Social Media, Content Creation and OMGA Community

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Aug. 12, 2016

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Social Media, Content Creation and OMGA Community

  1. Social Media, Content Creation and Community Presented by: Alina Padilla-Miller PhD
  2. The mission: • Support current members of the community • Recruit new members • Exposure to greater population
  3. What’s the plan?  Content creation process  Storytelling  Types of social media content  Top priorities in 2016 for content creators  The social media plan (Road Map)  Broadcasting and/or participation  Viral content  Analytics and optimization
  4. What is the Oregon Master Gardeners Association?  Write down five concepts (words or sentences) that represent what OMGA means to you.  Considering some of the words you just wrote down, write one cleaver sentence that combines some of these ideas together.  Now, think about an image that embodies your sentence. Sketch out that image.
  5. Five concepts:  Expert  Learning  Sustainable Agriculture  Gardening as a lifestyle  Foods not lawns
  6. One clever sentence:  The OMGA is sharing expert knowledge about all things garden, including fun ways to grow lettuce.
  7. Image
  8. “Content creation” is the contribution of information to any digital media for an audience in specific contexts. 5 concepts/ #hashtags Clever sentence Image Hyperlink
  9. What did you come up with?
  10. Why create content?  Awareness/Perception/ Presence/Authority  Traffic/Views/Engagem ent  Retention/Loyalty/Shar e Content is King!
  11. Audience  To inform  To describe  To analyze  To advise Audiences are the spectators, readers and listeners. To tell a story!
  12. Purpose of Story  Create community  Tradition  Enlighten  Educate  Therapy  Maintain history  Entertainment  Relive past  Expression  Exploring identity  Relate  Escape  Human experience  People remember stories
  13. Books Many words will be written on the wind and the sand, or end up in some obscure digital vault. But the storytelling will go on until the last human being stops listening. Then we can send the great chronicle of humanity out into the endless universe. Henning Mankell- Writer
  14. Film The most amazing thing for me is that every single person who sees a movie, not necessarily one of my movies, brings a whole set of unique experiences. Now, through careful manipulation and good storytelling, you can get everybody to clap at the same time, to hopefully laugh at the same time, and to be afraid at the same time. Steven Spielberg-Film director and screenwri
  15. Animation If you're sitting in your minivan, playing your computer animated films for your children in the back seat, is it the animation that's entertaining you as you drive and listen? No, it's the storytelling. That's why we put so much importance on story. No amount of great animation will save a bad story. John Lasseter - Chief Creative Officer at Pixa
  16. Music I consider music to be storytelling, melody and rhythm. A lot of hip-hop has broken music down. There are no instruments and no songwriting. So you're left with just storytelling and rhythm. And the storytelling can be so braggadocious, you're just left with rhythm. Jack White- Lead Singer of The White Stripes
  17. Social Media For a truly effective social campaign, a brand needs to embrace the first principles of marketing, which involves brand definition and consistent storytelling. Simon Mainwaring- Advertising Creative Director/Social Media Special
  18. Digital Storytelling Content, media and process
  19. What types of social media content?
  20. Text •Purpose- Consider the 5Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) and How. •Catchy Headlines- This is your hook. Just like traditional media, headlines “sell” a blog or FB post. Think “short, punchy and compelling.” •Lead/Lede- Start with most important and timely information. Attention spans are short on the web. •Word count- microblogging (like Twitter and FB have character limits) •Context- Plug in back-story, keywords, hashtags and hyperlnks.
  21. Images •Visuals are processed 60,000x faster than text. •93% of communication is nonverbal. •Images reportedly receive 53% more likes on Facebook than the average post and 84% more link clicks. •Colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%.
  22. 46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies.
  23. What did my post say? What was my image of?
  24. Video •According to Cisco, by 2019 video will account for 80% of global traffic. •There will be nearly a million minutes of video shared every second. •In 2016, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg announced at the company’s third-quarter earnings that FB is generating 8 billion video views per day. •FB data shows that the number of video posts per person has increased 75% globally and 94% in US. •YouTube has over a billion users-almost one-third of all people on the internet. •The number of hours spent watching YT is increasing at a rate of 60% every year. •The number of people watching YT has increased 40% since March 2014.
  25. Social Media Road Map for OMGA What should your content cover? •Gardening tips •Q/A and troubleshooting •Current trends •Local and statewide events •Gardening humor •Gardening affirmations When to post? Post as content is ready or maximize your engagement by checking analytics (depends on your audience) •Best days to post: Thursday-Friday •Worst days to post: Monday- Wednesday •Best time to post for shares is 1pm and best time for post clicks is 3pm. How to create engagement? •User-generated content •Q/A discussions • Boost post •Host a FB contest (people love free stuff and winning!) •Increase fan base •Boost in traffic •Increases shares and visibility
  26. Red Cross and the Case of the Rouge Tweet  On a late Tuesday evening in February 2011, Gloria Huang sent a rouge tweet out on the organization’s twitter feed.
  27. How to approach this?  Social media director, Wendy Harman, for the Red Cross gets phone calls in the middle of the night about the tweet and takes it down after an hour of being online.
  28. Unexpected Positive Spin  Dogfish Head recognized the accidental tweet and used it as an opportunity to support Red Cross and drive traffic to donate to Red Cross.
  29. What’s the big deal?  While the Red Cross recovered nicely from the incident, Harman noted, “if the original tweet had been more damaging, like along the lines of Kenneth Cole’s #Cairo tweet earlier this month, then it might have been a different story. But Huang’s original post was no big deal. We are an organization that deals with life-changing disasters and this wasn’t one of them. It was just a little mistake.” (
  30. How to avoid #soicalmediafail Social Media Policy Template (handout)
  31. FB Pages
  32. FB Pages
  33. Go to Facebook Find your chapter’s page (or any OMGA page) •Look at the posts. •What types of content (text, image, video) do you see? •Informative? Factual? Motivational? Humorous? •Find your favorite post. • How many likes? How many comments?
  34. FB Groups
  35. FB Groups (engagement)
  36. Instagram
  37. YouTube
  38. When content goes viral:  Created YouTube channel on August 26th 2006  Uploaded videos for friends and family  On June 26th 2010, uploaded a short video I shot at the Hatfield Marine Science Center  In October 2012, video goes viral.
  39. Content goes viral again:
  40. Dancing Baby Stingrays
  41. Questions/Comments?

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