Semester 5


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Semester 5

  1. 1. 5° SEMESTER What I saw and learned
  2. 2. GOALS  The first thing I saw in the English class, was our goals in an aspect personal, familiar, in the school and with our friends. And we saw how those goals are going to work in the future and how we are going to make them work. I learned that I have a good speculation of my life, but I will decide if I can do them, or if I don't
  3. 3. AUTOBIOGRAPHY  Then we did and autobiography , I exposed the things that I like to do, the thinks that I don’t, where I was born, where I have lived, and a lot of things about me. I learned that my life is a good life, I always have had my family supporting me, and that’s something important, to know what we have.
  4. 4. SKILLS  Then we began with the skills, so I learned a lot, because sometimes the structure looks well, but it isn’t.
  5. 5. HARD TIME  This period we saw The hard times and how we Overcame them. We did a exercise about a hard situation, and what I wrote about, was when I was stocked in the sea, because there were big waves, and I wasn’t able to get out of the sea, and I had fear, but at the same time I was excited, I’m kind of crazy, but how at the end with help of God, I could get out of the sea, fighting with myself, because I was tired, but I had to continue, never give up, so thanks that I am alive now. I learned that God always help us, if we ask for help, and he won´t take us out of the problem, He will give us the strong to overcome that, and make us stronger, because what doesn’t kill us make us stronger.
  6. 6. PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES  We saw about the people with disabilities, and this was a very nice lesson, because it makes you think about your life, about thinks that you think are very hard to do, and we don't do it, and how people who has a disability, can do it, and if they that have a disability and can and you that are complete and healthy don't want to do it, because you can but you don't want to make sacrifice, it’s something that makes you change, in the way of doing the things, and makes you thinks that the if you really want something and you make your self on it, it is possible.
  7. 7. PARAPHRASES, MAIN IDEAS AND DETAILS  Then we learned about the Paraphrases, and how they are classified and the use of them. We also learned about the main Ideas and Details
  8. 8. INTERVIEW  At the end of the period we did and interview with people of business establishments and if they had accesses to people with disabilities and if they had workers with disabilities, and now we know that a almost all of the big establishments had accesses and workers with disabilities.
  9. 9. NATURAL DISASTERS  In this period we saw about the natural disasters, we learned how are formed, the level of destructivity that they have and how we can predict them. Well I learned the differences between the tornados and the hurricanes and what they are.
  10. 10. SKILLS  This period we saw a lot of skills, to prepare the toefl exam, well for me didn’t work very good for me, because I got distracted with other things, but now I am studying them.
  11. 11. PLAY  The project of the third period was a play, we did Toy Story, but we didn’t have the enough time to prepare the play, and I learned that if you want to do something, you have to prepare it with time and give your best
  12. 12. THE END OF THE SEMESTER  In this semester we did a lot of activities, I liked because we were getting prepared for the TOEFL test and also we were learning cultural things, so we were learning English and at the same time general culture, and the class wasn’t the classic class, just in the room, bored of the same things, it was a dynamic class, and it was a good semester.