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  1. 1. KATIPUNAN Revolutionary movement armed to fight for freedom against Spain revolution which would free the Philippines from shackles of Spanish oppression had to be national in scope
  2. 2. JULY 7, 1892 It marked the end of the peaceful campaign for reforms and the start of the revolutionary movement to gain independence
  4. 4. TRIANGLE METHOD They called the Kataas-taasangKagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ngBayan (KKK) or simply “katipunan”.
  5. 5. AZCARRAGA STREET IN TONDO MANILA  Blood compact happened and signed their membership with their own blood.
  6. 6. OBJECTIVE OF KATIPUNAN 1. Unite the Filipinos under one flag 2. Achieve independence by mean of revolution 3. Depend the oppressed and helped member who are in need
  7. 7. PSEUDONYM1. Andres bonifacio a.k.a “ May Pag-asa “2. Artemio recarte a.k.a “Vibora”3. Emilio jacinto a.k.a ”Pingkian”
  8. 8. KATIPUNAN DIVIDED INTO THREE GRADES1. FIRST GRADE (katipunan/ members) -Black hood and with white triangle in the middle Password: “Anak ng Bayan”2. SECOND GRADE (kawal/ soldier) -Green hood with white triangle and a medallion in which the Malayan letter “K” was engraved. Password : “GOMBURZA”3. THIRD GRADE (bayani/ hero) -Red hood with a green bordered sash Password “RIZAL”
  9. 9. WOMAN MEMBERS OF KATIPUNAN President : Josefa Rizal Vice- president : Gregoria de Jesus Secretary : Marina Dizon Fiscal : Angelica – Rizal Lopez
  10. 10. THREE COUNCILSBARANGAY COUNCIL- was lowest andcharge in town or municipalitiesPROVINCIAL COUNCIL- administeredprovincesSUPREME COUNCIL- composed ofpresident, fiscal, secretary, treasurer andcomptroller
  11. 11. KARTILLA / KARTILYA written by EmilioJacinto it is composed of 13commandments
  12. 12. KALAYAAN Newspaper of katipunan
  13. 13. PSEUDONYMS•Emilio Jacinto -a.k.a “Dimas Ilaw”•Andres Bonifacio -a.k.a “Agapito Bagumbayan”•Pio Valenzuela -a.k.a “Madlang Awa”MARCH 1896First issue of kalayaan2000 copiesIt included articles written by Emiliojacinto, andres bonifacio and pio ValenzuelaThe copies were circulated outside manila andeven reach as far as cavite and rizal
  14. 14. DISCOVERY OF KATIPUNAN (DIARIO DE MANILA)•Teodoro Patiño•Apolonio dela CruzHONORIA•Sister of patiño•In charge Madre Portera of the orphanageAUGUST 19, 1896•Patiño revealed the secret of katipunan toFather Mariano Gil
  15. 15. FORT SANTIAGO -Massive arrest of suspected members ofkatipunanAUGUST 23, 1896 -All katipuneros met at Pugadlawin at theplace of Juan Ramos(son of Melchora Aquino)CRY OF PUGADLAWIN -They tore their cedulas and shouted “LongLive Philippine Independence”It marked the revolution against Spain in 1896
  16. 16. FIRST FILIPINO- SPANISH ENCOUNTER - August 30 1896 (San Juan del Monte )
  17. 17. MARIKINA, SAN MATEO, MONTALBANMacario SakayFaustino GuillermoApolonio SamsonGeneral Lucero Imus, Noveleta, Binakayan (Cavite)Emilio AguinaldoArtemio recarteTomas mascardoMARIANO LLANERA (SEPTEMBER 2, 1896) - Cabiao, nueva ecijaCAVITE, BULACAN, BATANGAS AND NUEVA ECIJA - Joined revolution
  18. 18. AUGUST 30, 1896 - Governor General Ramon Blanco, he placethe eight provinces under martial law FIRST EIGHT REVOLTED PROVINCES Manila Cavite Batangas Laguna Tarlac Nueva ecija Bulacan Pampanga
  20. 20. The rebel faction in cavite:MADALO FACTION - believed in the leadership of EmilioAguinaldoMAGDIWANG FACTION - Followers of Andres BonifacioThe most controversial political showdown forleadership in the Philippine history was thatbetween Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo.When the dust settled in the final stage of theirconflict and power struggle in 1897, Bonifacio, thesupremo, was treacherously captured andlater, executed by Aguinaldo’s men.
  21. 21. TEJEROS CONVENTIONOfficers of revolutionary governmentPresident : Emilio AguinaldoVice president : Mariano TriasCaptain general : Artemio RicarteDirector of war : Emilio Riego de DiosDirector of interior : Andres BonifacioDANIEL TIRONA- argued about the position ofbonifacio , insult.
  22. 22. NAIC DECLARATIONBonifacio and Procopio- arrested and woundedCrispulo- killed durng the encounterThe three advised Gneral Emilio Aguinaldo to letthe courts order for Bonifacios’ execution to stand.1. Clement Zulueta2. Gen. Mariano Noreal3. Baldomero AguinaldoApril 29- may 4 1897 - Trial lastedMay 8, 1897 - Converted death penalty to banishment
  23. 23. May 10 1897 - Bonifacio and his brother Procopio wereshot at mount Tala in Cavite
  24. 24. ESTABLISHMENT OF BIAK NA BATO REPUBLICIn June 1987 the province of Cavite was undercontrol of Governo-General Primo de Rivera. Andbecause of this general Aguinaldo force to transferhis headquarters to Talisay, Batangas and joinedforce with General Miguel Malvar. From there hewent to Bulacan and established his headquartersin Biak-na-Bato, San Miguel de Payumo. Later, theyestablished Biak-na-Bato Republic.
  25. 25. November 1, 1897Ratified the constitutionWritten by Felix Ferrer and Isabelo ArtachoBased on the Cuban ConstitutionAccording to the constitution, a supreme councilwould be formed composed of president, vicepresident, secretary of war and secretary oftreasury.November 2, 1897 - Election of supreme council officialsPresident : Emilio AguinaldoSecretary of foreign affairs: Antonio MontenegroSecretary of interior : Isabelo ArtachoSecretary of war : Emiliano Riego de DiosSecretary of treasury : Baldomero Aguinaldo
  26. 26. PACT OF BIAK NA BATO - Gov. General Primo de Rivera and othergovernment officials accept the fact that they couldno longer stop the revolution so they decided tonegotiate for peace.PEDRO PATERNO - A Spanish Filipino who offered the act ofmediator between the revolutionaries and theSpanish authorities. - Through Paterno an agreement was drawn.There were three documents which comprises theagreement.November 18 1897- first document was signedDecember 14- second documentDecember 15- third document
  27. 27. The pact provided for the cessation of therevolution. Aguinaldo and the other rebel leaderswould leave the country voluntary while the otherrebel leaders would leave the country voluntarilywhile the other rebels would surrender their armsto the Spanish authorities. In return, Spain wouldpay a total indemnity of 900,000php for non-combatants and 800,000php for the rebels payableas follows:1. 400,000php to be paid as soon as Aguinaldo and company left the country2. 200,000php to be given after the majority of the arms were surrender3. 200,000php to be given after all hostilities ceased and general amnesty was proclaimed
  28. 28. December 7, 1897 - Aguinaldo and his group left for Hong Kongas provided as for in the Pact
  29. 29. END OF REPORT. Thank you. Stay Blessed.Members: Nolasco, Ryan Osorio, Kristian Padua, Jennielyn Palo, Paula Jane Pine, Joe Cris