Marketing Your Community's Events Using Social Media


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Webinar given on March 11, 2014 to participants from the Land of Lincoln Region in Illinois. This is the first of four webinars that will be presented to the region's tourism partners.

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  • 1.  Get out your smart phones and take a photo using Instagram. It can be of anything or anyone.
  • 2.  Add this tag: #LOLWebinar
  • 3.  Upload your photo. No need to tweet it, but you can if you want.
  • 4.  Hang around to the end of our presentation to see what you've created!
  • The way we get information and respond to the environment around us has changed. We are now a culture of sharing. We want others to know where we are and the cool things we’re doing. Your festivals and events can provide that venue. This not only fuels their desire to share, it spreads the message about your events at the same time.
  • Twitterfall or Tweetchat
  • It’s always challenging trying to integrate a downtown into a festival experience. This group may have figured out how. The Geneva Chamber of Commerce worked with downtown businesses and the Swedish Days Festival on a promotion that will help market the downtown merchants to festival attendees. Visitors with smartphones will get immediate access to featured specials and discounts exclusively during the event. When you scan the code, you go to the mobile friendly Swedish Days 2011 Hot Deals page that includes all the specials. Some are offering a % off, others are offering BOGOs.
  • Marketing Your Community's Events Using Social Media

    1. 1. Marketing Your Community’s Events Using Social Media Land of Lincoln Webinar #1 March 11, 2014
    2. 2. Get these slides here::
    3. 3. Step 1: Open Instagram / Take a photo
    4. 4. Step 2: Add #LOLWebinar tag
    5. 5. Step 3: Upload to Instagram
    6. 6. Step 4: Stay tuned
    7. 7. Why social media and events?
    8. 8. PLAN PROMOTE ENGAGE EXTEND Source: OgilvyOne
    9. 9. Plan Develop a timeline for promotions and announcements Choose a social tool for event planning and registrations Compile photos and videos needed for promotion Create an event page on Facebook Assign social media roles to your team – Content creators – Content monitors Schedule posts and tweets Source: OgilvyOne and Marketo
    10. 10. Social Tool
    11. 11. Social Tool
    12. 12. Facebook Event
    13. 13. Scheduling
    14. 14. Scheduling
    15. 15. Promote Create website or web presence Social integration Distribute printed material – Social integration Advertise on Facebook Send out teasers based on timeline – Announcements (e.g., bands, speakers, vendors, activities, etc.) – Photos and videos from previous events Create a hashtag and publicize it Engage with local influencers
    16. 16. Web/Social Integration
    17. 17. Print/Social Integration
    18. 18. • Why advertise on Facebook? Huge audience Highly targeted Social recommendations Cost effective EASY!
    19. 19. Teasers
    20. 20. Teasers
    21. 21. Teasers
    22. 22. Engage Create and monitor conversations with fans, attendees, and influencers Post in real time Encourage attendees to create and share their own content Showcase user-generated content at the event
    23. 23. Conversations
    24. 24. Conversations
    25. 25. Post in Real Time
    26. 26. Post in Real Time
    27. 27. Encourage Sharing
    28. 28. Photo: felinebird on Flickr Encourage Sharing
    29. 29. Encourage Sharing
    30. 30. Encourage Sharing
    31. 31. Encourage Sharing
    32. 32. Showcase User-Generated Content
    33. 33. Showcase User-Generated Content
    34. 34. Watch This
    35. 35. Extend Keep the conversation going Peek behind the curtain Encourage social feedback Offers, specials, discounts
    36. 36. Extend
    37. 37. Prolong Conversation
    38. 38. Prolong Conversation
    39. 39. Prolong Conversation
    40. 40. Prolong Conversation
    41. 41. Prolong Conversation
    42. 42. Social Feedback
    43. 43. Social Feedback
    44. 44. Behind the Curtain
    45. 45. Behind the Curtain
    46. 46. Offers
    47. 47. Can I Help? Call Me!
    48. 48. Follow Me @pagetx Sarah Page, Principal Sarah T. Page Consulting, LLC 512.914.8873
    49. 49. Thank You! Questions?