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Reporting verbs


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Reporting verbs

  1. 1. REPORTING VERBSVERB +(NOT) + TO INFINITIVEAgree – decide – offer – promise - refuse – threatenExample: She promised not to do it againVERB + (NOT) + VERB-INGAdmit – deny – recommend – regret – suggestExample:I regretted telling him what had happenedVERB + (OBJECT) + PREPOSITION + (NOT) + VERB-INGAccuse of – apologize for -blame for – congratulate on – insist onExample: He apologized for lyingVERB + OBJECT + (NOT) + TO INFINITIVEAdvise – ask – beg – convince – encourage – forbid - invite – order – persuade – remind – tell– warnExample: They convinced me to join them on the tripVERB + THAT + SUBJECT + VERB + COMPLEMENTSAdd – admit – agree – announce – assume – believe – decide – declare – deny – explain - insist– mention – promise – point out – realize – recommend – regret - reply – report – reveal – say– suggest - thinkExample: I regret that I wont be able to goPRACTICE THESE STRUCTURE WITH THE FOLLOWING EXERCISESCORRECT THESE TYPICAL MISTAKES1.My father advised me that I took the exam2.Laurent offered giving me lift home3.He apologized for break the computer4.She asked me that I didnt tell anybody5.The reporter threatened selling the photos6.They agreed changing the mobile for a new one
  2. 2. WRITE IN REPORTED SPEECH1.The doctor warned me:`It is dangerous for you to fly´2.The burglar threatened : `Ill hurt you if you make a noise´3.My husband encouraged me:` You should learn to play golf.You will enjoy it and you will also getfit physically and mentally´4.He admitted: `Ive taken the money but Ill pay it back´5.We didnt know what to do so my partner suggested:`Shall we go to the cinema?´6.She refused: `I wont tidy my room´7.He apologized: `Im sorry I didnt phone but Ive been away ´8.She begged: Please, lend me some money9.He denied: Im not a criminal10.She promised. Ill pay you back next week11.He advised: If I were you I would ask a doctor12.The teacher ordered: Close your books, all of youSOLUTIONSCORRECT THESE TYPICAL MISTAKES1.My father advised me to take the exam2.Laurent offered to give me a lift home3.He apologized for breaking the computer4.She asked me not to tell anybody5.The reporter threatened to sell the photos6.They agreed to change the mobile for a new one.WRITE IN REPORTED SPEECH1.The doctor warned me not to fly (as it was dangerous for me)2.The burglar threatened to hurt me if Imade a noise3.My husband encouraged me to learn to play golf to get fit physically and mentally as well as forpleasure4.He admitted taking the money and promised to pay it back / He admitted that he had taken themoney and promised that he would pay it back5.We didnt know what to do so my partner suggested going to the cinema / We didnt know what todo so my partner suggested that we go to the cinema6.She refused to tidy her room7.She pologized for not phoning and said she had been away8.She begged me to lend her some money9.He denied being a criminal/ he denied that he was a criminal10.She promised to pay me back the following week / She promised that she would pay me back thefollowing week11.He advised me to ask a doctor12.The teacher ordered all of them to close their books.