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British and American Culture quiz


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List of questions about English and American culture

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British and American Culture quiz

  1. 1. United States: geography1. Find out the names of all the U.S. states and their capital cities.2. How many states are there in the U.S.?3. Learn the location of the states.4. What is the capital city of the United States?5. Name the most important rivers ( name 4).6. Name the most famous mountain range.7. What are the names of the Great Lakes?8. In which state is Yellowstone National Park?9. What is the Continental Divide?10. There is a National Park in Utah. What is its name?11. What is the lowest point in the U.S.?12. In what state is Death Valley located?13. What river borders Texas and the country of Mexico?14. What is the capital of Texas?15. Find another name for Texas.16. Nebraskas capital has the same name as the 16th U.S. President.Name the capital.17. What is the name of the most famous waterfall in the U.S.?18. What U.S. State is closest to this waterfall?
  2. 2. United States: general knowledge• Who is the United States president today?• What title is given to the presidents wife?• What political party does Barack Obama represent?• What political party did president John Fitzgerald Kennedy represent?• In what U.S. city was president John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassinated?• What do the red and white stripes in the flag symbolize?• What do the stars symbolize?• When do they celebrate the Flag Day?• When do they celebrate Independence Day?• Give another name for the White House.• What does D.C. mean in the expression Washington D.C.?• What kind of people ride on a yellow bus?• When do the lights on top of a yellow bus flash?• How many pennies are equal to one dollar?• What is a nickel?• What is a dime?• Which presidents picture is on a dollar bill?• What is a tepee?• What is a tepee made of?• What are the names of the coins in the U.S.?• What is the home of the president of the US called?• Where is the home of the president of the U.S.?
  3. 3. United States: cinema and TV• What famous bears live in JellystonePark?• Where is the Walk of Fame?• Where is Hollywood?• What is an oscar?
  4. 4. United States:sports• Where is the National Baseball Hall of Fame?• Who invented the game of baseball?• Give another name for football.• What is soccer international competition called?• What is a sweeper in soccer?• What are the most famous basketball teams inthe U.S.?• What team does Pau Gasol play with?• Who is Kobe Bryant?
  5. 5. United States: history and traditions• What was the name of one of Britains first colonies in North America?• What were the first British colonists in America called?• Why did a lot of British people go to North America in the 1800s?• What day is Independence Day?• Whens Thanksgiving Day?• What do they eat on Thanksgiving Day?• Whens Halloween?• What do we eat on Halloween?• Whats the Easter Bunny?• What was the name of the boat in which the pilgrims came to America?• Why did the pilgrims come to America?• Where did the pilgrims sail from?• Where did the pilgrims land in America?• Who was the president of the US during the Civil War?• Which famous president wrote the Declaration of Independence?• Who was the first president of the U.S.?
  6. 6. United States: landmarks• Where is the Statue of Liberty?• What does the Statue of Liberty have in herhands?• What is the Statue of Liberty used for at night?• What does the Statue of Liberty symbolize?• Where is Mount Rushmore?• Why are the people represented in MountRushmore famous?
  7. 7. United Kingdom: geography• How many nations are there in the UnitedKingdom?• What is the capital city of the UnitedKingdom?• What is the capital of Wales?• What is the capital of Scotland?• What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
  8. 8. United Kingdom: general knowledge• What can you see on the Welsh flag?• What do we call the son of a king and queen?• Florence Nightingale is famous for her work in...• What did George Cadbury make in his factory?• What book is “Gran Hermano” based upon? Thetitle of the book is a number.• In which country do people drive on the right?• What did Alexander Fleming discover?• Which two countries does the Channel tunneljoin?• Who are the native people of New Zealand?
  9. 9. United Kingdom: history andtraditions• How many wives did Henry VIII have?• What is the name of Queen Elizabeth IIs house y in Scotland?• What can you see everyday outside Buckingham Palace?• When was the Great Fire of London?• Which building burnt down in the fire?• What did people call the Scottish fighter William Wallace?• What were Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots?• What happened to Mary Queen of Scots?• Which queen was the “Virgin Queen”?• Who was a famous writer when Elizabeth I was queen?• What didnt they use the Tower of London for in the past?• What is the name of the guards at the Tower of London?• Who was the first man to reach the South Pole?• What happened to Captain Scott and his men?• What did Lord Baden Powell start?• Who discovered Australia for the British?• Who did the British government first send to Australia?
  10. 10. United Kingdom: literature• Which is the correct name of the play by WilliamShakespeare?• What is Oliver Twist?• Who is the richest woman writer in the U.K.Now?• What character did the richest woman writer inthe U.K. Invent?• In Jane Austen novels, The women usually wantto find...• All the Bronte sisters died...