TAF&E - Using Social and Mobile To Increase ROI


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TAF&E - Using Social and Mobile To Increase ROI

  1. 1. Using Social and Mobile Media to Increase ROI A workshop for: Texas Association of Fairs & Events January 14, 2012
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. About Me
  4. 4. Today We’ll Cover …• Social media review• Common social media platforms• What to say• Social media strategy• Know your audience• Time-saving tools• New tools to drive sales• Examples
  5. 5. Social Media Review
  6. 6. No Need for NotesSlideshare link to preso download
  7. 7. It’s Not Just for Little SusieThe ROI of Social Media
  8. 8. Benefits of Social Media• It’s FREE!• Builds deeper relationships• Increases brand awareness• Broadens your network• Drives sales• Helps SEO• Increases website traffic• Can help reach journalists/media• Empowers fans to be viral ambassadors for your brand Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
  9. 9. Social Media User Statistics Facebook Twitter Foursquare# of Total Users > 800 million > 200 million > 7 million# of New Users 460,000 22,000 (3400%Daily growth in 2010)# of Mobile Users 350 million (2x as 38 million active)Daily Use 50% use daily 28 million ~ 14,000-18,000Geography 70% from outside 60% from outside 40% from outside the U.S. the U.S. the U.S.Connections Average user has 26 million users 130 friends & likes follow a brand (67% 80 pages will buy) Sources: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics; http://www.observer.com/2011/media/foursquare-user-no-6000000-signs; http://blog.hubspot.com; http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/infographic-facebook-vs-twitter-demographics-2010-2011/
  10. 10. Common Social Media Platforms Facebook & Twitter
  11. 11. What Is Facebook?• Social networking service that allows users to connect to friends and businesses• Share content, links, photos, and videos• Comment on others’ activity• Remember: Personal profiles are for people, not businesses. Develop a fan page instead.
  12. 12. Facebook Stats• Over 800 million active users• Fastest growing demographic is women 55 years old and up• Average user is connected to 80 pages, groups, or events• 50% of active users log onto Facebook daily• 350 million+ users access Facebook from a mobile device – This group is 2x as active as those who don’t Source: http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics
  13. 13. What Is Facebook?
  14. 14. Facebook Benefits• Low cost• Engage with fans of your page• Fans receive your updates and can upload comments, photos, and video• When fans engage you on your page, their activity shows up in their friends’ streams – This can prompt others to check out your page and your organization!
  15. 15. Facebook Benefits• Can incorporate content from other social media platforms – Ex: blog posts, updates from Twitter, pictures from Flickr, videos from YouTube, location-based apps (FourSquare), etc.• Targeted advertising opportunities (cheap too!)
  16. 16. What Is Twitter?• Free social networking and micro-blogging site that allows users to send and read messages known as “tweets”• Tweets can have no more than 140 characters & are delivered to the author’s subscribers, known as “followers”
  17. 17. Twitter Stats• 200+ million users• 460,000 new users sign up daily• 50% of active users use their mobile phone to tweet• Twitter users are 3x more likely to follow a brand on Twitter than any other social networking site Source: http://blog.hubspot.com
  18. 18. What Is Twitter?
  19. 19. Twitter Benefits• Low cost• Speed of feedback• Potential reach of message• Customer engagement/service• Track what people are saying about your organization• Create buzz around upcoming events• Promote your organization and other content you create
  20. 20. So What Do I Say?
  21. 21. So What Do I Say?• Customer FAQs• Tutorials/demonstrations• News (sales, new products/services, etc.)• Events you’re attending• Your own content• Content from others• Attractions and events• Observations• What you’re reading or watching
  22. 22. Rules of Engagement• Listen more than you talk• Remember: It’s about them, not you.• Provide value far beyond your particular site or service Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
  23. 23. Formula for Success70 20 10 Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
  24. 24. Formula for Success 70 20 10• 70% of content = value-added, audience- based & not about you at all• 20% of content = spontaneous interaction with followers, fans, or friends• 10% of content = unabashed self- promotion Source: Social Media for Tourism Pros
  25. 25. Social Media Strategy Photo: davidkjelkerud
  26. 26. First, Some Questions1. Can you describe your event?2. What are your goals? a. Generate sales b. Brand enthusiasm c. Loyalty3. What is your relationship with your audience? a. Awareness b. Interest c. Action d. Advocacy Source: Jay Baer (http://convinceandconvert.com)
  27. 27. First, Some Questions4. How does your audience use social media?5. Who will be your community managers?6. What social media platforms will you use? (Hint: Where is your audience?)7. How will you be human (what is your “voice”)?8. How will you know when/if you’re successful? Source: Jay Baer (http://convinceandconvert.com)
  28. 28. Use Personality
  29. 29. Use Personality
  30. 30. Do You Need a Social Media Policy?• Maybe. Just keep these basics in mind: – Be polite – Be honest – Be open – Be inclusive – Be forthright – Be legal – Be helpful – Don’t try to control the conversation – Accept, respond, and be gracious to negative feedback Source: The Potluck Guide To Social Media Strategy
  31. 31. Remember! Social media is not an island. Photo: lisbokt
  32. 32. Know Your Audience Photo: stijnbokhove
  33. 33. Facebook Insights
  34. 34. Facebook Insights
  35. 35. Facebook Insights
  36. 36. Time-Saving Toolsand Helpful Utilities Photo: brandi666
  37. 37. RSS Feeds – Feedburner.google.com
  38. 38. RSS Feeds – TwitterFeed.com
  39. 39. RSS Feeds – TwitterFeed.com
  40. 40. RSS Feeds – TwitterFeed.com
  41. 41. RSS Feeds – TwitterFeed.com
  42. 42. HootSuite – Schedule Posts
  43. 43. HootSuite – Schedule Posts
  44. 44. HootSuite – Schedule Posts
  45. 45. HootSuite – Monitoring
  46. 46. Ping.fm
  47. 47. Ping.fm
  48. 48. Facebook to Twitter
  49. 49. Hyper Alerts
  50. 50. Hyper Alerts
  51. 51. Hyper Alerts
  52. 52. Nutshell Mail
  53. 53. Nutshell Mail
  54. 54. Nutshell Mail
  55. 55. URL Shorteners – Bit.ly
  56. 56. URL Shorteners – Bit.ly
  57. 57. New Tools To Drive Sales
  58. 58. Bottom Line = Sales• Marketing – increase the awareness of your brand• Traffic – drive traffic to your on and offline point- of-sales• Loyalty – increase your customers’ commitment to your brand, products, and services• Innovation – use social media to add value to your existing products or services, create new offerings, or sell more effectively Source: Social Signal (www.socialsignal.com)
  59. 59. Mobile/SMS Text
  60. 60. Why SMS Text?• There are 150 million feature phones in the U.S.• It’s the dominant form of mobile-to-mobile communication• Send on-site reminders/updates to festival attendees• Send coupons for discounted tickets• Make print and radio ads interactive by asking audience to text a keyword to receive future announcements Sources: Tim Hayden (http://www.44doors.com); Club Texting
  61. 61. Smartphone User Statistics• 31% of US mobile phone users have a smartphone• By 2015, 43% will use smartphones• 69% of smartphone owners have downloaded an app• Smartphone users between 35-44 were most likely to download an app; followed by the 18-24 age range Source: eMarketer; http://www.mequoda.com
  62. 62. Mobile Content Usage Source: Tim Hayden (http://www.44doors.com)
  63. 63. QR Codes
  64. 64. Why Use QR Codes?• Consumers don’t have to type or text• Engage consumers on the go, on THEIR terms• Drive them to mobile commerce sites, and digital experiences• Provide quick access to useful (RELEVANT) information• Costs nothing to produce a QR Code Source: Tim Hayden (http://www.44doors.com)
  65. 65. DO• Educate your audience on “why” and “how”• Develop a custom micro-site that truly captures your audience “in the moment” to take your desired action• Provide an AWESOME experience: immediate conversion is key – Incorporate audio and video that can’t be duplicated on paper – Ask for email or a Facebook “like” in exchange for a coupon or exclusive information Source: Tim Hayden (http://www.44doors.com)
  66. 66. DO NOT• Drive the audience to your standard website homepage• Translate web pages 1:1 from desktop to mobile: brevity rules the moment• Repeat information that is printed or published on the same real estate as a QR Code• Extend the moment for longer than 90 seconds Source: Tim Hayden (http://www.44doors.com)
  67. 67. QR Code Usage Source: Tim Hayden (http://www.44doors.com)
  68. 68. QR Codes
  69. 69. Geneva Midsommar Festival Swedish Days
  70. 70. QR Codes
  71. 71. Social Couponing
  72. 72. Social Couponing
  73. 73. Location-based Apps
  74. 74. Location-based Apps
  75. 75. Location-based Apps
  76. 76. Location-based Apps
  77. 77. Location-based Apps
  78. 78. Location-based Apps
  79. 79. Location-based Apps
  80. 80. Location-based Apps
  81. 81. Location-based Apps
  82. 82. Show Me the Money
  83. 83. Twitter Examples
  84. 84. Facebook Examples
  85. 85. Questions?Old School:• Phone – 512.473.3513• E-mail – sarah.page@lcra.orgNew School:• Twitter - @ColoradoRiverTr (work), @pagetx (personal)• Facebook – facebook.com/ColoradoRiverTrail• Flickr – flickr.com/groups/ColoradoRiverTrail• Foursquare – foursquare.com/pagetx• Gowalla – gowalla.com/users/pagetx (personal), gowalla.com/users/ColoradoRiverTrail (work)• Delicious – delicious.com/pagetx• Slideshare – slideshare.net/pagetx