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What the Rest of the World Wants Silicon Valley To Know.

While the tech industry has traditionally coalesced in Silicon Valley, its position as a talent magnet is currently in jeopardy. The primary reason it’s become a metonym for the entire industry has been its ability to attract the world’s best and brightest minds, and proximity has not only bred familiarity, but some of the history’s most innovative and disruptive breakthroughs, from semiconductors to social media.

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What the Rest of the World Wants Silicon Valley To Know.

  1. 1. The Blueprint How To Build Your Recruiter Brand How Do You Want It? What the Rest of the World Can Teach Silicon Valley.
  2. 2. Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself.Matt Charney Chief Content Officer Allegis Global Solutions Allegis Global Solutions Executive Editor Recruiting Daily Allegis Global Solutions
  3. 3. 15.8 m. Source: US Dept of Commerce
  4. 4. Everyone Hates HR.
  5. 5. Everyone Hates HR.
  6. 6. Everyone Hates HR.
  7. 7. Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself. Silicon Valley Is… Persona: “Rich Asshole” Silicon Valley Is… Bay Area Respondents.
  8. 8. Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself. Silicon Valley Is… Everyone Else.
  9. 9. Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself.
  10. 10. Getting My Haircut. A San Francisco Story.
  11. 11. @neotys 3 Things Silicon Valley Needs to Know. @MattCharney
  12. 12. @neotys 1. Your Market Isn’t On Market. @MattCharney
  13. 13. 30%: Go on a bad blind date. 22%: Speak in front of 100 strangers. 19%: Spend a day at the DMV. 12%: Get a root canal Your candidates would rather… …then go through your recruiting process.
  14. 14. Hella NoCal. • Makes an average of $75,553 • Pays $27,300 a year in taxes (plus 2% ‘health tax’ if living in SF city limits) • Spends 1 hr, 14 min/day commuting • Average job tenure 3.8 years • Average age 31.2 years old • 87% have 4 year college degree Source: CALPERS; BLS
  15. 15. #MAGA. • Makes an average of $47,200. • Pays $7,990 in taxes (no health tax – sounds like Obamacare). • Spends 25.4 minutes/day commuting • Average job tenure 4.9 years • Average age: 42.4 years • 23.1% have 4 year college degree. Source: BLS, Department of Labor
  16. 16. @neotys 2. Work Is A Thing You Do, Not A Place You Go. @MattCharney
  17. 17. The Bukowski Test.
  18. 18. Everyone has a cool office, bro.
  19. 19. The Bukowski Test.
  20. 20. The Bukowski Test.
  21. 21. The Bukowski Test.
  22. 22. Recruiters can’t fix a broken culture.
  23. 23. 90% of virtual tech workers say they are happier with their jobs because they can work from home. 92% of tech workers are “concerned” with the high costs and time required for daily commutes. 73% would choose a job of equal salary and title to reduce their daily commutes. 67% of tech workers said that easing their commute was “important” or “very important” in their next opportunity. CIO Magazine
  24. 24. “Programmers spend their lives looking at a screen. The good ones don’t have time for ping pong or kegerators or any of the stuff companies think we care about. Work is something we do, not somewhere we go.” - Joel Spolsky
  25. 25. @neotys 3. Silicon Valley Has Some Serious Competition for Top Tech Talent. @MattCharney
  26. 26. Computer science degrees accounted for just 2.4% of all college graduates in U.S. in 2016. Yet, 89% of all tech jobs posted last year required at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  27. 27. The only reputation or brand recruiters control is their own.
  28. 28. I ain’t mad at ya.