPole. He was the first to take a ship voyage through the Northwest Passage. He was also one of the first to to cross the Arctic by air.
  3. 3. Route followed by Amundsen and Scott
  4. 4. In 1897 Roald sailed on the Belgica, a Belgian expedition, that was the first to be in the Antarctic during the winter. In 1903 he was the first to sail through the Northwest Passage and around the norhern Canadian coast. The journey ended at Herschel Island in the Yukon in 1905.
  5. 5. Amundsen wanted to be the first man to go to theNorth Pole. However, American Robert Peary gotthere first in 1909. When Amundsen found out thathe could not be first, he decided to be the first manto reach the South Pole.
  6. 6. He left Norway in June, 1910. He set up hisbase sixty miles closer to the Pole thanexplorer Robert Falcon Scott, who was alsotrying to be the first to reach the South Pole.Amundsen, with 4 companions, 52 dogs, and4 sledges, set out on October 19, 1911. Theyreached the South Pole on December 14, 1911,before Scott and his team.
  7. 7. In 1926 Amundsen went on a flight with a14 other explorers. They were the first to flyover the North Pole fromEurope to Alaska.
  8. 8. In 1928, Roald Amundsen lost his life flyingto rescue an engineer named Umberto Nobile.Nobile had built the plane that Amundsen flewover the North Pole. Amundsens rescue planecrashed and was never found.
  9. 9. This work has been made by Fco. Jesús García Pardo 3º ESO A