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This presentation covers Magento's flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions that empower businesses to grow and succeed online. Magento solutions are trusted by more than 200,000 businesses, including some of the world's leading brands. Owned by eBay Inc., Magento also enables access to world-class, branded capabilities from eBay Marketplaces, PayPal, eBay Enterprise, and others.

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  • (Goal of slide: discovery and/or recap of what know about customer)Note: slide can be used as open-ended question to stimulate discussionCan also advance slide to show popular responsesIf we already know some of the answers based on prior discover, edit the bullet points to include prospects goals
  • (goal: credibility/confidence—show range of top brands using EE)You can see a wide range of verticals represented: electronics, food and beverage, apparel, footwear, publishing, home goods and more. We have brick and mortar retailers, eCommerce pure-play companies, and a variety of great brands that have turned to Magento to develop their eCommerce channel.
  • What is driving this momentum? Every customer’s eCommerce needs are different, so of course their reasons for choosing Magento are different. But we find a few common themes in the decision process of many of our customers. In our customer’s own words the theme we hear the most often is the Flexibility of the Magento Enterprise Platform along with its ability to scale with their business and the tremendous value Magento Enterprise Edition delivers from its extensive native feature set and ability to be deployed quickly. Performance & ScalabilityProven ability to support fast-growing eCommerce businesses at scale.Vibrant Global EcosystemOur partners in bringing your eCommerce vision to life.
  • (goal personalize the credibility: real customers/3rd party endorsement in their own words)And here are testimonials from a few customers on why they chose Magento Enterprise. The themes of flexibility, customer experience and enabling growth come through once again.
  • Let’s take a look at a few success stories in more detail. Flexibility to Drive Innovation | Scalability to Handle Rapid Growth Warby Parker is disrupting an entire industry with their truly unique customer experience built on Magento Enterprise Edition. Warby has net promoter scores through the roof. Customers love what they’re doing. Let’s look at some of the key elements… Innovative business model: disruptive. Rx glasses, from $95Home try one, taking the fear out of buying glasses onlineClear mission: one pair donated for each one purchasedSense of style and identity: using a school bus as a travelling pop-up store  And as a result, their sales through their Magento eCommerce site continue to climb exponentially.
  • Flexibility to Create Rich, Differentiated Consumer Experiences Harper’s Bazaar has created content to commerce site on Magento Enterprise Edition – creating an exciting consumer experience tied to their flagship online media experience.ChallengeAs America’s first fashion magazine, Harper’s BAZAAR is no stranger to being an industry pioneer; naturally, they decided to venture into the emerging content-to-commerce market with their eCommerce concept ShopBAZAAR. As a publishing business, Harper’s BAZAAR had many unique needs to address:They required the ability to offer products from many different designers in one unified shopping cart. The experience had to be seamless between viewing an item in the print or digital magazine and purchasing. The store had to stay grounded in BAZAAR’s innovative roots while propelling it into the future of fashion publishing.SolutionOnly Magento Enterprise Edition had what they needed to accomplish these goals: Scalability to handle growing traffic The most compelling total cost of ownership on the market the Features they needed: - Drop shipping for individual specialty designers - Configurable product listings - Federated search and filtering - The ability to support promotionsResultsThis fashion icon is very happy with the results… the amount of traffic coming to the site doubled within the first few months of launch and they have also seen a significant uptake in media sales. The success of ShopBAZAAR has opened the door to expand the idea to other publications in the Hearst family and has set a standard in the emerging world of content-to-commerce retail in the publishing industry.
  • After detailed evaluation, Magento Commerce was selected as global cart for its robust and flexible platform - offering powerful marketing tools out-of-the-box and an open core architecture that reduces the cost of customization and accelerates deployments in multiple markets.Rosetta Stone implemented a phased, quick fire, sequential roll out across 8 strategic regions beginning with the US, followed by UK, France, Italy, Spain, Rest ofEurope and finally APAC (Japan & Korea) in an exercise that spanned 8 months.The engagement navigated complex back end integrations to Oracle ERP, country specific Tax Services, License Management Systems, AVS & AMS, Global Payment Gateways, Analytics suite and Monitoring systems.UNIQUE FEATURES• Liferay CMS implementation & integration with Magento commerce• Single Customer View (SCV – Entailing import-export of product, customer & purchase info)• Multi-Currency, multi-channel price lists• Stacked Promotions with Catalog discounts• Product Review & Rating systems Integrated• Payment plans & subscription featuresThe results have been impressive: • 30% enterprise revenues now flowing thru Magento Cart, expected increase to 50%• 25% of savings in support costs arising from standardized technology platforms• >5% increase in conversion rate In NA.• Self service capability – Business teams are now empowered to deliver and update web-sites independently
  • Magento’s flexibility is also making possible the rapid deployment of sites on Magento Enterprise Edition with responsive designs – sites with layouts that automatically adapt to the device the shopper is on. One great example is Peter Millar’s new site. ChallengeWith the importance of their e-commerce channel growing, Peter Millar was looking to Enhance the site design and the user experience to more accurately reflect their luxury brand statusImplement a single solution that effectively reached their target audience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices Extend Magento functionality to better serve channel partnersMore elegantly present their product catalog and improve site performanceSolutionMagento Solution Partner Gorilla Group used the broad flexibility of the Magento platform to customize front-end and back-end elements to address each of Peter Millar’s business needs:A responsive design framework enabled the multichannel retailer to present “intentional experiences” tailored to site visitors across an array of devices.A new design and UX upgraded the look and feel of the site, capturing the essence of the Peter Millar lifestyle.Magento’s full-page caching functionality and Magento-specific hosting configuration combined to produce sub-1-second page load speeds.ResultsAcross the Board Improvements in Key MetricsThe responsive framework, coupled with a fresh, new look, search engine-friendly features, and Peter Millar’s own ascending brand have led to across the board increases in key metrics:-Total site visits up 70%; mobile visits up 140%- Organic conversion rate increased 9%- Average order value up over 20% across mobile and desktop channels
  • (Goal: track with agenda/Introduce customers topic)Let’s take a couple of minutes to look at an overview of the Magento organization…
  • Goal: More credibility/confidence around company factsA few quick metrics help capture where we are today as an organization:As we stated earlier, we’re the number one platform among merchants in the Alexa 100K.We’ve certified more than 1600 developers around the worldWe have more than 200 Gold and Silver level Solution Partners. These are systems integrators that have demonstrated expertise in Magento deployments.There are more than 5000 extensions and applications in Magento Connect, our extension marketplace. These extensions provide custom functionality across a range of commerce needs at low- or no cost.Today we serve customers and partners from 4 offices around the world. We have more than 500 employees focused on Magento across the organization. The majority of these employees work in product and engineering functions, helping to enhance our platform.
  • (Goal: reinforce credibility/#1 claim: merchants like you are choosing Magento in large numbers)The popularity and growth of our platform is reflected in our global market share. An analysis of eCommerce sites in the top 100 thousand Alexa websites reveals that Magento is by far the leading platform. And our share has been growing consistently since the study was initiated in 2011.
  • (goal: convey that Magento delivers an end to end eCommerce solution with our global network of partners and Magento services and support not just software. Solution has multiple components, depending on needs of customer. That’s part of flexibility.) Our goal is to help you develop a thriving, profitable online business. With Magento Enterprise Edition as the foundation –our partners work hand in hand with our services, support and training teams to bring your eCommerce vision to life. Your solution partner will your guide and work with you to understand your business requirements – and to design, configure, and customize your site – and make recommendations on extensions you may need to meet your unique business needs. They can also advise you on deployment options – whether you want to host your site in your own data center, with one of our Hosting Partners, or deploy in the cloud – many solution partners are also starting to offer managed hosting services as well. All of this adds up to a seamless experience for you and ultimately your customers – all supported by Magento resources every step of the way.
  • The foundation for bringing your eComemrce vision to life is the Magento Enterprise Edition platform. Our features are organized around your customer’s experience and are designed to drive more revenue at every stage of the consumer journey – from attracting new customers with our customizable SEO features and engaging new and returning customers alike with rich, differentiated consumer experiences to optimizing conversion and increasing average order value. All the way through to ensuring a smooth delivery with built-in order management and features to turn your customers into loyal advocates with rewards, wish lists, gift registries and more. And you can rest assured Magento can grow and scale with your business – and enable you to run your business more efficiently as you grow -- with the ability for your business teams to manage updates, promotions, and merchandising without having to lean on development resources.
  • (goal: position Solution Partners as key resource; emphasize benefits of partners: experts, will help ensure faster deployments, utilizing best practices, performance, etc.)Next Let me tell you a bit more about our global partner network – Magento’s partners in brining your eCommerce vision to life. One of Magento Enterprise’s key points of difference is the size and strength of our ecosystem. Great software is the foundation of our solution, but the unique benefits of our platform come to life with the help of our partners. Magento has built a global network of more than 200 solution partners. These systems integrators have demonstrated expertise in eCommerce and in developing Magento solutions. They have met specific requirements for having certified developers on their team and know how to configure and customize our software to meet your specific needs. Working with a partner helps ensure that your deployment will be created in line with proven best practices. The partner’s expertise also helps deliver faster, higher-quality deployments. With the help of a solution partner, customers can choose from a variety of 3rd party extensions and hosting solutions from our Industry and Hosting partners to build the eCommerce solution that meets your unique needs. Every customer’s needs are different. Working with a partner, you’ll determine which elements of the Magento Platform and partner solutions you need to create the ideal solution for you.
  • Magento’s services, support, and training teams are with you and your solution partner every step of the way – from ensuring you get off to a good start on planning your project through launch of your site and beyond. Talk through bullets for each.
  • (goal: let people know that eBay Inc. is bigger/better/cooler than they think); And of course Magento and our customers benefit from being part of eBay Inc. Through acquisitions, organic growth and a focus on innovation, eBay has expanded from its auction roots to a global commerce leader. What’s unique about eBay is that unlike other global commerce giants, eBay doesn’t compete with merchants; we work with them to enable their success. And Magento is a key component in this vision of the future of commerce.
  • How Magento Can Help Your Business

    1. 1. How Magento can help your business © 2013 Page | 1
    2. 2. Achieve your commerce goals  Ambitious top line growth  Integration with existing business systems  Attract new customers  Modify design and content quickly  Complex product catalog management  More targeted marketing capabilities  Ability to scale with business growth  Multichannel commerce  Easier management of day-to-day updates  Break through current technology limitations © 2013 Page | 2
    3. 3. 2 © 2013 Magento Customers Page | 3
    4. 4. The World’s Leading Brands Choose Magento CONFIDENTIAL © 2013 Page | 4
    5. 5. Why Customers Choose Magento Ecosystem Value eBay Business Functionality Performance Love scalable Solution Customizable Developers Community © 2013 Page | 5
    6. 6. In Our Customers’ Words “ We wanted to find a platform that had more flexibility, and Magento fit that perfectly… we’re on the right platform for growth.” we really think Lance Stern Director of eCommerce Anna’s Linens © 2013 Page | 6 “ You can do anything you want with Magento. “ full functional control over the customer experience. Magento We needed to have “ I would definitely recommend Magento to anyone who wants to extend their There is no limitation enabled us to customize all brand and create a unique and we love that.” we wanted." shopping experience.” Bruno Oghittu Head of eCommerce Christian Louboutin Dave Gilboa Co-Founder Warby Parker Mark Leow Revenue Programs Manager Zynga
    7. 7. Warby Parker Disrupts an Entire Industry and Grows to New Heights with Magento © 2013 Page | 7
    8. 8. Fashion Publishing Pioneer Tailors Flagship Site for eCommerce Success © 2013 Page | 8
    9. 9. Rosetta Stone Deploys Unified Global Platform in Eight Months – Reduces Support Costs by 25% © 2013 Page | 9
    10. 10. Responsive Web Design Drives Multichannel Growth for Fashion Retailer Peter Millar © 2013 Page | 10
    11. 11. 3 © 2013 The Magento Solution Page | 11
    12. 12. Magento by the Numbers #1 Platform 200+ Among Alexa Top 100K and Top 1 Million Sites 1 Top-Tier Solution Partners 2000+ 200,000+ Merchants Worldwide 500+ Employees Focused on Magento SOURCE 1Tom © 2013 Robertshaw eCommerce Survey, February 2013 Page | 12 Certified Magento Developers
    13. 13. The Leading eCommerce Platform in the World More merchants choose Magento Yahoo! Stores Zen Cart Open Cart Hybris osCommerce VirtueMart D e m a n d wa r e Magento Approaching a third of the market 29 % ATG IBM W ebSphere Others SOURCE Tom Robertshaw eCommerce Survey, February 2013 © 2013 Page | 13
    14. 14. The Magento Solution Bringing your eCommerce vision to life Solution Partners Magento Enterprise Edition Commerce Service Providers, Digital Agencies, Systems Integrators Industry Partners & Extensions Hosting Partners Your eCommerce Vision Magento Expert Consulting Group © 2013 Page | 14 Magento Enterprise Technical Support Magento U Training Magento – with our global network of partners – empowers you to create rich, engaging customer experiences and an end-to-end eCommerce solution tailored to your business.
    15. 15. Magento Enterprise Edition Enterprise class eCommerce features to drive revenue and ROI Attract & Engage Convert & Sell More Built-in SEO and fully customizable to attract and engage customers with rich, differentiated experiences. Optimize conversion rates with a configurable cart and checkout flow. Increase AOV with segmentation and targeted promotions. Drive Loyalty Ensure a smooth post-purchase experience with order management tools. Turn customers into loyal advocates with rewards, wish lists, gift registries and more. © 2013 Page | 15 Grow & Scale Grow and scale with confidence with business user controls, full page caching, background indexing and optimized performance.
    16. 16. Magento Partners Industry Partners & Extensions Solution Partners  Track record of successful Magento Enterprise Edition implementations    © 2013  Required to have Magento Certified Developers Cost-effectively extend the functionality of your Magento solution  Help ensure faster, higher quality deployments Hundreds of Magento Enterprise Edition-compatible extensions  Solution Partners can guide you in your selection and even develop custom extensions tailored to your business Deliver tailored expertise and support Page | 16 Hosting Partners  Premier providers who deliver Magento-optimized environments  Can offer dedicated or cloud-based environments  Solution Partners can advise you on a hosting solution  Select Solution Partners offer their own managed hosting solutions
    17. 17. Magento Resources Expert Consulting Technical Support Training  Experienced Structured Enablement team  Expert technical support to help keep your site running smoothly  Magento training for business users and developers  Work with your Solution Partner to help ensure your success on complex projects  Support for downloads and installations, application use, and basic configuration questions  On demand or instructor led courses   Or provide guidance for successful in-house deployments  Troubleshooting, bug fixes and escalations management Select courses offered in person at several global locations   Architecture consults, code reviews, upgrade planning, and more  Multi-lingual support in English, German, French, and Spanish Certification programs for front-end developers and coders © 2013 Page | 17
    18. 18. The Magento Solution Benefits to your business Empowering you to create rich, engaging customer experiences and an end-to-end eCommerce solution tailored to your unique needs. Flexibility & Control Com plete c ontr ol with f ull s our c e - c ode ac c es s to dr ive vir tua l l y unlim ited c us tom izations and innovation. Proven abilit y to s upport f as t - growing eCom m erc e bus ines s es at s c ale. High Value Vibrant Global Ecosystem Ric h, c onf igur able enter pr is e eCom m erc e f eature s et at the m os t c om pelling total c os t of owner s hip . © 2013 Performance & Scalability O ur partners in bringing your eCom m erc e vis ion to lif e. Page | 18
    19. 19. An eBay Inc. Company A global commerce leader focused on enabling merchant success Enabling Merchant Success © 2013 Page | 19
    20. 20. Contact us today to see how Magento can help you realize your eCommerce vision. Schedule a thirty-minute personalized demo. We'll assess your needs and discuss how they can be met with the powerful capabilities of Magento Enterprise Edition. © 2013 Page | 20