Measuring multicultural and multilingual social media


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Measuring multicultural and multilingual social media

  1. 1. U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010-2011 Edition
  2. 2. Publisher’s Note Table of Contents Publisher’s Note 1 Social Media and Word of Mouth Becoming Pivotal Channel to Engage and Drive Advocacy Among Hispanic Audiences 3 Paul M. Rand Hispanic Social Media Leadership Roundtable 5It’s never a small feat to say you will create the marketingindustry’s premiere guide on how to reach Latinos through Who’s Best Suited to Lead Hispanic Social Media Marketing? 12social media but that’s exactly what I think we’ve delivered Manny Ruizhere in this first annual 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social How to Build and Manage a Hispanic Online Community 19Media Guide. Jose VillaEarlier this year we gathered some of the nation’s topHispanic marketing talents at the inaugural Hispanic PR Social Media is a Fact of Life and the Key to Success 22& Social Media Conference in Dallas and we asked them Gaby Albanto share their top tips on Latino social media marketing.Many of those terrific “how to” insights and most of those Hispanics and Social Media: A 23 Million Person Conversation 23gifted marketers are spotlighted here in this guide, a terrific Armando Azarlozacompanion to the historic national conference that made thisguide possible. How to Effectively Work with Hispanic Bloggers 24 Manny RuizIf you are a marketer in the corporate, government or non-profit field, please know that like the conference that gave How to Reach U.S. Hispanics with Spanish-Languages SEMbirth to it, this guide has been produced with you in mind. Strategies 27We hope you will find this guide to be as useful and practical Silvia Pradoas anything you have ever seen about this topic. Hispanics Beyond Broadband: Leveraging Video andIn closing I wish to thank our two partner organizations that 29 Web 2.0 to Facilitate Online Conversationsalso helped make this guide possible, the Hispanic Public Cristy Clavijo-KishRelations Association (HPRA) and the Word of MouthMarketing Association (WOMMA). Both organizations are Measuring Multicultural & Multilingual Social Media 32working together with the Hispanic PR Blog this summer Stephanie Noble and Midy Aponteand through the balance of the year to coordinate roundtablediscussions across the country for what we call the 2010 U.S. Meet The Latino King of Facebook 34Hispanic Social Media Insights Tour. If you are interested in Katherine Johnsonlearning more about this tour in your city, connect with us by A Directory of Hispanic Social Mediae-mail at or by monitoring our Marketing Resources 37news at Yeniret ProkeschIt’s my sincere wish that you enjoy the fruit of our labor withthis guide. We’ve made an earnest effort to explore the issues Hispanic PR Census Results Show Marketing Pros 39impacting Hispanic social media in a way that is refreshing Feel PR Best Suited to Lead Social Mediaand complete. U.S. Hispanic Social Media Facts: A 2010 Snapshot 40In the spirit of social media, may you enjoy it and discuss it!Sincerely, The WOMMA Guide to Disclosure in Social 52 Media MarketingManny RuizPublisher2010-2011 U.S Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide
  3. 3. Measuring Multicultural &Multilingual Social Media Stephanie Noble Midy AponteBy Stephanie Noble and Midy AponteThe evolution of the Internet is a remarkable one. Once upon a time, influence and impact, you may need additional support miningthe Internet was filled with static web pages filled with content that for information among multicultural and/or multilingual websites.presented, provided or advertised to audiences, usually with little PadenNoble has been working intently on its M3 Multicultural Mediaregard to who was visiting, reading or listening to that information on Monitoring tool. M3’s natural language processor locates, penetrates,the other end. What has evolved since then is a vast confluence of and accurately determines (with human involvement) brand sentimentconversations, community, exchange and dialogue. Your audience among multilingual audiences. Additionally, by analyzing large volumesis active, vocal, yes – sometimes testy, but most importantly, your of data and flagging “outliers” the system reduces time needed toaudience is a community that must be engaged with. digest consumer-generated media.This dynamic is evident in how we measure social media. What wasbefore measured by website traffic, page visits and unique visitors, Some of the metrics to track include:is now measured by influence, reach, amplification and impact. In Viral Spread – In how many, and how diverse, places can athis new world, where dialogue trumps sales, it is “okay to touch.” particular marketing message/app/link be found?In fact, it is encouraged. Because it is this constant engagement,this ever-evolving conversation about your industry, your company Inoculation Speed – How soon after posting the message/app/link/and your brand that has become the new currency on the Internet. video etc. did it spread to other communities and users?Understanding this is critical. Brand Reputation – What is the sentiment about the brand?Ultimately, however, you want the right traffic, the right conversations, Breakdown of sentiment within each source. Sentiment may bebetween the right people and taking place in the right location in order higher on facebook versus an independent blog with return your greatest ROI. To measure this, consider utilizing the Relationship Quality and Depth – How well do you know yourfollowing #Free tools: audience? How much information do you have on them? This is SamePoint rolled out one of the first conversation search engine derived from social network profile information. platforms to help brands monitor and measure consumer The tools mentioned above can be used in different ways. Here are feedback. SamePoint also displays a rudimentary sentiment some ways we’ve used them: analysis of the conversation pieces by counting negative and positive words. Paden Noble used SamePoint, SocialMention, and its own M3, when it implemented the social media strategist for an urban SocialMention allows you to easily track and measure what men’s clothing line in New York. The brand needed a new people are saying about you, your company, a new product, or vehicle to deliver their message. By monitoring feedback on the any topic across the web’s social media landscape in real-time. Web, Paden Noble was able to properly place multilingual paid It monitors more than 100 social media properties, including: advertisements on search engines, and promote the brand in Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg and Google, etc. lesser-known online communities where its key audience resides. and offers the option to receive free daily alerts. Alexa, Quantcast , and increased sales, confirmed that the Alexa Internet has developed an installed-based Toolbar that strategy worked. allows you to find sites similar to the one you are visiting and lets you go back in time to see how a site looked in the past via a Sánchez Ricardo Agency is very loyal to Klout. The agency capture screenshot. started tweeting for a small non-profit organization called the International Dementia Research Foundation (IDRF). They Quantcast engages all 220 million U.S. Internet users, and tweeted specifically about Alzheimer’s impact in the African provides you with detailed audience profiles. This allows American and Hispanic community. The agency secured 30 advertisers to learn more about what consumers are doing online. followers in just one month. And while 30 may not seem They also provide advertisers with a new way to evaluate their impressive, keep in mind the key is relevant dialogue. IDRF’s individual customer profiles against the entire U.S. Internet Klout score is 17, which is categorized as an Explorer. According population, so they can identify prospective customers. to Klout, the agency “actively engages in the social web” and is The Klout Score is the measurement of an individual’s, or “constantly trying out new ways to interact and network.” Most brand’s, overall Twitter influence. The scores range from 0 to importantly, our score concluded that the agency “gets it” and 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere predicts it will be moving up. of influence. Klout uses over 25 variables to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score. The size About the authors: Stephanie Noble is the founder of New Jersey -based of the sphere is calculated by measuring True Reach (engaged Paden Noble, a hi-touch firm focused on mapping complex social media followers and friends vs. spam bots, dead accounts, etc…) while landscapes. Her e-mail is and her Twitter is Amplification Probability is the likelihood that messages will @padennoble. Midy Aponte is the founder of The Sánchez Ricardo generate retweets or spark a conversation. Agency, a D.C.-based firm focused on multicultural public relations strategies for corporations, government and non-profits. Her e-mail isLastly, while the above tools will help you measure your online and her Twitter is @midyaponte 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 32
  4. 4. About the PublishersManny Ruiz Angela Sustaita-RuizCo-Publisher, Hispanic PR Blog / PapiBlogger Co-Publisher, Hispanic PR BlogManny Ruiz is co-publisher of The Hispanic PR Blog, the leading Angela is co-publisher of The Hispanic PR Blog and president ofmarketing trade journal focused on Hispanic public relations and Hispanic Media Trainers, LLC, the parent company of the Hispanicsocial media, daddy-in-chief of the bilingual daddy parenting web PR & Social Media Conference and, thesite and the founder/organizer of the Hispanic PR nation’s first bilingual website dedicated to showcasing creative& Social Media Conference. The three organizations are business parenting tricks for fathers and mothers of all cultures. A longtimeunits of Hispanic Media Trainers, LLC. Hispanic public relations and marketing consultant, Angela hasPrior to launching his blog and national tradeshow business, Manny provided senior counsel to clients such as Unilever, Burger King,was President of Multicultural Markets and Hispanic PR Wire for PR Washington Mutual, Shell, AstraZeneca, Schering-Plough, andNewswire. Prior to PR Newswire’s acquisition of Hispanic PR Wire, the Texas Beef Council, among others wanting to reach diverseHispanic Digital Network and LatinClips in 2008, companies he audiences.founded, Ruiz was Chairman and CEO of HispaniMark, the parent Prior to consulting, Angela worked in Edelman Multicultural’scompany of these three businesses. New York and Austin offices, where she continuously deliveredA media trailblazer, former journalist, award-winning PR professional success for clients such as Kraft Foods, Hershey’s, Unilever,and dynamic keynote speaker on media trends, Ruiz is often sought Starbuck’s, the New York International Latino Film Festival, Pfizer,after for his expertise on media, PR and public affairs. A longtime Ortho-McNeil-Janssen, Schering-Plough, and McKesson. Angelamember of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Ruiz is played a leading role with award-winning Hispanic and generalthe immediate past co-chair of PRSA’s national diversity committee market PR campaigns including the 2004 Mercury Silver Awardand the host/co-founder of the organization’s national monthly for Client Product Launch: Hershey’s Kisses filled with Caramel,podcast “PRSA Diversity Today.” He has also served as a board and the 2003 Silver Anvil Award for Marketing Consumer Servicesmember of the PRSA Miami Chapter. – Healthcare: Together Rx.Prior to launching Hispanic PR Wire in 2000, Ruiz was a founder Prior to joining Edelman, Angela served as Internationaland media relations director of the National Hispanic Market Operations Supervisor for Cinemark, an international motionPractice of Porter Novelli. While at Porter Novelli, Ruiz played picture exhibitioner based in Dallas. While at Cinemark, shea central role in the success of the Florida anti-teen smoking worked closely with Latin American satellite offices to formulatecampaign “truth.” Ruiz spearheaded Florida media relations for the strategic marketing plans for Mexico, Argentina and Chile.“truth” campaign which for two consecutive years swept all of the Angela, a native Texan of Mexican descent, holds a B.A. in LatinPR industry’s most coveted awards including the PRSA Silver Anvil American Studies from Baylor University.Award of Excellence and the PR Week Health Campaign of the Year.Before entering the PR profession, Ruiz was a police beat reporterfor The Miami Herald. He was part of the editorial team that in1992 was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Community Service fortheir coverage of Hurricane Andrew. While he was a reporter, Ruizalso shot photographic documentaries in Cuba. His black and whitephotography from Cuba has earned him three exhibits, two solos anda national award.Ruiz, a Miamian of Cuban American descent, has a bachelors of artsdegree in history from Florida International University. 2010-2011 U.S. Hispanic Social Media Guide 2010 57