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Thriller opening


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Thriller Opening

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Thriller opening

  1. 1. Title of film:Temptation
  2. 2. Synopsis• Our film is a psychological thriller and revolves around a man who suffers from bi-polar. He was convicted of raping a woman and has now been released after serving only 2 years in prison. After being released he begins to stalk the woman he raped even though she has moved away because he traces her down.
  3. 3. Mise en scene• The atmosphere we are going to try and create is to keep an aspect of the unknown. We will do this by keeping identities hidden and lighting the scene with low key lighting.
  4. 4. Films that influenced us• The film se7en influenced us as in the opening the sequence uses a lot of techniques we would like to use in are Thriller opening. Such as close ups, low key lighting, hidden identity etc..• Our plot was influenced by the film Cape Fear. A man he was convicted of rape stalks his lawyers family whod defended him.
  5. 5. Information about the film• We are going to use New Line Cinema for our film which was founded in 1967 the last film they made as an independent company was in 2007, now they are a division in warner bros.• Thriller films they have made are:-The Number 23-The Butterfly Effect-snakes on a plane-se7en
  6. 6. Target Audience• Our film is aimed for a mature audience who enjoy psychological thrillers. It is aimed for a mature audience as some of the themes are dark and fairly complicated.
  7. 7. Bibliography•••••