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SEO and Content Marketing


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In this indepth presenation learn how SEO and Content Marketing is a match made in heaven.

SEO and Content Marketing

  1. 1. Navneet Kaushal CEO PageTraffic SEO and Content Marketing – A match made in heaven
  2. 2. How SEO has changed!
  4. 4. CONTENT.
  9. 9. Content Marke9ng in SEO
  10. 10. Content Marke9ng in SEO
  11. 11. Content Marke9ng Facts
  12. 12. Content Marke9ng Benefits
  13. 13. Content Marke9ng Benefits
  14. 14. Content Marke9ng– the Shi<
  15. 15. Shi? in Balance is happening
  16. 16. Link Building On-Page Basics In 2008, SEO Was This
  18. 18. Great SEO Content answers your users’ questions, it meets their needs & expectations and is suitable for your TARGET is easily accessible and interpreted by target users and search engines thanks to its STRUCTURE has a very good quality level and is trustworthy because its source is recognized for its AUTHORITY Which content is king for search engines?
  19. 19. SEO-friendly content and UX TARGET STRUCTURE AUTHORITY …can I trust this website? NOT TRUSTWORTHY NOT for ME …that’s not what I was looking for!…I can’t find what I’m looking for… NOT so ACCESSIBLE Ideal content both for SEO and the user complies with these 3 criteria …perfect!
  20. 20. Effec9ve SEO Content Strategy Target Creating personalised content for each phase of the customer journey and adapting it to the buyer personas it targets Structure Structuring content in an accessible format for search engines, without overlooking user experience Authority Developing website authority: a quality backlink profile and most importantly, a brand that search engines associate to its products and industry Here are the key aspects to consider in order to develop an effective SEO content strategy
  21. 21. TargetCustomer journey and buyer personas
  22. 22. Customer journey and buyer personas The purpose of targeted content is to effectively guide buyer personas through the different phases of the customer journey by providing them with personalised information Channel, content type and information personalisation based both on the buyer persona and the customer journey phases UX, design, register personalisation. Consistent with a buyer persona for the whole user journey BUYER PERSONA Awareness Evaluation DecisionLoyalty
  23. 23. @iacquire The Old Consumer Decision Journey Elias Lewis (Advertising Agency Hall of Famer) invented this model (AIDA) in 1898. via Wikipedia
  24. 24. @iacquire The New Consumer Decision Journey via Google ZMOT 2012
  25. 25. ▪  The different phases of the customer journey actually represent a continuum: for this reason, some search intents, keywords and content items can successfully become part of different moments in the customer journey. ▪  As a result of the changes in consumers’ online navigation behaviour in the mobile era, the whole conversion process is more and more influenced by: ▪  offline communication ▪  micro-moment navigation behaviour* ▪  pre-shopping online searches (Zero Moment of Truth) * Key points | Target (*) Google research: https:// and https://
  26. 26. Understanding the Customer Journey The customer shopping journey can classified into sequenXal stages. Awareness ConsideraXon Intent Due Diligence Decision hZp:// Not common, mostly occurs with high Xcket items
  27. 27. Awareness §  Generally shorter key phrases §  Typically core business terms or category terms §  Very high search volume §  Lower conversion rates §  Example: §  handbags §  sweaters §  Dresses Awareness Considera9on Intent Due Diligence Decision
  28. 28. Considera9on §  Generally 2-3 word keywords §  one idenXfier + the root §  Lower search volume §  BeZer conversion rates §  Higher amount of keywords in this stage §  Example: §  Brand + category samsung mobile §  Gender + category Women’s sweaters §  Need + Category plus-size dresses §  Brand + Discount dominos coupons Awareness Considera9on Intent Due Diligence Decision
  29. 29. Intent §  Generally 3-4 word keywords §  two idenXfiers + the root §  Even lower search volume §  Even beZer conversion rates §  Example: §  Local (keyword) samsung mobile delhi §  Brand + model (keyword) samsung galaxy s5 §  Price iden9fier + brand/product category + product samsung s4 price §  Best + brand/aYribute + model/ product type best samsung mobile phone under 15000 Awareness Considera9on Intent Due Diligence Decision
  30. 30. Due Diligence §  Common for high-Xcket items §  Keywords to understand financial commitments §  benefit/return of post-purchase, warranty, reviews (product specific), comparison §  Example: §  Brand + model + reviews/customer service/a?ermarket §  Samsung galaxy s5 reviews §  Samsung galaxy s5 warranty §  whirlpool gold refrigerator reviews §  samsung s4 vs nexus 5 §  2012 honda city resale value §  Less common for most retail shopping Awareness Considera9on Intent Due Diligence Decision
  31. 31. Decision §  Generally 4+ word keywords §  four or more idenXfiers + the root §  Can include “Buy” or “Shop” §  exact specs of product search §  Example: §  Buy + brand + model + aYribute + value prop §  Google nexus 5 free shipping §  levis jeans size 38 §  Brand + model + pricing + value prop §  sony cybershot dsc wx50 digital camera cheap Generally fewer keywords in this stage, many customers convert via direct load Awareness Considera9on Intent Due Diligence Decision
  32. 32. StructureRich Snippets | Rich Cards and Knowledge Graph | Featured Snippets
  33. 33. ▪  The evolution in Google’s search result types is following current trends: adapting to online users’ behaviour and search intents, to mobile devicesand conversational vocal searches. ▪  Google search results allowing a website to obtain higher visibility than classic snippets will become increasingly frequent and diversified. ▪  Some search results types (KG) are less influenced by structural optimisations, while others (featured snippets) are not limited to big websites and brands, but can appear for every website with optimised content. Key points | Structure
  34. 34. AuthorityContent | Website | Off-site and off-line strategies
  35. 35. ▪  The authority perceived by search engines is the result of a complex assessment of the quality levels for the following aspects: content, website, off-site and off-line signals. ▪  Several ranking factors and signals are analysed for each aspect. Success and results are determined by a strategic equilibrium among these elements, which varies for different types of websites orbusinesses. Key points | Authority
  36. 36. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO?
  37. 37. Diversify your Strategy with Different Types of Content 57 LISTICLES LONG-FORM VIDEO HOW-TO’S REVIEWS
  40. 40. 60 • Picking the perfect topic • Optimizing content ADVICE
  41. 41. 61 *comScore 1. Google’s and Amazon’s Suggested Results 2. Keyword Research Tools Tools to pick the perfect topic
  42. 42. Attract rather than Sell Create content that DESERVES links and MARKET that content.
  43. 43. •  Content should be created for your users •  FAQs •  Help/Tutorial Videos •  Infographics •  Tools: •  Google Keyword Planner •  Google Search Console •  Wolfram Alpha •  SEMRush ($) •  Moz ($) Learn Your Audience: SegmentaXon
  44. 44. •  Content should be created for your users •  FAQs •  Help/Tutorial Videos •  Infographics •  Tools: •  Google Keyword Planner •  Google Search Console •  Wolfram Alpha •  SEMRush ($) •  Moz ($) Learn Your Audience: SegmentaXon
  45. 45. •  Content should be created for your users •  FAQs •  Help/Tutorial Videos •  Infographics •  Tools: •  Google Keyword Planner •  Google Search Console •  Wolfram Alpha •  SEMRush ($) •  Moz ($) Learn Your Audience: SegmentaXon
  46. 46. •  Content should be created for your users •  FAQs •  Help/Tutorial Videos •  Infographics •  Tools: •  Google Keyword Planner •  Google Search Console •  Wolfram Alpha •  SEMRush ($) •  Moz ($) Learn Your Audience: SegmentaXon
  47. 47. •  Educate to purchase •  Detail the products or services •  Use internal linking •  Describe the non-brand •  Tools: •  Google Keyword Planner •  Google Search Console •  AnalyXcs •  MajesXc ($) •  Moz ($) Learn Your Audience: Conversion Funnel Website navigation should include links to pages targeting the highest search volume phrases!
  48. 48. •  Educate to purchase •  Detail products + services •  Provide business history •  Use internal linking •  Tools: •  Google Keyword Planner •  Google Search Console •  AnalyXcs •  MajesXc ($) •  Moz ($) Learn Your Audience: Conversion Funnel
  49. 49. Reference Guide: Google AnalyXcs Use these menus to view how users arrive and how they interact with site content! Understand which channels & sites are most valuable! How many pages viewed?! What pages cause people to leave?! Does my site load fast enough?! After they arrive, what pages do they click on next?! What URLs bring people to my site?! What do they type in the search box?! Find which social networks provide most engagement! Use Advanced Segments for custom audience groups!
  50. 50. Beef Up Site Content •  IdenXfy and fill in gaps in content based upon keyword research •  Incorporate target search terms throughout InformaXon Architecture •  Use hubs of content to organize relevant pages together Home Page Hub2 PR Requests Contact News + Articles Advice Teenagers Product Reviews About NAV 1 / All NAV 2/ Filtering NAV 3 Single Content Pages Suggested Page Content Hubs Ask a Q Photos Videos News Photo Pages Video Pages Detail3 News + Articles Co Parentin g For Parents Books Positive Parentin g Tips Technique s Our Writers
  51. 51. UXlize Microformats within HTML • •  Invented in 2011 by Google, Bing, Yahoo, & Yandex •  Open Graph •  Used by Facebook to extract addiXonal meaning • debug/ •  JSON •  JavaScript markup •  RDFa •  Markup extension of HTML5
  52. 52. •  Formerly, Google Webmaster Tools; sXll trends the last 90 days of data •  Major Changes: •  Search AnalyXcs •  Mobile Friendly Tool •  InternaXonal TargeXng GSC to Find Current OpportuniXes
  53. 53. Pick Content Type
  54. 54. Pick Content Type
  55. 55. Build Content With High Search Link Intent KEYWORD “FACTS” KEYWORD “INFORMATION” KEYWORD “DATA”
  56. 56. 3 quick and easy types of content Experts’ opinion: Roundups Lists: Top 10 or 100+ facts about … Old content, New life Repurpose your content
  57. 57. Learn the art of storytelling Copyright ©
  58. 58. Free Tools To Find The Influencers
  59. 59. – Google+ Your Topic Choose country and gender
  60. 60. - Twitter Your Topic
  61. 61. – best domains Search for influencers in a specific niche
  62. 62. Questions to ask influencers for your Roundup posts Tips and Tricks PredicXons Mistakes to avoid Tools they use
  63. 63. – top content Social Signals
  64. 64. Content Curation Tools
  65. 65. Many free tools are available now!
  66. 66. Headlines matter! Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  67. 67. Use Different Media Formats
  68. 68. Promote
  69. 69. Keep it brand focused and natural. Do deeplinking “Other anchor text” is under- rated, mix it up and have a natural link spread which links throughout your domain, not just to your homepage. The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and then insert it again. Avoid SEO Footprints - Check Anchor Text Distribu9on
  70. 70. Getting the BIG links then attracting the rest
  71. 71. Great CONCEPTS and beautiful EXECUTION!
  72. 72. RESULTS
  73. 73. Any BIG links?
  74. 74. Download Free Content Marketing Guide hYp:// THE FREE E-BOOK UNFOLDS •  Strategies that consXtute an effecXve content markeXng plan •  Formats that can be used to make your content diversified •  Techniques that can make it reach the right audience •  Metrics that can track the success of your campaign
  75. 75. Website: Email: Twitter: @navneetkaushal Blog: Facebook: THANK YOU!