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PageOneNow LLC We put your law firm on page one of Google - guaranteed. PageOneNow provides search engine optimization, pay per click management, and web design services for attorneys, lawyers and law firms. We offer fixed prices, nationwide service and guaranteed results. With more and more people turning to the internet rather than phone books, you cannot afford to not be on page one of the search engine results.. Unless your current website is on page one of the search engine results page (SERP), it is worthless for generating new clients. Your website needs to be found on the first page of the SERP for broad search terms such as "Denver Divorce Attorney." PageOneNow guarantees that you will be on page one of the SERP for the appropriate keywords. Call PageOneNow today to get started. 877-342-6447.

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PageOneNow | Internet Marketing for Lawyers

  1. 1. smWe Put Your Law Firm on Page One of Google – Guaranteed!
  2. 2. David Jacquot, JD, LLM Manager smWe Put Your Law Firm on Page One of Google – Guaranteed
  3. 3. Internet Marketing for Lawyers – Why?
  4. 4. Internet Marketing for Lawyers – Why?• With the expansion of low cost broadband services, virtually every household has access to the internet.• Increasingly, people are turning to the web to locate information rather than traditional sources such as the Yellow pages or other phone books.• To stay competitive, you need to market your law firm online.• The bottom line is that your law practice simply cannot afford to not market on the internet.
  5. 5. Search Engine Marketing | SEM
  6. 6. Recovery vs. Discovery Searches• Most attorney web sites are merely an "electronic brochure" and not a marketing tool.• To be effective and generate new clients, a web site must first be found by searchers.• Virtually all lawyer web sites are only found by "recovery" searches. A "recovery" search means the website is only found when the searcher already knows the firms name or web address.• To attract new clients, your attorney website must be found by "discovery" searches. A "discovery" search is one where your website is found by a searcher looking for broad topics such as "tax attorney" of "DUI defense".
  7. 7. Search Engine Results Page | SERP
  8. 8. Search Engine Optimization | SEO
  9. 9. Search Engine Optimization | SEO• There are two distinct parts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and both need to be maximized in order to rank highly in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).• One part is known as “offsite” optimization. The major focus of offsite optimization is development of highly relevant inbound links from authority sites.• The other part is known as “onsite” optimization. This relates to the design, code and content of your website. Most important is the content. It needs to be relevant and fresh. Persistent and consistent updates are crucial.
  10. 10. Blog Management
  11. 11. Blog Management• Modern blogs provide numerous marketing advantages for attorneys. – They provide many points of entry to your website, – Allow you to syndicate your material, and – Provide an easy mechanism for consistent and persistent fresh content. – These attributes are favorable to search engines and increase the ranking of your attorney web site.• Significant time is needed to manage a blog. Time is required to draft content, answer comments, perform site maintenance and build links to and from your blog.
  12. 12. Web Design
  13. 13. Web Design• Web design is a balancing act.• You must create a website that is highly optimized for the search engines.• At the same time, you must create a professional looking website that catches and holds a visitors attention.• Lastly, the web site needs to function in all sizes of browsers, from large desktop monitors to small smartphone screens.
  14. 14. Pay-Per-Click Management | PPC
  15. 15. Search Engine Results Page | SERP
  16. 16. Pay-Per-Click Management | PPC• Pay per click marketing can be an effective way to reach new clients. Search engines list PPC ads on the SERP.• The ranking of PPC ads is determined by a bidding process combined with how well the ad has performed over history.• It costs nothing for the PPC ad to be displayed, but if a searcher clicks on the ad, the advertiser must pay the amount that they have bid.• Proper management of PPC campaigns is a time consuming process.
  17. 17. Advantages of Pay-Per-Click | PPC• Virtually instantaneous page one placement.• Precise targeting. Your ad can be more precisely matched to the keywords used by the searcher than can be achieved with other types of paid online advertising.• Each search term has a different price. The goal in PPC management is to find effective search terms that are low priced and avoiding high priced search terms and the bidding wars that accompany them. Combining PPC to capture "low hanging fruit" with organic SEO for high priced competitive terms is what PageOneNow provides its web marketing clients.
  18. 18. Disadvantages of Pay Per Click | PPC• Management. Proper PPC campaigns need to managed and this is particularly time consuming.• "Ad Blindness.“ Internet users often ignore paid advertisements. They have simply trained themselves to immediately look at the actual search results and ignore paid advertisements.• Limited Information in the PPC Ad. The amount of text that can be placed in an organic ad is significantly more than is available in a PPC ad.
  19. 19. Landing Pages
  20. 20. Landing Pages• Landing Pages are highly optimized individual pages.• Landing pages can be part of a web site or stand alone pages.• PPC ads and inbound links can be directed to these pages instead of towards your home page.• Consider this example. You are searching for a criminal lawyer to handle a DUI charge. One PPC ad sends you to a landing page specifically covering DUI defense. Another PPC ad sends you to a law firm home page where you have to begin to search the site to find the DUI information you want. Which is better?
  21. 21. Local and Mobile Search
  22. 22. Search Engine Results Page | SERP
  23. 23. Local & Mobile Search• The Search Engines are always changing. A couple years ago there was only organic and PPC results.• Thanks in part to the explosion of smartphone use, Search Engines now return local results as a separate category.• Search Engine Optimization SEO is different for organic results and local results because the Search Engines use a different algorithm for each type of search.• Therefore your web site needs to be optimized for both organic and local search. Likewise your web site must function properly on both computers and smartphones.
  24. 24. Fixed Cost – Guaranteed Service
  25. 25. Fixed Cost – Guaranteed Service• No upfront fees. We charge flat monthly fees after PageOneNow obtains results for you.• Guaranteed results. We get you on page one and keep you there, or you do not pay.• No lengthy contracts. You can cancel the service at any time.• Long term relationship. We seek long-term partnerships with our clients. We want to help you market your business today, tomorrow and into the future.• Services range from $295 per month to $3995 per month. See our website for our current fee schedule.
  26. 26. Putting It All Together
  27. 27. PageOneNow Advantages– Integrated Services. PageOneNow handles all aspects of your internet marketing. • SEO • PPC • Web Design • Blog Management and Content Creation • Social Media– Exclusive Services. Only one client per geographic area.– Guaranteed Services. You only pay for results.– All content written/reviewed by a person with a law degree.
  28. 28. Visit Us on the Call Us Today 887-342-6447