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Film distributor


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Film distributor

  1. 1. Film Distributor The film distributing company wehave decided to use to distribute our film is New Line Cinema.
  2. 2. History• New line cinema is an American film studio. The company was founded in 1967 creating small independent art house and foreign language films. The last film they made as an independent company was in 2007, now the are a division Warner Bros.
  3. 3. Films they have distributed• Some recent thriller films New Line have distributed are;• The Number 23• Snakes On a Plane• The Butterfly Effect• Se7en
  4. 4. Why we chose it• We decided to chose New line cinema as our distributor because it has distributed several successful psychological thrillers such as the butterfly effect and the number 23. It is also a large corporation that would be beneficial for them to be distributing a low budget independent film.
  5. 5. Production Company• For our production company we invented our own. ‘Reigate Productions’ we decided to do this because it is an independent film and is the location where we filmed the film. Also we would only have a low budget which meant we would not of had enough money to use a well known production company.