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  1. 1. itaDAYTOUR Travel program of Reggio Emilia in Italy.
  2. 2. Having chosen the bike path we propose this travel program, hoping you enjoy it
  3. 3. Map of the tour in Reggio Emilia
  4. 4. The Municipal Theatre Fare clic sull'icona per inserire un'imma The Municipal Theatre of Reggio Emilia is entitled to Romolo Valli, located in Martyrs Square VII of July and is surrounded by the city's public gardens. E 'was built between 1852 and 1857 according to a design by the architect Cesare Costa Modena and the direction of the work was followed by the engineer Antonio Tegani cheese.
  5. 5. City ​​square Fare clic sull'icona per inserire un'immagi The current appearance of the square dates back to the Renaissance and is also known as Piazza Grande. It houses the most important civic and religious buildings of the city: the cathedral, the palace of Monte (visible in photo) with a clock tower that rises mighty, as well as the town hall.
  6. 6. Port holy cross Reggio Emilia Fare clic sull'icona per inserire un'immag is one of the gates in the walls of Reggio Emilia, which correspond to the current perimeter as boulevards. It is the only three doors and posterns of Reggio Emilia to have saved from demolition that affected the walls to the 800.
  7. 7. Reggio Emilia Public Gardens Fare clic sull'icona per inserire un'immag The public gardens of Reggio Emilia is a park, located in the historic center of the capital of Reggio Emilia, in the area where once stood the ancient citadel. The complex Dukes, a native of the fourteenth century, was demolished in 1848 and was planted in a park of neoclassical inspiration, with a regular arrangement of paths.
  8. 8. The Basilica of Ghiara Fare clic sull'icona per inserire un'imma The Basilica, also known as the Temple of the Blessed Virgin of Ghiara, was erected in 1596 to give thanks to the Virgin for the granting of a miracle to a deaf-mute boy who prayed before the image asking for healing. The basilica is very famous for the presence within it of works by Ludovico Carracci, Guercino and many other important artists.
  9. 9. Park goats Fare clic sull'icona per inserire un'imm Former floodplain area of the river Crostolo, destined to park in the years 1965-70. Neighborhood park with characteristics of type center - European with big trees, bushes and grass areas. Equipped with sports facilities, leisure, paths, lighting, benches, a fountain and a small zoo, and currently is self- managed.
  10. 10. Thank you for watching our presentation and good choice If you prefer to walk the path you can follow the tour in a slightly longer time.