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An Introduction to Vuejs

Vue comes with a simple and minimalistic core that is perfect for simple, single page applications that don't require heavy overheads. Vue works primarily on the ViewModel with two-way data bindings and is designed to be simple and flexible, allowing developers to mold the layer as they see fit.

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An Introduction to Vuejs

  1. 1. An Introduction to Vue js
  2. 2. What is Vue.js? Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces Vue focuses on the “view layer” only It was designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable and to be able to easily integrate with other projects & technologies
  3. 3. Ways to Install & Use Vue.js § Standalone – Include <script> with the CDN and you are good to go § NPM – Node package manager. Great with Browserify or Webpack § Vue-CLI – Command line tool uses Webpack § Bower – Client side package manager
  4. 4. Core Features of Vue.js ü Reactivity ü Declarative Rendering ü Data Binding ü Directives ü Loops & Conditionals ü Component Encapsulation ü Event Handling ü Computed Properties & Watchers ü Transitioning Effects ü Custom Filters
  5. 5. Declarative Rendering Vue allows us to declaratively render data to the DOM using a simple template syntax
  6. 6. Components § Components allow us to build large-scale applications composed of small encapsulated components § Components can be reusable § Components can be included in a single file or can be modularized into their own .vue files
  7. 7. Directives § Special token/attribute that tells Vue.js to do something to a DOM element § Looks like a prefixed HTML attribute
  8. 8. Transition System § Auto transition effects can be applied when elements are added/removed from the DOM § Automatically add/remove CSS classes at appropriate times to trigger CSS transitions or animations
  9. 9. Communicating With The Server § All Vue instances can have their raw $data directly serialized with JSON.stringify() with no additional effort § There is a vue-resource plugin which provides an easy way to work with RESTful APIs
  10. 10. Existing Plugins & Tools ü vue-router – Official router deeply integrated with Vue.js core ü vue-resource – Handle web requests ü vue-async-data – Async data loading ü vue-validator – Form validation plugin ü vue-devtools – Chrome devtools extension ü vue-touch – Touch gestures using Hammer.js ü vue-element – Register custom elements
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