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  1. 1. USING QUANTUM TEACHING IN WRITING CLASS on 8th of SMPN 02 In Kab. Muko-Muko Bengkulu Presented by: WASHLURACHIM SAFITRI 1008066031
  2. 2. CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of Problem There are 28 out of 30 of students found difficult to write report text. They have less motivation in learning writing and they also have poor vocabulary, teaching technique which was implemented by teachers in writing was boring. The technique was monotonous; there was no variation in teaching writing. As a result, students could not develop their ideas and they could not develop their writing skill. This fact is very contradictive with curriculum objectives, where students are expected to be able to write in accurately and acceptable. And of course, this problem in researcher’s opinion should be taken into a proper consideration.
  3. 3. B. Identification of Problems • students find that it is difficult to do writing text, • students have less motivation in learning writing , • students feel bored in learning writing as the technique is monotonous, with no variation which made by teachers in teaching writing, • students have minimum vocabulary, • Students are lack of practice in writing since the time is limited, • Students are lack of exposure to practice writing. • Teacher does not have variation in doing the thenique of teaching writing
  4. 4. C. Limitation of the Problems (1) students difficulties to do writing text. Teaching learning process in class should be based on competency standards as one of the guideline. (2) Researcher would conduct this study by using Quantum Teaching as a model to implement in teaching learning process. (3) here, quantum teaching model would be focused on mind mapping in teaching writing only. (4) the researcher just focused on how the students are capable to develop their idea in writing. (5) this study is focused on class VIII A at SMPN 02 Kabupaten Mukomuko Bengkulu, The students consist of 30 children.
  5. 5. D. Formulation of The Research 1. How is Quantum Teaching implemented in writing class at 8th on SMPN 2 in Kabupaten Mukomuko Bengkulu? 2. How do the students respond to the use of Quantum Teaching in the writing class? 3. What activities can stimulate students to be creative and imaginative in writing by using Quantum Teaching? E. Objectives of The Research To investigate: 1. How Quantum Teaching is implemented in writing class at 8th on SMPN 02 in Kabupaten Mukomuko Bengkulu. 2. How the students respond to the use of Quantum Teaching in the writing class 3. Whether the activities can stimulate students to be creative and imaginative in writing by using Quantum Teaching.
  6. 6. F. Significant of the Research 1. Theoretically 2. Practically
  7. 7. CHAPTER II Theoretical framework A. Review of The Related Literature 1. Sakhiyah and Sumardiyani for their Journal in Quantum Teaching: the teaching of Speaking for instructional Purposes in 2008 Zulfa Sakiyahha & Listiyaning Sumardiyani. 2008. 2. Mulyana conducted his Journal of English in 2008, the title is The Application of Quantum Teaching Method in Teaching English as Foreign (EFL) Language in Classroom Discourse. 3. Nurhayati in her research Using Mind Mapping in story telling for English Competence Improvement stated that mind mapping technique can improve the students’ speaking skills in class. 4. Reima in her research “Enhancing Freshman Students Writing Skills with a Mind Mapping Software” Reima Al-Jarf. 2009.
  8. 8. B.Theoretical Framework Writing in Language Learning Types of Writing Writing in Report text The Teaching Process of writing The Quantum Teaching Model of Teaching apply Quantum Teahing Method Perform Concept into Mind Mapping The Conduct of Quantum Teaching in Writing
  9. 9. Writing in Language Learning • Nunan defines that writing is the process of thinking to invent ideas, thinking about how to express into good writing, and arranging the ideas into statement and paragraph clearly. • Lindman stated that writing is defined as a process, communication, graphic system and the way to convey a message. It means writing is one of activities to communicate which needs skill to convey their idea to the reader.
  10. 10. Report Text • According Jordan A report is usually an information text such as an information report that you may do for a school assignment about an interesting topic or subject. It can also be a news report. A report is usually about something that is real and has different parts to it that can be described.
  11. 11. Teaching Process of Writing Al-wasilah states that writing experts believe that writing is a teachable and learnable art, provided it is taught and learned in a correct manner. However, it –he claims further – is perceived as the most difficult skill to acquire by students and to teach by teacher. The implies that most teachers have no appropriate strategies of teaching writing, besides the students are not prepared in writing.
  12. 12. Quantum Teaching Quantum Teaching is a teaching method which can be applied by using imagination. The method is given by Bobbi Deporter (1999). He believes that the success of teaching goals not only involves teaching materials but also learners’ psychology.
  13. 13. Quantum Teaching DePorter suggest that; Strategies of teaching English in Classroom discourse based on quantum teaching method are: 1. Introducing multiple intelligences approach, namely, teaching activity by considering V-A-K learning style, 2. presenting teaching material based on mind mapping, 3. considering how brain works is that human’s brain can function well during the period of 30 minutes (decay theory); in addition, it only do best memory saving from primary and last period.
  14. 14. Model of Teaching EFL Applying Quantum Teaching Method a. Teaching Material b. Teaching Strategy 1. Perform concept into Mind Mapping 2. Classroom Setting
  15. 15. Mind Mapping Then Rocco, et all states that; We used mind mapping, creative brainstorming technique to helps us to think about what we might want to include in a writing project mind maps use radiant thinking. Mind maps can develop using words, shapes, and even pictures. This idea is to brainstorm main ideas related to your central topic and then to brainstorm additional ideas associated with the main ideas. The process continued until you have exhausted all possible ideas. At the point, cluster of related ideas can be developed in to a more structured outline, or mind map can guide manuscript development.
  16. 16. The Example of Mind Mapping
  17. 17. CHAPTER III RESEARCH METHODOLOGY A. Setting and Time The subject of this research is class A of eight grade students at SMPN 2 Mukomuko in academic year 2012 / 2013. Actually, this research would be conducted of 8th grade students at SMPN 2 Kab. Mukomuko Bengkulu in academic year 2011 / 2012. The time of this researcher would be conducted from January to February 2013.
  18. 18. B. The participant of the Research The research participants are all the students of 8th in class A of the SMPN 02 Kab. Muko-muko Bengkulu in 2011/2012 academic. C. Research Design According to Borg & Gal in AECT , Descriptive studies are aimed at finding out "what is," so observational and survey methods are frequently used to collect descriptive data.
  19. 19. D. Data collection The data were collected by asking the students to write paragraph , conducting some observations to the English teaching and learning process, either before or during the implementation of the actions, and the interviews with the students and also teacher. E. Technique of Collecting Data 1. Observation 2. Interview 3. Student writing
  20. 20. G. Data Analysis and Interpretation The result of students writing would be analyzed by using the evaluation of writing. While, The analyzing of the picture, the researcher analyzed it by using handy camera and tape recorder. The video and tape recorder would be used to analyze the teaching and learning process.
  21. 21. Chapter IV Research Finding and Discussion A. Description of Data
  22. 22. B. Research Finding The example of students writing before get mind mapping in quantum teahing method
  23. 23. The example of students writing after get treatment in quantum teaching method
  24. 24. Students Activities in Class Individual Learning Group Learning
  25. 25. Discussion Every students was active to follow quantum teaching method. They felt that the method did not make them bored or sleepy. Its because the quantum teaching method was very effective to give the stimulus by imagination of students like stated by Lazanov who claimed that the focus of quantum teaching method is learning by imagination. Thus they can create and develop their idea inwriting.
  26. 26. CHAPTER V Conclusion and Recomendation 1. 2. 3. The quantum teaching method can be effective to implementing as one of the methods in class to answers the students and teacher problem in teaching learning process particularly in SMPN 02 Kabupaten Mukomuko Bengkulu. The students felt enthusiasm in the process of quantum teaching method. By using mind mapping technique and class room setting, the quantum teaching was success to make student felt fun and comfort. By using mind mapping technique and class room setting. The researcher found that quantum teaching method made the students felt enjoy because they did not feel that writing is hard. They do not feel afraid when their tasks in writing do.
  27. 27. Recomendation 1. For the future studies 2. For the Teachers 3. For Students
  28. 28. THANK YOU