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New Testament Giving By Dr. Frank Chase, Jr


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What is giving? What is tithing? The answer to that question depends on how you interpret the Bible. In this presentation Dr. Frank Chase Jr discusses the giving practices Hebrew/Jewish perspective. The slides also give reasons why pastors should work a full-time job because Apostle Paul was a tent maker who worked while spreading the Gospel. Many of the historical documents cautioned against gospel workers not to be dependent and to avoid becoming a public charge by making a living at something other than through preaching and teaching the Bible. A man who preaches and refuses to work will often resort to relying on charity by becomming a public charge which Paul frowned upon. In the presentation, you will see a part of my research for my book, Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway? I did not actually finish the work because I started writing the book, which is now published. THe book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Book Baby. My website is

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New Testament Giving By Dr. Frank Chase, Jr

  1. 1. Dr.$Frank$Chase$Jr.,$Th.D$ Question$All$Biblical$Teaching$and$Study$To$Show$Thyself$ Approved$of$God$Because$a$True$Disciple$Gets$To$The$Truth$ of$Scripture$by$Learning$About$the$Land,$the$Language,$the$ Literature$and$the$History$of$a$Biblical$Text$concerning$the$ Jewish$people$$$ May 22, 2010 1
  2. 2. !  A.#What#is#New#Testament#Giving?#These#series#of#slides#will#discuss#giving#in# the#New#Covenant#Church#in#context##of#scripture#and#examine#how#giving# should#translate#to#today s#churches#and#believers#personally#as#stewards.# !! !  !B.#One#of#the#most#profound#important#questions#every#tithing#person#must# ask#is#why#did#Apostle#Paul#never#give#a#command#from#the#Torah,#a#principle## or#even#issue#a#voluntary#practice#to#tithe#to#the#churches#he#founded#and# never#pastored.#Why#did#a#man#of#his#caliber#leave#tithing#to#speculation#if#it# was#so#important?#Why#are#all#of#Paul s#letters#void#of#direct#commands#to# tithe,#but#are#full#of#encouragements#to#give.######### "  !!The#Rabbis #way#of#teaching#the#Torah#was#through#discussion#and#debates.#If#your# Pastor#refuses#to#discuss#and#debate#the#validity#of#tithing#with#you,#then#he##may#not# want#you#to#know#the#truth,#that#will#set#you#free#to#give.#### "  The#Truth#is,#the#only#people#who#tithed#in#the#Bible#were#farmers,#cattle#herders##and# Levites#tithed#a#tithe#to#the#High#Priest#(one#percent)#and#it#was#never#money.#There# was#no#universal#tithing#in#Israel.#There#was#no#occupational#tithing#in#Israel##### 2/2/13 2
  3. 3. !  Free%will!giving!is!spirit!controlled.!It!is!an!act!of!love,!based!on!what!you!determine!in!your! heart!to!give!in!cooperation!with!the!Holy!Spirit.!!! !  !When!grace!is!translated!from!the!Greek!word! Charis ,!it!means!that!which!brings! pleasure,!delight,!joy,!happenings,!good!fortune!or!causes!favorable!regard.!Mandatory! tithing!does!not!produce!any!of!these!attributes,!instead!forced!tithing!produces!giving!out! of!fear.!The!Bible!says!in!2!Tim!1:7,! For!God!has!not!given!us!the!spirit!of!fear… .!If!you! tithe!money!to!escape!a!curse,!you!are!tithing!in!fear.!God!cannot!receive!or!bless!fear! money.!He!blesses!!cheerful!giving!not!forced!giving.!!! !  !!When!we!know!their!is!a!need!and!compassion!arises!in!our!hearts!we!give!...this!is!spirit% led!giving.! !  Free%Will!giving!in!the!New!Testament!is!based!on!voluntary!acts!not!on!motives!for!a! return!on!investment!as!taught!or!!assumed!by!some.!! !  Free%Will!giving!is!voluntary!from!the!heart.! !  !If!tithing!is!required!in!the!New!Covenant,!there!would!certainly!be!a!strong!rebuke!!for! not!tithing!in!the!NT,!like!there!is!in!the!Old!Covenant,!but!there!is!no!rebuke.!Why?! Because!there!was!no!tithing!requirement!and!Paul!never!restated!Malachi!in!the!NT!at!all! when!he!talked!about!giving,!not!tithing.! ! 2/2/13 3
  4. 4. ! !And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common. 33 And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all. 34 Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold, 35 And laid them down at the apostles' feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.36 And Joses, who by the apostles was surnamed Barnabas, (which is, being interpreted, The son of consolation,) a Levite, and of the country of Cyprus, 37 Having land, sold it, and brought the money, and laid it at the apostles' feet. KJV ( See Also Acts 2: 42-45 on next slide) !  What is the Context of this Event and was This Event Happening Throughout the Entire Community? !  1. The context of this giving event in scripture shows how the Holy Spirit initiates giving which produces generosity when it is not mandated by men. The Holy Spirit fell on all of them. !  2. This giving was among believers who were motivated by unity (one heart and one soul). There was agreement !  3. The people in this context are Jewish Believers not Gentile because early after Pentecost mostly Jews were accepting Christ, Acts 10. In this context it is a predominately Jewish community of believers doing the giving. !  4. This event was a localized event in Jerusalem and did not happen throughout the provinces of Rome where believers lived or anywhere else. !  5. The context here is that the Holy Spirit did not ask for 10 percent from the sale of the property they sold because the Temple was still standing and they would still be tithing crops and herds, the food tithe to the Levites. !  6. The Apostles did not use any scripture from the TORAH to teach or require Ten percent from this freewill giving event. !  7. The Apostles did not take a tithe from these proceeds because they knew they were not Levites. !  8. The Apostles re-distributed the entire fund to those in need and they took nothing for themselves. ! 2/2/13 4
  5. 5. !  And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. 43 And fear came upon every soul: and many wonders and signs were done by the apostles.44 And all that believed were together, and had all things common; 45 And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need. KJV !  What is the Context of this Event and was This Event Happening Throughout the Entire Community? 9.  The Holy Spirit was establishing free-will giving as the main means of supporting ministry among believers knowing that the Temple System of tithing would come to an end. 10.  The money was given only to those who had a need. There was a system to how the money was handed out. A need had to be proven before it was handed out. There was no free-loaders, deceptive practices, or slick fund raising going on and if so, the Holy Spirit did not play around with God s People s money and struck people dead. 11.  The context here shows that the people who gave among these believers were wealthy real estate and land owners and does not show one poor person giving a dime in this effort. 12.  There was no problem with freewill giving in the early church because the text shows what was being given was sufficient to meet all the needs without instituting a mandatory tithe based on a text from the TORAH. 13.  The text of Acts 2 and 4 is interesting All Things Common. This common element in the text is that they shared everything as if they lived in a commune. The Greek word is Koinos. Believers don t live in communes today. 14.  This giving effort was totally voluntary and was not a mandatory requirement. No where did the Apostles encourage or demand anyone to sell their land and or houses. It was the great grace that fell on them through the Holy Spirit and was under their control as Peter stated in Acts 5. 15.  The people had extra houses and lands so it looks like this sell off was real estate investment property. They did not sell everything they owned. If they did, they would be instantly poor after the sale. 2/2/13 5
  6. 6. 2/2/13 6 !  What is the Context of this Event and was This Event Happening Throughout the Entire Community? 16.  The radical selling of property and communal living seen in these early chapters of Acts was God s opening kick-off of the gospel glory and was not habitually repeated after the initial events. 17.  The pastor or teaches that teaching tithing does not practice what he preaches and does not live in a communal house and share equally with all the poor as they did in Acts. 18.  To have all things common , it must be understood that all these believers operated in very close personal relationships where there was no individual autonomy. This eventually caused problems. 19.  This communal/common-ism system (Which Says What Is Mine Is Thine) type of giving was temporary and was not a standard continual practice. We never see it appear again as a practice in any of the Epistles written by the Apostles. 20.  The communal system of giving in this fashion began to have problems in Acts 5:1 and 6:1. 21.  There was no one in the entire assembly who lacked anything. They all received what they needed. If tithing truly works, why are so many people in today s churches suffering from lack, and are poor under the system of tithing when those in the first century church had no lack at all. Isn t that amazing! 22.  Final point about giving. Giving in fear is extortion. When giving under compulsion, the offering is obligation and giving an offering to get something back is manipulation. 23.  SOURCES: Why Christians Should Not Tithe, James D. Quiggle, pages 62-63. Should the Church Teach Tithing, Russell Earl Kelly, Ph.D, pages 217-218. Willmington s Guide to the Bible, Page 371 $
  7. 7. Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the churches of Galatia, even so do ye. 2 Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come. 3 And when I come, whomsoever ye shall approve by your letters, them will I send to bring your liberality unto Jerusalem. KJV What is the context of this giving event? 1. This event is not about tithing. It is about giving to the poor Jewish believers in Jerusalem. See Gal 2:1-10, 2 Cor 8: 1-15 and Rom 15: 25-26. 2. This event was a special offering to be saved up weekly by the Corinthians and put aside so Paul would not have to ask for the collection when he arrived to preach to them. 3. This giving was addressing a need in Jerusalem for believers and does not address systematic giving in general. 4. Some preachers teach incorrectly that since this verse is addressing fundraising only, then is it assumed that tithing 10 percent of money was in practice for Jews and Gentiles in the church. This assumption is incorrect because the Jewish Christians would still be taking the tithes (crops and cattle) to the Temple and to the Levites. No gentile Christian would not be practicing this obligation because it was for Jews only. 5. The KJV version says Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, The Jewish bible says, Every week on Motza eishabbat, (Saturday) each of you should set some money aside, according to his resources, and save it up. 6. The intent of this context was to save up the money and or food somewhere based on your resources and then give it when Paul arrived. Paul s integrity with money was so profound, he told them to pick people they trusted to deliver the money to Jerusalem. 7. Each of them had to decide the amount they would put aside somewhere to save up. If they were saving it up then the amount was not the same for each believer every week. The text clearly teaches that each week they had the freedom to choose the amount or change the amount they saved each week according to their resources. 8.  The discussion in First Corinthians 16 does not relate to local church fund-gathering except as it might apply to aid for the poor Jews in Jerusalem. 9.  There was a famine in the land at the time and Paul sought help from others. 2/2/13 7
  8. 8. Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the churches of Galatia, even so do ye. 2 Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come. 3 And when I come, whomsoever ye shall approve by your letters, them will I send to bring your liberality unto Jerusalem. KJV What is the context of this giving event? 9. There is also another problem here. Does collection in this verse mean money? Not so fast preachers. The verse must be referred back to the book of Acts because there was a famine. So would money be part of the collection or would the collection include food too. What s the most pressing need in a Famine, Money or Food. Let the Word teach you. 10. The word Collection in the verse means LOGIA in the Greek and that is the word contribution. Is the contribution Paul talks about MONEY only? Or could a contribution could be anything. 11. Paul did not define what the contents of the collection was. Why? His audience knew what he was talking about. It is us who interpret and who make the mistake to conclude it is only cold hard cash in the verse. But is this verse talking about money only? Maybe or maybe not. 12. Paul is not and Paul did NOT say On the first day of every week let each one of you bring your tithes and offerings for the local church budget. Such manipulation of the text ignores its context of the verse. Russell Kelly pg 202. 13. The context everyone laying by him in store could be a consideration of those giving who were less well off. That way they could give even if it were little. There is no set amount in this verse to teach tithing. 14. The text suggests that they put aside week to week according to their ability not proportionately. 15. The true biblical tithe was a specified amount (10th Part) from a specified source (food stuff, crops and animals). 16.  The context of the verse says the collection for the saints, not for the building mortgage, the pastor, or the apostle. 17.  There was a famine in the land at the time and Paul sought help from other believers. See Acts 11: 27-30 so would food or money be more important at this time in a famine. 18. Each believer kept the weekly contribution at home until Paul arrived and collected the collection. 19.  Since a tithe means tenth part and not ten percent, studying Israel's giving shows that tithing was not equal across the board 10 percent. See item 20 for an example. 2/2/13 8
  9. 9. Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the churches of Galatia, even so do ye. 2 Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come. 3 And when I come, whomsoever ye shall approve by your letters, them will I send to bring your liberality unto Jerusalem. KJV What is the context of this giving event? 20. In Israel the tithe varies between 0 % to 10 %. The vast majority of the time it is less than 10 percent. Here s how the breakdown works. For example, three sheep herders in Israel . The first has nine sheep, the second has 19 sheep and the third has 29 sheep. So the herder with 9 sheep, his tithe would be zero. The herder with 19 sheep, his tithe would be one sheep and the herder with 29 sheep, his tithe would be 2 sheep. See Leviticus 27:32. Benny Price, Why Tithing Is Not for the church page 121-122. 21.  This scripture cannot be used legitimately for teaching tithes or offerings for two reasons. One, the context of the text does not address the mode of their regular giving or how they gave, whether weekly or monthly. This text only addresses a special collection. Two. Paul does not mention giving 10 percent of income as a regular money tithe in this text. If a Pastor uses this text to mandate tithing or offering, he is committing unethical exegesis. Though the text is talking strictly about emergency relief efforts for Jerusalem there is insight into general giving habits that could be suggested for Modern Day Churches with legitimate needs A. Giving should be done regularly, Paul tells them to set aside on the first day of the week. It s easier to give small amounts weekly than larger amounts on a monthly or even a yearly basis. B. Giving should be proportionate in keeping with income as God Prospers you and considering expenses People who make more give more, people who make less give less. Giving is not based on percentage. That s why Paul did not specify a percentage or suggest one from the TORAH. C. Every believer is to give something by stating everyone of you . The amount is left up to the giver in the text. Source You Mean I Don t Have to Tithe, David Croteau Pages 245, 146 No Tithing Commandment Can Be Assumed From These Verses 2/2/13 9
  10. 10. 2/2/13 10 !  What#is#the#Context#of#Chapter##8?# !  The context 2 Cor. Chapter 8 is Sha ul asking the Corinthians to complete or finish their relief efforts they promised a year earlier. He said he was not asking them to complete their giving by commandment. It was optional. Why do NT Pastor issues commands to give when Paul did not but wanted an authentic gift given in willingness and not something extracted by pressure. !  In Verse 12, Sha ul told them there must first be a willing mind in giving so the gift could be acceptable. So to give you must have a willing mind. Conversely, if one does not have a willing mind and gives anyway, the gift is not acceptable. If you release your money unwillingly it will only bless the receiver, but God can do nothing with the gift on the givers behalf because it was given in an unwilling mindset. This mindset if often caused by forced giving using threats of curses. !  If there is not a sincere desire willingness, or eagerness, keep the money in your pocket because God cannot bless it. !  All giving should be based on what a man has and not on what they did not have. You may have heard it preached (explicitly or implicitly) from a pulpit The Paul teaches 10% but you will not hear it from the Word of God! And guess whose words count at the end ?! , Paul s, Out of what you have means according to what you have and so that there are no misunderstandings, Paul makes it clear: not according to what you don t have !  The giving here is out of surplus (After satisfying obligations 1Tim 5: 7-8 A commandment) among the believers. Paul had no intention to help the poor in Jerusalem by making the Corinthians poor! He had no thought at all of burdening the one to ease the other! They would help, out of their abundance. It was this abundance that would supply the lack of the poor saints in Jerusalem at this time, so that the abundance of these, now poor, saints could supply the Corinthians lack in another time. TITHING, GIVING AND THE NEW TESTAMENT by Anastasios Kioulachoglou pages 25-26 !  In verse 8, Sha ul clarified that he was not commanding them to give. Question? Why do some pastors command people to give and even give 10 percent of their gross income when Paul strictly said there must be a willing mind first to be able give in love. If the gift is not Willing, it is not acceptable to God.
  11. 11. !  Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver KJV !  Each of you must make up you mine about how much to give. But don t feel sorry that you must give and don t feel that you are forced to give. God loves people who love to give. The Leaning Bible A.!The!context!is!about!Paul!establishing!!a!context!in!which!the!Corinthians!should!give!to!help!the!poor!they!promised!to! help.!This!text!gives!insight!into!giving!for!Moderns!(today s!Believers).!!The!text!is!completely!void!of!tithing!endorsements.! Why?!Verse!7!destroys!mandated!tithing!with!these!words,!Purposeth,!not!grudgingly,!necessity!and!cheerful.! B.!If!tithing!money!was!a!practice!in!the!early!church,!there!would!have!been!no!need!for!Paul!to!give!principles!!for!giving! because!the!poor!tithe!mentioned!in!the!TORAH!would!have!met!the!need!of!taking!care!of!the!poor!and!this!would!have! been!a!good!place!for!Paul!to!mention!the!Poor!tithe!as!outlined!in!Deut!14:!28%29!and!26:12%13!!and!he!didn t!tell!the! Corinthians!God!commanded!the!Tithe.!Paul!was!taking!up!a!contribution!for!the!poor!saints!in!Jerusalem!so!why!did!he!not! mention!the!third!year!tithe!because!this!would!have!negated!the!need!to!ask!the!Corinthians!for!a!freewill!offering!in!verse! 7.!The!poor!tithe!or!third!year!tithe!was!not!voluntary!but!mandatory!according!to!the!law!but!Paul s!language!denotes! freewill!giving!not!tithing.!$ C.!None!of!Paul s!word s!are!commandments!to!give!but!encouragements!to!give.!You!cannot!force!tithing!from!this!text.! D.! Purposeth!in!his!heart !is!not!a!commandment,!but!simple!means!you!decide!how!much!to!give!from!a!heart!of!love!with! no!strings!attached.!See!this!in!Acts!11:29.!Give!according!to!ability!and!according!to!your!freewill!of!your!heart.!See!Exodus! 25:!35%36.!!Paul!was!appealing!to!relationship!driven,!grace%driven,!and!love%driven!giving.!Here!is!the!TORAH!verse!that!may! be!in!Paul s!thought!when!talking!to!the!Corinthians!Duet!15:!7%8.!He!could!not!be!appealing!to!tithing!but!giving.! E.!! Not!Grudgingly !No!gift!should!be!given!in!this!fashion.!If!you!give!anything!this!way!it!will!help!the!receiver!but!!it!will! not!be!an!acceptable!!gift!to!God.!Giving!when!you!do!not!have!makes!you!a!grudging!giver.!There!is!no!blessing!for!that!type! of!giving.!The!Greek!word!here!is!lupe!(Loo%pay)!which!means!sadness,!sorrow,!heaviness,!!and!grief.! 2/2/13 11
  12. 12. !  Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver KJV !  Each of you must make up you mine about how much to give. But don t feel sorry that you must give and don t feel that you are forced to give. God loves people who love to give. The Leaning Bible ! A.!Their!giving!was!not!by!commandment![1!Cor.!8:8],!nor!of!necessity![2!Cor.!9:7].!Under!the!law,!a!tenth!was!commanded! and!its!payment!was!a!necessity;!under!grace,!God!is!not!seeking!the!gift,!but!an!expression!of!devotion!from!the!giver.!Under! grace!no!law!is!imposed!and!no!proportion!to!be!given!is!stipulated,!and,!while!it!is!true!that!God!works!in!the!yielded!heart! both!to!will!and!to!do!His!good!pleasure!(Phil.!2:13),!He!finds!pleasure!only!in!that!gift!which!is!given!cheerfully,!or!more! literally,! hilariously !(2!Cor.!9:7).!Should#the#Church#Teach#Tithing,#Russell#Kelly#page#225# ! B.!"Each!man!should!give!what!he!has!decided!in!his!heart!to!give,!not!reluctantly!or!under!compulsion,!for!God!loves!a! cheerful!giver"!(2!Corinthians!9:7).!The!Greek!verb!"proaireomai"!translated!"decided,"!means!"to!choose!for!oneself,!to! determine,!to!make!up!one's!mind !!It!indicates!a!deliberate!resolve,!deciding!on!the!end!and!on!the!means!of!attainment.!"It! is!not!the!outcome!of!a!spent!emotion,!or!a!promise!half%regretted,!but!formed!with!a!clear!well%defined!perception!of!all! attendant!circumstances,!and!neither!"reluctantly",!as!regards!amount,!nor!with!reluctance,!as!giving!under!pressure. !His! concern!is!for!"a!consciously!accepted!obligation!that!is!nevertheless!free!and!not!grounded!in!command!or!law."!It!is!an!act! of!faith!in!God!who!is!able!to!supply!our!needs!and!enable!us!to!be!generous.!It!should!be!subject!to!financial!accountability! and!integrity,!and!an!expression!of!the!unity!of!the!fellowship!of!all!believers.!It!is!above!all!a!response!to!God's! "indescribable!gift"!of!Christ.!! ! C.!Since!the!Corinthians!fell!short!on!giving!why!didn t!Paul!rebuke!them!for!not!paying!their!tithes!to!take!of!the!need!but! instead!he!appealed!to!voluntary!giving.! ! D.!What!is!necessity!giving?!Ten!percent!is!necessity!giving!because!it!is!commanded!and!forced!from!you.!Necessity!in!the! Greek!is!Anagke,!it!means!to!constrict,!bind!hard,!compress,!compelling!force.!Whenever!someone!demands!you!tithe,!they! are!constricting!you,!binding!you,!compressing!you!and!compelling!you!by!force!to!give!which!is!opposite!of!!willingness! giving!that!Paul!teaches.!Giving!grudgingly!or!of!necessity!rips!the!faith!response!from!you!heart.! !E.!Imposed!tithing!means!that!one!is!giving! under!compulsion.!!! ! 2/2/13 12
  13. 13. !  There!are!several!reasons!why! !  The New Testament system of tithes and offering has no similarity to the tithes and offering of the Old Testament system when you study it out, you discover that tithes and offering in today s church is completely man-made and has no authority over you except what you give it. !  The Law sets the rules for tithing not Abraham s because he voluntarily or by custom gave a tithe of the spoils of war. His tithing from the spoils of war does not set the standard for new testament giving unless you want another church to go to war with another church, defeat them take their land, property and stuff and tithe to the Pastor who defeats them. !  The definition of the tithe is listed in Lev. 27:30 (Seed and fruit), Lev. 27:32 (Herd and Flock), Duet 12:17 (Grain, New Wine, and Oil), Duet 14:23 (Grain, New Wine, and Oil). Tithing under the law was an exact requirement and as anyone can see Yahweh, never his mind and asked for money as a tithe. This presents a problem for Pastors who insist on changing the Word to justify 10 percent of peoples income. The tithe God required was an eatable item. The cash flow tithing is not a requirement in the New Testament !  People who dogmatically argue cash flow tithing from the theological bent that Israel was an agricultural society and that money was virtually non-existent and that our society is based on money, we tithe it are incorrect for three reason. One, Money was widely used in the Old Testament World, Two, Only Farmers, Shepherds and Levites tithed. Three, tithes were given as food because eating of tithes represented truths. !  See some of the money scriptures referred to Gen: 13:2, Gen 20:16, Gen 23:12-18. Gen :33:19, Gen 37:28, 2 Sam 24:24, Jeremiah 32:9, Mat 5:26, Mat 10: 9, 29, Mat 17:27. Mat 18:24-28, Mat: 20:2 Mat 21:12, Mat 22:19, Mat 25:27 Mat 26:15. These scriptures demonstrate that Israel had a fully developed money economy. And never forget that the Gospels have been incorrectly named the New Testament. The Gospels are still the Old Testament system. The TRUTH is that Jews were forbidden to pay tithes in money.!(What!Preachers!Never!Tell!You!About!Tithes!and!Offering !Chapter!9.!Eric!M.!Hill.! 2/2/13 13
  14. 14. "  The#tithe#is#literally#means#a#tenth,#but#where#most#people#make#their##mistake#is##to#never#ask# what#kind#of#Tithe#did#Yahweh#want#from#Israel.#They#also#don t#ask,#Why##didn t#Yahweh#ask#for# Money#(shekels,#silver#,#gold)#as#a#tithe.# "  #How#Does#the#Law#define#the#tithe#in#Exodus#Leviticus,#Numbers#and#Deuteronomy?# "  The#tithe#is#literally#a#tenth# "  The#question#is#a#tenth#of#What?#What#did#Yahweh#(God)#want#as#a#Tithe?# "  No#one#can#dispute#the#facts#of#the#Bible.#God#wanted#a#tenth#of##Seed#and#fruit,#Lev#27:30,#Herds# and#flocks,#Lev.#27:32,#Grain,#New#Wine,#and#oil,#Duet#12:17,##Grain,#new#wine#and#oil,#Duet#14:23,# Numbers#18,#and#in#Mat.#23:23,#the#tithe#was#still#food#grown#from#the#land.# "  Tithing#under#the#law#was#an#exact#requirement#and#no#Man#can#change#God s#Law#without# permission.# "  The#point#is,#God#created#the#tithe#so#it#could#be#eaten#and#used#for#sacrifices#for#payment#of#Sin.## "  The#tithe#has#always#and#shall#forever#be#food#that#you#eat#and#sacrifice.## "  To#say#Israel#was#an#agricultural#Society#and#did#not#have#money#is#wrong#for#three#reasons.### 1.  Money#was#widely#used#in#the##OT#World#and#Israel# 2.  Only#shepherds,#farmers#and#Levites#were#required#to#tithe# 3.  Tithes#were#given#as#food#because#the#eating#of#tithes#represented#spiritual#truths.# 4.  Why#would#God#Give#Abram#gold#and#silver#if#Israel#was#totally#Agricultural#and#if#money#was#not# in#use#or#it#was#a#moneyless#economy#,#how#could#Abram#use#money#to#buy#land#in#Gen#23:12]18.#### !  Source:#What#Preachers#Never#Tell#You#About#Tithes#and#Offering,#Eric#Hill#(E]book)## 2/2/13 14
  15. 15. 1.  The##non]agrarian#population#(Cobblers,#carpenters,#potters#who#made#water#jugs,#women#who# made#clothes,)#did#not#tithe#in#Israel#but#they#did#give#the#temple#shekel#every#year#to#support# the#temple#Exodus#30:14]16.##In#the#NT#every#believer#gives#to#support#ministry.## 2.  Because#tithing#in#the#TORAH#is#based#on#planting#and#harvesting#cycles,#the#tither#tithed#eight# out#of##twelve#months.#The#New#Testament#believer#is#to#give#regularly#not#based#on#harvest# season.# 3.  The#Torah#(Law)#assigned#an#exact#amount#of#Tithe#(food)#giving.#The#gospel#says#to#believers# you#give#based#on#circumstances,#principles#and#conscience#and#be#cheerful#about#what#you#give# as#long#as#it#not#forced#from#your#wallet.## 4.  The#[OT]tithe#was#part#of#a#priesthood#that#was#not#perfect.#The#perfect#priesthood#of#Christ#does# not#need,#receive#or#take#a#tithe#of#money.#Hebrew#7:#1]11.#Yeshua#(Jesus)#became#the#last#and# perfect#tithe#as#the#sacrificed#Lamb#of#God.### 2/2/13 15
  16. 16. Questioning$Tithing$is$as$Forbidden$as$the$Fruit$in$the$Garden$of$Eden$$$ 1. The evolution of Money tithing replaced food tithing through the method of people suspending their common sense to embrace ignorance $"As!the!Church!expanded!and!various!institutions!arose,!it!became!necessary!to!make!laws!which! would!insure!the!proper!and!permanent!support!of!the!clergy.!The!payment!of!tithes!was!adopted!from!the!Old! Law...!The!earliest!positive!legislation!on!the!subject!seems!to!be!contained!in!the!letter!of!the!bishops! assembled!at!Tours!in!567!and!the![canons]!of!the!Council!of!Macon!in!585."—The!Catholic!Encyclopedia.! 2. Let s pull back the curtain of time to examine how this colossal system took a hold since it s inception. The sixth century. 3. The phrase to make laws which would insure the proper and permanent support of the clergy. The mighty Holy Roman Catholic Church created man-made laws to permanently support clergy. These laws were not from the Bible. They slowly over the centuries began a systematic campaign to eliminate FOOD as the Tithe to replace it with Money (How do we know? They are the richest Organization in the World) and to build cathedrals throughout Europe in many empires which many now stand empty or are nothing but museums. 4. When they created the financial tithe, they had to ensure it would remain permanent so they had to justify it with Scripture out of context and enforce it with Church decrees, using threats of hell fire, and fear to maintain the money coming in for generations. Fear tithing is much more profitable than free-will giving. 5. God never gave the church permission to change what he required as Tithe to What Man requires and then turn around and Lie on God and say He commanded 10 gross income . The church cannot commute the Biblical Tithe to Money. The Clergy can only ask the congregation to help pay the bills by asking for money not a tithe. 2/2/13 16The Church Began Very Early to Rape Its Members Financially
  17. 17. !  The 64 thousand dollar question is: Why did Yeshua never mention Deneria and leave out other forms of money to be given as a tithe? If he wanted tithe as money why is it not clearly listed. Why do people add to the Word when the Messiah did not add money in the list? 1.  The Jewish Bible: Wow to you hypocritical Torah-Teachers and P rushim! You pay your tithes of mint , dill and cummin; but you have neglected the weightier matters of the Torah—Justice, Mercy, Trust. … 2.  Darby Bible: Wow to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for you pay tithes of mint, and anise and cummin, and ye have left aside the weightier matter of the law, judgment and mercy and faith… 3.  Young s Literal Translation: Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites? Because you give tithe of mint and the dill, and the cumin, and did neglect the weightier things of the Law—Judgment, and the Kindness, and the faith… 4.  KJV Translation: Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites! For you pay tithe of mint and anise and cummn, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy and faith… 5.  The Learning Bible: You Pharisees and teachers are show-offs, and you re in trouble! You give God a Tenth of the spices from your garden, such as mint, dill, and cummin, Yet you neglect the more important matters of the law, such as justice, mercy, and faithfulness. 6.  New Living Translation: What!sorrow!awaits!you!teachers!of!religious!law!and!you!Pharisees.!Hypocrites!! For!you!are!careful!to!tithe!even!the!tiniest!income#from!your!herb!gardens,!but!you!ignore!the!more! important!aspects!of!the!law—justice,!mercy,!and!faith.!!(!Warning:!This!version!changes!the!Bible) 2/2/13 17
  18. 18. •$What is the problem with these verses above. As you read them it should jump out at you when you read the verse in many translations. 1. In many translations you will see the word pay give income. Watch out! Depending on the which word is used in the text, it will determine how you interpret the text or in some cases change the context of the chapter and verse leading to a wrong interpretation. Some Translations do not use the word pay, give or income at all. 2. Some translations do not use words Pay, Give, or Income in the verse but just the word tithe. Thoughts About Yashua is Teaching on Tithing 1. In translations where the word pay tithe is used, it implies a mandatory, obligatory practice. In the Torah, tithing is obligatory no matter how you felt. The tithe must be paid to the Levite as specified in the law (Torah). 2. In translations where the word give tithe is used, it implies that tithing is freewill giving but the Torah does not teach tithing as giving. Giving is not mandatory but freewill. If you give there is no obligation to do it. But tithing is mandatory in the Torah, so it is paying not giving. 3. In the NLT where the word income is used, it implies and erroneously teaches that the Pharisees were tithing money from the small income of the spices they were selling from their gardens. 4.  Jesus (Yashua) could not specify money or income in this verse because the Torah required land based products and to put money in the list, Jesus would have violated the Torah causing him to Sin. 5. Jesus did not ask for an income based tithe because money in any form is capaciously absent from the list. 6. In Jesus day, a money system was well established as anyone can see that when Jesus turned over the moneychangers tables in the temple. 2/2/13 18
  19. 19. 7.  Jesus'in'the'text'was'answering'ma2ers'of'the'Torah'that'were'being'legalis8cally'applied'and'correc8ng,'and' rebuking'the'leaders.'He'was'not'changing'the'land'based'8the'to'a'money'the'and'if'he'did'he'would'have'made' that'clear'in'the'text.'' 8.  Jesus,'is'not'sugges8ng'a'new'system'of'8thing'money,'he'is'stressing'how'they'violated'the'law'by'not' showing'jus8ce,'mercy,'and'faith.'He'would'be'abroga8ng'the'law'if'he'added'money'to'the'list,'He'simply'told' them'they'should'be's8ll'8thing'food'(Mint'Cummin,'Anise).'' 9.  Jesus'is'addressing'a'specific'audience'in'the'text.'Look'at'the'context'of'the'en8re'chapter.'Is'he'telling' gen8les'to'8the.'No!'He s'addressing'Jewish'teachers'and'his'disciples.'' 10.  The'commandment'to'8the'is'specific'in'the'Torah,'but'is'not'commanded'and'no'percentages'in'the'new' covenant'are'given'to'the'believers.'' 11.  Mandatory'8thing'of'money'is'an'extraPbiblical'system'and'is'a'burden'on'the'poor'but'easy'for'the'rich' because'it'is'not'rigorous'enough.'' 12.  No'where'in'the'en8re'chapter'did'Jesus'hand'out'a'blessing'to'the'Pharisees''for'8thing.'' 13.  Jesus'in'Ma2hew'23:23'and'Luke'11:42'acknowledge'Land'based'8thing'of'products'(crops,'ca2le)'only'and' money'was'not'a'8thable'item'in'this'text'or'context.'Money'could'be'given'as'an'offering'but'this'text'does'not' endorse'money'8thing'only'food'8thing.'No'one'can'change'the'TORAH'on'this'no'ma2er'what'kind'of'economy' we'live'in.'' #  The$problem$with$preachers$using$Mathew$23:23$to$mandate$the$9the$is$that$they$have$to:$ #  Reinterpret$the$meaning$of$the$words$mint,$dill$and$cummin$(food)$to$money$and$9me$ #  YeShua$(Jesus)$was$speaking$to$Jewish$Believers$not$Gen9le$believes$in$the$text.$$$ 2/2/13 19
  20. 20. A.!!What$happens$today$is$that$the$9the$is$employed$in$socie9es$in$which$the$needs$of$the$poor$are$already$being$ met$and$it$is$used$incorrectly.$$ B. Tithing$was$just$one$part$of$an$en9re$financial$$system.$The$$old$covenant$system$is$on$system.$$You$can t$pull$out$ one$part,$like$the$9the$and$implement$into$a$new$system.$h2p://' C. $$$Not$one$9me$in$the$Old$Testament$did$God$ask$Israelites$for$a$9the$from$gold,$silver$or$shekels$even$thought$ there$was$money$in$a$theocra9c$government$of$Israel.$$ D. The$9the$consisted$of$fruit,$grain,$wine$and$later$animals$that$are$typically$harvested$as$produce$from$the$land.$It$ never$consisted$of$money.$Further,$it$was$recorded$into$the$Law$of$Moses$that$a$9the$of$everything$from$the$land$ belongs$to$the$Lord$(Lev.$27:30U33).$During$the$Fes9val$9the,$money$or$silver$used$as$currency$in$ancient$9mes$was$ not$an$allowable$subs9tu9on$for$the$9the.$Tithes$were$conducted$annually$and$were$based$upon$one s$produce$ increase$for$the$year.$This$just$isn t$talking$about$puVng$paper$money$or$cheques$on$an$offering$plate$each$week$as$ demanded$by$the$9thing$churches.$h2p://' E. ''In$fact$the$New$Testament$ministry$was$supported$solely$by$freewill'offerings$(Mt.$6:25U34;$Lk$10:4U8;$Acts$ 4:32U35,$20:33U35;$2$Cor.$8:2U15,$9:6U12,$11:8U9;$1$Jn.$3:17U18)$and$not$by$some$9thing$system.$In$the$days$of$the$ early$church,$Chris9ans$pooled$their$goods$and$shared$their$possessions$equally$(Acts$4:32U37).$The$apostles$were$ legally$unable$to$receive$9thes$from$the$people$to$financially$support$the$Work$of$the$primi9ve$Church$because$the$ Temple$was$s9ll$standing$and$none$of$the$apostles$were$of$the$tribe$of$Levi$serving$in$the$Sanctuary.$Jesus$himself$ was$from$the$tribe$of$Judah$(Heb.$7:12U14)$and$could$not$therefore$have$accepted$9thes.$Only$the$Levites$were$ authorised$by$God$and$the$Mosaic$legisla9on$to$take$9thes$from$the$people.$Even$Paul,$who$was$certainly$not$a$ Levite,$could$not$have$demanded$or$received$9thes$from$his$churches.$Yet$he$shows$that$a$teacher$or$minister$has$a$ right$to$be$provided$for$in$return$for$the$preaching$and$teaching$of$the$Gospel$(1$Cor.$9)U$but$not$by$9thes.$In$fact$he$ even$states$that$such$a$teacher$ought$to$receive$"double$honour"$or$a$"double$gie"$(1$Tim.$5:17).$h2p:// 8thing.html'' 2/2/13 20
  21. 21. 1.$When$did$God,$Change$is$his$mind$and$commute$the$9the$as$food,$cafle$,$and$crops$to$money.$$When$did$the$ TORAH$Change$what$GOD$commanded$as$a$9the.$ 2.  When$did$the$New$Testament$which$does$not$begin$un9l$the$book$of$acts$change$the$9the$from$$food$to$money.$$ 3.  HOW$is$it$possible$to$reintroduce,$without$a$shred$of$NT$proof,$an$Old$Covenant$financial$system$into$the$Church?$$ 4.  WHY$is$a$monetary$9the$apparent$to$ministers$of$various$churches$when$it$is$not$expressed$in$the$Old$Covenant?$ 5.  $WHY$is$9thing$not$in$the$context$or$even$men9oned$in$the$NT$epistles?$AREN'T$all$NT$references$to$9thes$and$to$ 9thing$solely$concerning$Pharisees,$scribes,$the$an9quated$Levi9cal$system?$WEREN'T$these$references$due$solely$ to$the$Sanctuary,$Temple,$Altar,$Sacrifices?$$ 6.  $WHY$do$devout$Jewish$rabbis$refuse$to$take,$demand$or$accept$9thes?$WOULDN'T$they,$not$being$Levites,$be$ breaking$God's$law$[Viola9ng$the$TORAH]$to$do$so?$$ 7.  $WHY$don't$Chris9an$deacons$gather$together$all$the$9thes$of$the$people$and$then$pay$the$ministry$a$separate$ 9the$if$the$Levi9cal$analogy$is$to$be$consistently$followed?$ 8.  $$WHY$are$Peter,$James,$Paul,$John$and$Jude$strangely$silent$about$9thing?$WHY$don't$they$command,$infer,$ men9on,$exhort$or$plead$the$9the$from$Chris9ans?$$ 9.  $WHY$didn't$Jesus$establish$9thing$for$the$Church$he$was$beginning?$$ 10.  $WHY$does$Paul$speak$exclusively$of$gies,$offerings,$and$contribu9ons?$WOULD$not$Paul$have$had$to$explain$the$ 9thing$system$to$Biblically$ignorant$Gen9les?$$ 11.  $WAS$there$ever$a$universal$monetary$[Money]$9thing$law$exis9ng$in$ancient$Israel?$$ 12.  $WASN'T$9thing$purely$on$farm$animals$and$agricultural$products?$Did$God$authorize$anyone$to$change$it$to$ money?$ 13.  $WHY$didn't$Jesus$take$9thes$from$the$people?$SHOULDN'T$Jesus$have$led$the$way$in$example$by$accep9ng$9thes,$ or$in$admoni9on$or$command?$ 14.  $$IF'we$are$the$priesthood$of$all$believers,$shouldn't$a$monetary$9the$be$paid$to$ourselves?$h2p:// 8thing.html'!! 2/2/13 21
  22. 22. 1.  The First Born males in Israel were suppose to serve in the Temple, but something happened and God changed his mind. A.  The!first!and!best!of!all!things!belongs!to!God.!!This!is!true!even!of!the!firstborn!of!children.!! Originally,!it!was!intended!that!the!firstborn!would!serve!as!the!priests!and!Temple!functionaries!of! Israel;!however,!after!the!incident!of!the!Golden!Calf,!in!which!the!tribe!of!Levi!did!not!participate,! God!chose!the!tribe!of!Levi!over!the!firstborn!for!this!sacred!role.!!This!is!explained!in! Numbers!8,14%18.!!However,!even!though!their!place!has!been!taken!by!the!Levites,!the!firstborn!still! retain!a!certain!degree!of!sanctity,!and!for!this!reason,!they!must!be!redeemed.! B.  Exodus 32:26: shows that all of the tribes participated in making the Golden Calf except for the Levite tribe which is why they were chosen later to serve in the temple instead of the first born of Israelite tribes. (Exodus 32:25-28And when Moses saw that the people were naked; (for Aaron had made them naked unto their shame among their enemies: 26 Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD's side? let him come unto me. And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him. 27 And he said unto them, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Put every man his sword by his side, and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour. 28 And the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses: and there fell of the people that day about three thousand men. KJV) C.  Remember, when God does something in the TORAH, no man or preacher has a right to change it. God choose the Levites and no man has a right or a command to take their place to convert the food tithe to money. For Hebrews 7: 5 is clear. The Levites (only) have the commandment to take a tithe from the people (The other tribes of Israel). 2/2/13 22
  23. 23. A.!Does!scripture!command!Pastors,!Leaders,!Elders,!Bishops!and!Apostles!Not!to!Work!but!have! the!congregations!take!of!their!every!need.!!What!did!Paul!teach!the!leaders?!! 1.  It was against Paul s upbringing not to work. His Jewish background would have considered it a sin not to work. As a Jew he would have had to learn a trade. A Jewish saying states, He that teaches not his son a trade is as if he taught him to be a thief. Therefore, any man or pastor, Christian leader, who depends on their congregation for full support has been taught to be a thief who refuses to work. Paul was truly a full-time Gospel worker because he worked and preached and accepted support at times. 2.  Here is what Paul said, If any man think himself to be a prophet or spiritual, let him acknowledge that that the things I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord. (In Paul writings, what are the command of the Lord?). What did Paul Command. What did he tell them about working? 3.  In 2 Thes 3: 4, 6 Paul states, And we have confidence in the Lord touching you, that ye both do and will do the things which we command you? Now we command you, brethren in the name of our Lord Messiah Yeshua that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly and not after the traditions which he received of us. (This verse shows that the Apostles were concerned about practices that were not wholesome. Prepare to see what is disorderly! The next verse explains what disorder Paul was addressing. The next verse also shows the tradition Paul wanted them not to forget. Paul was addressing free-loaders in the Gospel work who would not work, including Pastors, teachers, Bishops and the like. We know this to be true because he used the term brothers. Also, the tradition he wanted them to keep is the tradition of work as Jesus was a carpenter and Paul worked as a tentmaker to support himself.) 4.  In verse seven Paul states how people in his stature should be followed. He reminded them of his behavior among them when he ministered to them. And in verse eight Paul says, Neither did we eat any man s bread for naught [They paid for their food] but wrought with labor and travail night and day,[Apostle Paul and his companions Worked] the we might not be chargeable to any of you[They did not want to burden them Financially or otherwise]. (This verse is convicting to Leaders who refuse to work and only want to apply this verse to average believers. As you can see, Paul was instructing everyone to work. 2/2/13 23
  24. 24. * Preachers handle people differently based on the money they give or the financial status of the Church. 1.  The Rich People in Church: The rich cannot be talked in giving more money with a promise of receiving God s financial blessing. They already have material needs. The rich tend to be disciplined. They are very skeptical of far out spiritual promises made by preachers. The rich have done well without Christian witchcraft and would be offended by questionable fundraising schemes. Of course there are always exceptions with some rich people. 2.  The Poor People in Church: The Poor in the church are easily prone to give beyond their means in hope to get more because of a life a lack. The poor are not bound by the deceitfulness of riches as the bible proclaims but they are beaten by the bitterness of poverty. The preacher understanding of this plight because the denied crowd is eager for a better life, so promising abundant financial blessings works well to get them to give. They offer them a better life for the price of ten percent of their gross income and other offerings. The problem many of them never achieve a better life. 3.  The Needy People in Church: Pastor often use the need approach in fundraising but it also hard for the person in church to ignore that need if it comes with a promise of blessing from God. The make or break need works well. For example, I need a million dollars or God is going to Kill me. 4.  The Greedy People in Church: Predator fundraisers or pastors who want more love to prey on our baser greed element. We are not greedy because we want more but because more is our God. The greed crowd is less-than affluent. The greedy want more of the good life so the preacher says give more and you will be blessed of God. The psychology of giving has many facets and preachers know which will work best on the congregation. 5.  Some believers can t see the truth about giving and tithing because they are literally to pure to see the truth as stated in Titus 1:15: To the pure all thing are pure. This group sees the world through the lens of purity. Their own personal moral purity blinds them as though they are wearing shades. They can tell the dog or swine qualities of a ministry or preacher who asks for money. 2/2/13 24
  25. 25. •  Preachers handle people differently based on the money they give or the financial status of the Church. •  6. Some believers can t see the truth about giving and tithing because they are too loving to see the truth. They follow 1 Cor 13:7: Love bears all things, believer all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. This group of Christians may or may not project its own good qualities on others. What they are counted on to do is to tolerate evil in the name of good. They don t want to judge anyone harshly. So they abdicate their responsibility to use common or spiritual sense. They do not follow the scripture to prove all things so they choose to not to rebel against the man of God but instead rebel against God by being more loyal to the man instead of God in seeing the truth about tithing and giving. "  Since the psychology of giving works well, It is no surprise that the tithe argument works well. "  Abraham paid tithe before the Law is true but preachers twist the text to hide the truth "  The rebuttal to the above argument is this: "  Tithes that existed before the law are not the same type and kind of the tithe during the law "  Melchezedek did not ask Abraham to pay him a tithe "  Depending biblical history, context, social norms of that time, Abraham s tithe was either an Arab war custom or voluntary act "  The tithe before the LAW and During the law is not the same. They are no similarities between them "  During the Tithe law Institution Moses Made a change in Duet 12:8. What happened? "  Before the Law Abraham tithes was a war custom thus not voluntary which means the tithe was unregulated. The tithe before the law was given from the spoils of war booty. "  When the Law was given, tithes were now regulated, involuntary, mandatory and the contents was different. It was now given on crops, cattle, items that were eatable. Source: What Preaches Never Tell You About Tithes and Offering by Eric Hill Copyright 2010. ! 2/2/13 25 JUST as Paul Fought against physical circumcision for salvation, Today he would be fighting the physical circumcision of your wallet to extract the tithe. They had no problem with the tithe back then because they were eating the tithe. REMEMBER THE FIRST COMPENSATION PLAN YAWEH ESTABLISHED FOR THE PRIESTS AND LEVITES WAS IN A DIATARY FORM (FOOD) CALLED THE TITHE. THE NEXT SLIDE WILL SHOW HOW GOD PROVIDED MONETARY COMP (MONEY).
  26. 26. !  The!Church!Says!There!was!no!Money!as!Payment!for!Temple!Workers!in!the!Old!Testament! !  The!Bible!Says!the!Priests!and!Levites!did!Receive!Monetary!Compensation!(Money)! !  The!first!Compensation!was!the!Tithe!(Always!Food!not!Money),!Pasture!Land,!48!cities! !  The!Second!Compensation!is!Money! !  God!gave!the!food!tithe!first!and!money!second!because!in!order!to!sustain!human!life!food!and!water!are! the!first!things!humans!beings!need.!Money!is!second! !  How!Did!Priests!and!Levites!get!Money!if!Tithes!are!strictly!FOOD?! !  Let!Me!Show!You!the!Money!In!the!Scripture! 1.  The!Ransom!Money!Established!under!Moses:!In!Exodus!they!were!ruling!for!accidents!and!personal! injuries.!Exodus!21:!30,!An!Israelite!had!to!pay!money!to!avoid!the!death!penalty!for!an!ox!who!had!the!habit! for!goring!people.!The!set!payment!was!based!on!what!the!Priest!set.!! 2.  The!Redemption!Money!Leviticus!27:31!%!The!tithe!of!the!crops!could!be!redeemed!for!money!with! additional!fee!for!buying!back!the!tithe!of!crops.!Redemption!means!the!person!is!buying!back!(Keeping!it)! what!was!being!offered!to!God!that!was!for!the!priests!and!Levites.!In!Numbers!18:16:!Redemption!money!is! paid!to!the!priest!again.!As!you!can!see,!every!first!born!son!in!Israel!belonged!to!the!Lord.!The!redemption! money!was!5!shekels!of!silver.!With!today s!silver!prices!(.35!troy!oz.!That!works!out!to!$29.80!per!troy!oz,! which!is!52.15!or!so.!!As!you!can!see!the!temple!received!money.!Two%thousand!years!ago!it!would!have!been! much!less!than!$52.15.!!! 3.  !Since!Levites!lived!on!farms!and!the!animals!tithed!to!them!did!reproduce,!most!likely!they!sold!some!of! the!livestock!at!the!marketplace!for!money.! 4.  Money!was!also!given!for!Temple!upkeep!through!Temple!Taxes!See!Exodus!30:!11%16,!2Ch!24:9;!Neh!10:32.!! 5.  Money!was!given!to!the!temple!in!the!same!Chapter!!where!Tithing!is!commanded,!See!Leviticus!27:!2! 2/2/13 26
  27. 27. 1.  The flesh of an animal 2.  A bird brought as a sin-offering 3.  A guilt-offering 4.  An uncertain guilt offering 5.  Communal peace offerings 6.  The olive oil offering of a 7.  The two loaves of bread brought on Shavuot 8.  The weekly Showbreads and 9.  The remainder of all flour and bread offerings 10.  The Omer offering 11.  The firstborn of any domestic Kosher animal 12.  The bikurim (first fruits) # # 2/2/13 27 13.  Select organs of certain sacrifice 14.  Hides of certain offerings 15.  Terumah (a small portion of the harvest) 16. Terumat ma'aser (a tenth of the Levite s tithe) 17.  Challah (a portion of dough) 18.  The first shearings 19.  The right front leg, jaw, and the stomach of slaughtered domestic animals 20.  Five shekels for the redemption of a firstborn Israelite son 21.  Sheep used to redeem a firstborn donkey 22.  Property or possession dedicated to the Kohanim 23.  Inherited fields that were dedicated to the Temple and not reclaimed before the Jubilee year 24.  The theft repayment to a convert who has died, leaving no heirs.,2055217/What-gifts-were-given-by-the-Israelites-to-the-Kohanim-and-Levites.html
  28. 28. 1.  All!Christians!!who!don t!tithe!are!under!a!curse.!!This!is!a!fear!tactic!and!it!is!Not!True!! !A.!!The!Bible!says!in!Gal!3:13,! But!Christ!rescued!us!from!the!Law s!curse,!when!he!became!a! curse!in!our!place. !(The!Learning!Bible).!Now!explain!how!a!preacher!or!anyone!else!can!put!a!curse!on!you! when!Christ!already!paid!with!his!life.!There!is!no!curse!for!not!tithing.!The!cures!man!puts!on!you!is! witchcraft.!!! ! 2.  All!Christians!!should!give!until!it!hurts!and!God!will!bless!you.!God!does!not!say!this!at!all.!!! !!A.!!The!Bible!says!in!2!Cor!8:12%13,! It!doesn t!matter!how!much!you!have.!What!matters!is!how! much!you!are!willing!to!give!from!what!you!have.!I!am!not!trying!to!make!life!easier!for!others!by!making! life!harder!for!you!(The!Learning!Bible).!!The!KJV!says!in!verse!12! For!if!there!be!first!willing!mind,!it!is! accepted!according!to!that!a!man!hath!and!not!according!to!that!he!hath!not. The!Jewish!Bible!says!in!verse! 12,! For!if!the!eagerness!to!give!is!there,!the!acceptability!of!the!gift!will!be!measured!by!what!you!have,!not! by!what!you!don t!have. Now!explain!how!a!preacher!or!anyone!else!can!tell!you!give!until!it!hurts!when! Paul!made!it!clear!that!giving!is!based!on!what!you!have,!your!eagerness!and!will!only!be!accepted!by!God! under!certain!circumstances.!Look!at!the!verses,!if!you!give!beyond!what!you!have,!it!will!not!be!accepted!by! God.!What!an!amazing!statement!by!Paul.!Giving!until!it!hurts!is!a!violation!of!scripture.!When!you!give!in! hurting!mode,!you!are!no!longer!willing!and!then!what!you!give!is!not!acceptable.!NEVER!GIVE!UNTIL!IT! HURTS!BECAUSE!LIKE!PAUL!SAID!HE!WOULD!NEVER!MAKE!LIFE!HARDER!FOR!YOU!AND!EASIER! FOR!OTHERS!IN!GIVING.!!According!to!Jewish!tradition,!giving!until!it!hurts,!is!putting!oneself!into! Tzedaka,!which!!is!strictly!forbidden.!Giving!until!you!are!in!need!of!charity!is!violating!TORAH.!! 2/2/13 28 Cheerfully giving from the heart is a virtue that God endorses, not tithing. However, fraudulently fleecing the flock by exacting ten percent Of member’s salaries under fear of breaking an OT Law of tithing IS A SIN
  29. 29. 3.  All!Christians!!who!try!to!expose!the!error!of!popular!teaching!such!as!tithing!are!heretic!hunters,! unstable!and!rebellious.!Not!True!! !A.!!The!Bible!says!in!1!Thes!5:21,! Prove!all!things…. !(KJV).!The!Jewish!Bible!says,! !But!do!test! everything—hold!onto!what!is!good.!Proving!all!things!means!every!believer!must!place!all!teaching!under! the!light!of!scripture.!!The!tithing!doctrine!fails!and!falls!short!of!the!truth.!The!litmus!test!is!that!tithe! promoters!must!prove!historically!and!with!orthodoxy!!and!with!proper!hermeneutics!and!ethical!exegesis! that!the!tithe!which!is!still!eatable!food!items,!where!God!gave!a!command!that!the!tithe!of!money!now! supersedes!a!authorized!tithe!of!food!in!the!New!Covenant.!!Proving!means!you!investigate!to!bear!it!out!as! undisputable!fact.!! !B.!!The!Bible!says!in!Acts!17:11,!!that!the!Berean!Jewish!believers!in!Christ,!! …searched!the! scripture!daily!whether!those!things!were!so.!The!Jewish!follower!s!of!Christ!set!out!to!prove!everything!Paul! preached!to!them.!IF!THESE!PEOPLE!FOUND!ONE!THING!WRONG!WITH!PAUL S!TEACHING,!HIS! TEACHING!WOULD!HAVE!BEEN!REJECTED.!!When!you!study!the!true!biblical!tithe!and!search!the! scripture!and!prove!right!or!wrong!you!will!have!to!reject!falsehood!for!truth!like!!the!Bereans.!You!must! Prove!all!things!!concerning!tithing!before!you!accept!it!as!truth.!!That s!called!Bible!Study!not!Heretic! hunting.!! 4.  All!Christians!!should!Prove!God!by!Tithing!10!percent!of!their!income!according!the!Mal!3:9.!!Not! True!!!! !!!!!!!!!!A.!First,!Pastors!won t!tell!you!that!Malachi!is!speaking!to!Jewish!Israelites!!not!Gentiles.!Read!Mal!1:1! !!!!!!!!!!B.!Today,!we!are!already!blessed!!with!all!spiritual!blessing!in!Christ,!See!Eph!1:3.!!We!are!to!trust!God! not!test!God.!!Malachi!3!was!written!to!Jews!after!they!turned!from!God.! !!!!!!!!!!C.!When!a!Pastor!tells!you!to!Test!God!with!Tithing,!They!are!disobeying!Jesus!in!Matthew!4:7!when! He!commands:!!It!is!written,!again!Thou!shalt!not!Tempt!!(Prove,!Test),!the!Lord!thy!God.!! ! 2/2/13 29
  30. 30. !  To!say!you!do!not!have!to!work!as!a!preacher!is!a!misnomer!and!misunderstanding!of!Paul s!Life!as!Jew! and!his!culture.!The!Truth!is!Paul!worked!and!took!voluntary!occasional!financial!support!in!ministry:! Here!is!what!the!bible!says!about!preaching!and!working;!!Acts!18:3,!20:34,!1Thess!2:9,!and!II!This!3:8,!1!Cor! 4:12.! !  !Acts 18:3: When Paul met Aquilla and Prisilla at Corinth he did demand money from the believers, he went straight to work a job as a Tentmaker with fellow preachers who worked. How in the world can a preacher say he does not have to work when the Apostles did not have a problem with working: And because he [Paul] was of the same craft, he abode with them, and wrought: for by their occupation they were tent makers !  Acts 20:34 You know how I have worked with my own hands to make a living for myself and my friends. The Learning Bible !  1 Thes 2:9: My dear friends, you surely haven t forgotten our hard work and hardships. You remember how night and day we struggled to make a living, so that we could tell you God s message without being a burden to anyone. TLB !  1I Thes 3:7-8 You surely know that you should follow our example. We didn t waste our time loafing, 8 and we didn t accept food from anyone without paying for it. We didn t want to be a burden to any of you, so night and day we worked as hard as we could. TLB !  1 Cor 4:12 …And labor, working with our own hands: being reviled, we bless; being persecuted we suffer it; !  Paul!worked!in!Leather!and!textiles!and!in!most!of!his!letters!he!used!the!term! Working!with!his!hands ! He!choose!tent!making!as!his!trade,!since!the!son!often!takes!on!the!trade!of!the!father!! 1.  From!the!ages!of!antiquity!in!Jewish!thought:!It!has!always!been!taught!that!!a!Jewish!son!who!is!taught!TORAH![!or!bible! 0nly]!which!is!not!combined!with!teaching!of!a!skill!with!the!hands!leads!finally!to!laziness!!and!sin.!!Preaching!only!and! not!working!a!skilled!job!means!you!are!lazy!and!in!sin.!Jews!know!the!history!of!bring!up!a!son.!From!Jewish!thought!!it!is! said,! He!who!does!not!teach!his!son!a!profession!makes!him!a!goodKforKnothing.!In!other!places!it!is!said!that!a!Jewish!man! who!does!not!teach!his!son!a!trade,!teaches!him!to!become!a!thief.!The!big!question!is,!if!a!pastor!refuses!to!work,!has!he! been!trained!to!be!a!thief!by!taking!unauthorized!tithes!of!cash!money?!!(Paul,!the!Man!and!the!teacher!in!light!of!! Jewish!sources,!by!Risto!Santala!Pages!22%23! 2/2/13 30
  31. 31. 2.  Wycliffe Bible Commentary, It was customary for Jewish rabbis not to receive pay for their teaching, and therefore, Paul, who had been raised as a rabbi, had learned the trade of tent-making. The apostle did not at once launch into the evangelization of Corinth, but joined Aquilla and Priscilla in practicing his trade during the week. The Sabbaths he devoted to preaching in the synagogues (Acts 18:1-4). 3.  New Bible Commentary, even rabbis were expected to earn their living by manual labor and not to make the teaching of the law a means of gain; thus Paul maintained himself by leather. 4.  In Acts 20:33, Imagine this—Paul, not the church, provided the necessities for his co-workers in the gospel. [How many are running in that direction to be just like Paul?] Although it is true that choosing the principle of liberty involves more sacrifices on our part, it is also true that it yields greater rewards in soul-winning. At this verse, I will repeat a very frank and amazing admission that is made by George E. Ladd in the Wycliffe Bible Commentary: Paul reminded the Ephesians of his custom of making tents not only to support himself but to provide for the needs of others with him. He quoted a saying of the Lord which is not recorded in any of the Gospels, about the blessedness of giving.… The main objective of giving in the early church was to provide for the needs of the poor brothers rather than to support the preaching of the gospel, as is the case today Should the Church Teach Tithing by Russell Kelly pages 239-240. 5.  Among the Jews the boys were all compelled to learn trades. It was considered disreputable not to be acquainted with some branch of handicraft, a practical knowledge of a trade regarded as a requisite to personal independence.!Manner!and!Customs!of!the!Bible!page!418.!! 6.  When!a!Jew!is!taught!to!work!to!maintain!independence,!why!don t!some!Gentile!preachers!have!the! same!wherewithal!to!be!independent!by!working!so!that!that!don t!have!to!depend!on!the!congregation!for! their!very!!livelihood.!!The!reality!is!they!don t!have!to!work!as!long!as!people!keeping!tithing!ten!percent!to! support!the!gospel!and!for!them!to!live!off!of!the!millions!of!tithe!dollars!rather!than!support!orphans,! Widows!and!the!Poor.! It s#a#scandalous#shame## 2/2/13 31
  32. 32. !  The!following!statement!is!an!indictment!against!any!Pastor!!or!titled!Gospel!worker!who!thinks!they!have!the!right!or! biblical!command!to!refuse!working!and!to!depend!on!Tzedakah!(Charity).!This!Hebrew!word!must!be!understood!from!the! Jewish!perspective:!The!following!statement!is!for!Jewish!Ribbis!(Teachers)!and!so!if!this!caution!is!a!warning!for!teacher!s!of! TORAH!(OT!or!the!Law!,!it!should!be!a!!warning!for!Pastors!!who!teach!the!bible!and!will!not!work!at!all.!! ! 1.  We!have!an!obligation!to!avoid!becoming!in!need!of!Tzedakah.!A!person!should!take!any!work!that!is!available,!even!if! he!thinks!it!is!beneath!his!dignity,!to!avoid!becoming!a!public!charge.!In!particular,!Jewish!legal!scholars,!teachers,!and! rabbis!must!make!their!living!at!something!other!than!teaching!the!oral!torah!and!relying!on!charity,!even!if!this!entails! hardships!for!them,!lest!they!profane!God s!name!and!lose!their!part!in!the!world!to!come.!Unfortunately,!many!rabbis! [even!pastors!today]!have!failed!to!take!this!seriously!in!recent!generations;!some!have!brazenly!gone!as!far!as!to!say!that! they!(the!public)!must!support!them,!and!they!are!forbidden!to!work.!(Source!Unknown)!! !  What#is#Tzedakah?#It#is#the#Hebrew#word#for#Charity.## !  Giving charity is not giving just money. You can give time, energy, talent and others things if money cannot be given and God would accept it as if you gave money. Most preachers would not tell you that because money is a priority over other gifts. Tzedakah literally means "righteousness." It means the right response for the situation. If you have a couple of coins for a beggar, that s charity. But if you don t, and you give him a smile and a boost instead... now, that s tzedakah. Giving kind words is Charity. Giving a person a Jump for their dead battery is Tzedaka. Since the church is a 501C3 organization it qualifies for Charity. So where do they get the authority to say that Tzedaka must be 10percent of gross income? They don t have the authority according the 501C3 government rules. (Ask !  Note:!There!is!an!income!Mas ser!!(Tenth)!called!tithe!but!it!is!believed!that!this!income!tithe!is!not!truly!part!of!the! written!TORAH!and!there!is!debate!among!Rabbis!whether!this!rule!(tithing!money)!is!a!Torah!law!or!a!rabbinic!decree/ command.!In!all!of!my!research!into!the!Bible!!on!tithing!I!find!no!scripture!to!support!a!command!to!tithe!income!mas ser.! Besides,!a!rabbis!decree!is!considered!ORAL!TORAH,!and!there!is!no!way!that!ORAL!TORAH!trumps!the!written!TORAH! (First!Five!books!of!the!Bible).!Maybe!that s!why!we!find!no!explicit!written!commands!from!GOD!for!Israelites!to!tithe! income!mas ser!because!we!would!have!to!provide!scripture!from!the!OT!to!the!New!Testament!to!empirically!prove!tithing! is!a!command!or!encouraged!for!Gentile!!Christians!and!there!is!no!verse!to!support!income!mas ser.!!But!there!are!many! verses!to!support!generous!giving.!YeShua!(Jesus)!never!mentioned!income!mas ser!at!all!but!only!!livestock!and!agricultural! mas ser!in!Mat!23:23.!! 2/2/13 32
  33. 33. !  The!Great!!Jewish!Rabbi!of!12th!Century!Egypt!,!Maimonides,!spoke!of!8!levels!of!giving!and! most!people!in!today s!churches!think!only!money!is!an!acceptable!form!of!giving!but!it!is! not.!You!may!not!have!money!but!you!can!still!give!in!other!ways!to!be!blessing!and!blessed.!!! 1.  The!greatest!level,!above!which!there!is!no!greater,!is!to!support!a!fellow!Jew!by!endowing!him!with!a!gift! or!loan,!or!entering!into!a!partnership!with!him,!or!finding!employment!for!him,!in!order!to!strengthen! his!hand!until!he!need!no!longer!be!dependent!upon!others...!(Question,!Should!a!pastor!who!refuses!to! work!consider!this!statement?)! 2.  A!lesser!level!of!charity!than!this!is!to!give!to!the!poor!without!knowing!to!whom!one!gives,!and!without! the!recipient!knowing!from!who!he!received.!For!this!is!performing!a!mitzvah!solely!for!the!sake!of! Heaven.!This!is!like!the!"anonymous!fund"!that!was!in!the!Holy!Temple![in!Jerusalem].!There!the! righteous!gave!in!secret,!and!the!good!poor!profited!in!secret.!Giving!to!a!charity!fund!is!similar!to!this! mode!of!charity,!though!one!should!not!contribute!to!a!charity!fund!unless!one!knows!that!the!person! appointed!over!the!fund!is!trustworthy!and!wise!and!a!proper!administrator.!(Question:!Does!this!mean! that!if!you!are!responsible!for!your!giving,!what!happens!if!you!give!to!a!church!who!does!not!do!right! with!the!money?)! 3.  A!lesser!level!of!charity!than!this!is!when!one!knows!to!whom!one!gives,!but!the!recipient!does!not!know! his!benefactor.!The!greatest!sages!used!to!walk!about!in!secret!and!put!coins!in!the!doors!of!the!poor.!It!is! worthy!and!truly!good!to!do!this!if!those!who!are!responsible!for!distributing!charity!are!not!trustworthy.!!!!!!!!!! (Question,!Does!this!mean!if!you!don t!know!what!your!church!is!doing!with!the!money!you!can!give!it! directly!to!the!true!poor.!It!looks!like!the!giver!is!responsible!for!!checking!out!the!receiver!of!the!money)! 2/2/13 33
  34. 34. 4.  A!lesser!level!of!charity!than!this!is!when!one!does!not!know!to!whom!one!gives,!but!the!poor!person! does!know!his!benefactor.!The!greatest!sages!used!to!tie!coins!into!their!robes!and!throw!them!behind! their!backs,!and!the!poor!would!come!up!and!pick!the!coins!out!of!their!robes!so!that!they!would!not!be! ashamed.!(Question,!if!you!do!is!give!a!money!tithe!and!offerings!to!your!church,!then!how!do!you!obey! God!and!help!the!poor)! 5.  A!lesser!level!than!this!is!when!one!gives!to!the!poor!person!directly!into!his!hand,!but!gives!before! being!asked.!(Question,!!do!you!care!about!the!poor!so!much!the!you!give!to!the!poor!before!they!ask! you?)!! 6.  A!lesser!level!than!this!is!when!one!gives!to!the!poor!person!after!being!asked.!(Question,!do!you!have! trouble!giving!to!the!poor!when!they!ask!you.!If!you!do!maybe!its!because!when!you!tithe!and!give! offerings!you!think!that s!what!God!required.!News!flash,!God!cares!more!about!the!poor!than!you!paying! a!church!mortgage!or!building!fund.)! 7.  A!lesser!level!than!this!is!when!one!gives!inadequately,!but!gives!gladly!and!with!a!smile.!(Question,!did! you!!think!that!if!you!gave!less!it!was!wrong?!Look,!if!you!do!it!with!a!smile!then!it!is!acceptable!even!if!it! not!the!most!adequate!gift.)! 8.  A!lesser!level!than!this!is!when!one!gives!unwillingly.! (Comment.!If!you!give!with!an!unwilling! attitude,!under!pressure!or!any!form!other!than!willingly!then!it!is!not!acceptable!to!God.!You!might!as! well!keep!it!in!your!pocket.!All!giving!should!be!like!Paul!said,!Every!man![should!give]!according!as!he! purposes!in!his!heart,!so!let!him!give;!not!grudgingly,!or!of!necessity:!for!God!Loveth!a!cheerful!giver!I!Cor!10:! 7)! 2/2/13 34 Tzedakah is an Attitude of giving. Look for [legitimate] situations where you can give what is needed … Because, too often giving is more than money. In dealing with money, on the other hand , a warning is given that one should not endanger the family budget by thoughtless giving. (Comment: If you need Charity after you give, you are a thoughtless giver.)
  35. 35. !  The!New!Testament!clearly!states!that!giving!should!be!! 1.  !Generous! 2.  Cheerfully! 3.  Not!out!of!Necessity! 4.  According!to!our!means! 5.  In!faith! 6.  With!love!and! 7.  In!the!right!Spirit! When!you!read!every!letter!written!to!the!ecclesia!by!the!Apostles,!it!is!not!at!all!clear!on!amounts!and! percentages!that!were!to!be!given!in!any!context!by!Gentiles.!Paul!never!commanded!an!offering!be!a! certain!percentage!and!he!was!certainly!familiar!with!tithing!because!the!Levites!were!still!collecting!the! food!tithe!during!his!time!and!serving!in!the!Temple!in!Jerusalem.!Why!would!Paul!leave!a!topic!such!as! tithing!money!unclear!if!!it!was!a!commandment!for!Gentile!Believers!in!Christ.! $  Two!Examples!Concerning!Giving!and!Tithing!from!the!Snoptic!Gospels! $  POINT:!Matthew,!Mark,!Luke!and!John!are!considered!still!the!Ole!Covenant!/Old!Testament.!The!New! Covenant/New!Testament!ecclesia!!(Church)!(The!word!Church!does!not!mean!a!building!but!groups!of! believers)!didn t!start!until!the!book!of!Acts! a.  Let s!look!at!Mark!10:21:!Then!Jesus!beholding!him!loved!him,!and!said!unto!him,!One!thing!thou!lackest:! go!thy!way,!sell!whatsoever!thou!hast,!and!give!to!the!poor,!and!though!shalt!have!treasure!in!heaven:!and! come!take!up!the!cross!and!follow!me.!! 1.  What!is!the!context?!Yeshua!is!teaching!a!lesson.!The!rich!young!ruler!is!Jewish!not!a!gentile.! 2.  He!followed!the!commandments!(instructions)!from!his!youth.! 3.  When!Jesus!asked!him!to!sell!his!positions,!why!did!he!not!say,!pay!your!tithe!first!to!the!temple!in!Jerusalem! !!and!then!give!the!rest!to!the!poor.!!! 2/2/13 35
  36. 36. $  Two!Examples!Concerning!Giving!and!Tithing!from!the!Gospels! $  POINT:!Matthew,!Mark,!Luke!and!John!are!considered!still!the!Old!Testament.!The!New!Covenant/New!Testament! Church!didn t!start!until!the!book!of!Acts! a.  Let s!look!at!Mark!10:21:!Then!Jesus!beholding!him!loved!him,!and!said!unto!him,!One!thing!thou!lackest:!go!thy!way,! sell!whatsoever!thou!hast,!and!give!to!the!poor,!and!though!shalt!have!treasure!in!heaven:!and!come!take!up!the!cross!and! follow!me.!! 4.  If!the!tithe!of!10!percent!was!suppose!to!be!first.!Why!did!Jesus!not!tell!him!to!pay!it!after!he!said!sell!all!that!you! have!pay!your!tithe!first!and!give!the!rest!to!the!poor,!if!!tithing!was!commanded!of!money.!! 5.  Don t!people!teach!that!when!you!sell!property!you!should!tithe!from!the!profit.!Jesus!did!not!tell!the!rich!young! ruler!to!tithe!but!he!told!him!to!give!it!to!the!poor.!! 6.  The!context!here!is!that!true!giving!to!the!poor!is!giving!to!God.! 7.  There!is!a!clear!absence!of!tithing!in!the!context!of!Jesus!conversation!with!the!young!rich!ruler.! 8.  Jesus!did!not!tell!him!the!give!a!tithe!to!the!Levite!but!to!give!all!of!the!sale!of!his!property!to!the!poor.!!!! The#Pharisee#who#Justifies#his#works#Before#Jesus#but#the#Publican#was#accepted#not#the#Pharisee#who#Tithed# b.!Let s!look!at!Luke!18:12:!I!fast!twice!a!week,!I!!give!tithes!of!all!I!possess.!!What!is!the!context!and!this!story!all!about! concerning!the!Pharisee !and!his!tithes?! 1. No matter if you tithe, you will never be justified by works of tithing. Only sincere repentance Christ s blood justifies you. 2. Is this tithe money or crops? What were the Pharisee s possess that was tithed? 3. Why is the word Tithe plural (Tithes) and not singular? 4. This scripture must be interpreted in light of the what the TORAH (OT Law) described as a tithe. The Pharisees followed the written law and their added Oral Laws. Remember oral TORAH does not trump the written TORAH 5. The law said the Tithe was from the crops, fruit, grain, oil, livestock—eatable items. 6. The word posses in this verse is the Greek word Kataomai. It means he tithed on what he fully owned 7. Modern day money tithing theologians and supporters will obfuscate the word possess by using interpretations of the Greek words that easily lead to one thinking the Pharisee was speaking about tithing money. But was he? The verse did not explicitly say he had money or tithed money only. The question is what did he possess? ! 2/2/13 36
  37. 37. The#Pharisee#who#Justifies#his#works#Before#Jesus#but#the#Publican#was#accepted#not#the#Pharisee#who#Tithed# b.!Let s!look!at!Luke!18:12:!I!fast!twice!a!week,!I!!give!tithes!of!all!I!possess.!!What!is!the!context!and!this! story!all!about!concerning!the!Pharisee !and!his!tithes?! 8.!Modern!day!money!tithing!theologians!and!supporters!will!obfuscate!the!word!possess!by!using!interpretations!of!! the!Greek!words!that!easily!lead!to!one!thinking!the!Pharisee!was!speaking!about!tithing!money.!!But!was!he?!!! 9.!The!Pharisee!was!a!strict!TORAH!observer:!So!he!knew!what!his!tithes!were.!Since!only!farmers!and!herders!tithed,! this!Pharisee!would!have!!tithed!eatable!items!!of!his!possessions.!As!stated!in!the!TORAH,!if!an!Israelite!lived!too!far! away!from!the!temple!to!take!his!tithe!he!was!suppose!to!convert!it!to!money!and!then!re%buy!the!products!and!then! eat!and!share!it!with!Levites,!strangers!and!the!poor!at!the!place!where!Yahweh!choose.! 10. The!Pharisee!would!have!violated!the!TORAH!if!he!took!his!converted!food!tithe!to!money!and!gave!it! to!the!Temple.!So!did!the!Pharisee!really!tithe!money?!!If!he!did,!it!would!have!been!based!on!the! Rabbinical!commands!that!was!considered!oral!TORAH!that!rabbis!often!added!laws!to!the!written! TORAH!as!a!fence!around!the!written!LAW.! 11.  As!an!Israelite/Jew,!this!Pharisee!was!suppose!to!tithe!if!!he!raised!cattle,!grew!crops,!and!grain.! 12. Because!the!verse!states!Tithes!in!plural,!He!tithed!more!than!one!thing.!If!you!interpret!this!verse!in! light!of!the!Law,!the!Pharisee!tithed!items!he!owned!not!on!income.!We!must!think!about!the!context! of!the!verse!based!on!Jewish!law!not!gentile!interpretation.!He!was!a!Jew!not!a!Gentile.!! 13.  In!the!context!the!publican(Tax!Collector)!was!justified!but!no!mention!of!him!being!a!tither!to!be! justified.!So!tithing!was!not!the!primary!focus!of!the!text!but!the!Pharisee s!attitude!is!the!main!focus! 14. The!context!of!the!Pharisee! s!prayer!is!to!make!himself!look!good!to!GOD.!Since!the!Law!(TORAH)! did!not!command!him!to!tithe!on! all!he!possessed !then!the!prayer!is!emphasizing!what!he!did! above!and!beyond!what!the!law!and!traditions!required!him!to!do.!He!did!not!get!Justification!by! doing!more!than!what!the!law!required!even!if!money!is!involved!by!the!silence!of!the!scripture.!! 2/2/13 37
  38. 38. !  Some!People!Think!That!Christ!collected!money!Tithe!from!his!followers!.!That s!what!preachers!say!but!does!the!Bible! say!anything!about!Christ!collecting!Tithes!from!anyone!during!his!earthly!ministry.!!! 1.  First,!since!the!Temple!was!still!standing,!the!tithe!could!not!go!to!Jesus !ministry.!If!he!took!a!tithe,!Jesus!would!have! been!stealing!from!the!Levites!who!had!the!commandment!to!take!a!tithe.!Jesus!was!not!from!the!tribe!of!Levi,!He! was!from!the!Tribe!of!Judah! 2.  Jesus!Ministry!did!get!Money!but!no%where!does!the!gospels!says!a!tithe!was!given!to!Jesus!or!Judas!who!handled!the! money!bag.!I!guess!he!was!the!treasurer!as!some!preachers!teach.!Let s!see!!what!the!bible!says:! 3.  But!one!his!disciples,!Judas!Iscariot,!who!was!later!to!betray!him,!objected,!Why!wasn t!this!perfume!sold!and!the!money! given!to!the!poor?!It!was!worth!a!years!wages.!He!did!not!say!this!because!he!care!about!the!poor!but!because!he!was!a! thief;!as!keeper!of!the!money$bag,!he!used!to!help!himself!to!what!was!put!into!it.!John!12:!4K6!NIV.! 4.  Some!thought!that!since!Y hudah!was!in!charge!of!the!common$purse,!Yeshua!was!telling!him,! but!what!we!need!for! the!festival, !!or!telling!him!to!give!something!to!the!poor.!John!13:29!The!Complete!Jewish!Bible.! a.  Notable!Observation!About!John!12:4%6!and!John!13:29:!If!tithing!was!practiced!by!the!disciples,!Why!did!Judas!not!say!sell!the!perfume! and!give!ten!percent!to!the!temple.!But!he!said!give!to!the!poor!instead.!Isn t!it!taught!in!the!church!that!when!you!sell!something!like!a! house!or!items!you!are!suppose!to!give!ten!percent!to!God.!Why!did!Judas!not!mention!a!tithe!to!the!temple!from!the!sale!of!the! perfume?! b.  In!Jn!13:29!Why!did!all!of!the!disciples!think!Jesus!was!telling!Judas!buy!some!thing!for!the!poor!or!the!festival?!Why!would!they!not! mention!a!tithe!to!the!temple!if!it!was!mandatory.!!! c.  Now!here!is!the!key,!it!was!the!Passover!season!!and!all!Israel!knew!and!the!disciples!came!to!the!place!GOD!choose!which!was! Jerusalem.!At!this!time!all!tithes!were!eaten!by!the!tither!and!shared!with!the!Levites!and!the!poor.!Some!call!it!the!festival#tithe#or# second#tithe.!If!they!had!too!many!crops!and!cattle!and!lived!to!far!away!to!carry!the!stuff!to!the!place!of!worship!they!could!sell!the! tithe!and!bring!the!money!instead!but!it!still!could!not!be!given!to!the!temple.!It!had!to!be!used!to!buy!items!for!eating!and!sharing.! That s!right,!YOU!CAN!EAT!YOUR!TITHE.!LET!THE!TRUTH!SET!YOU!FREE!and!CELEBRATE!your!Festival!by!having!a!party!with!the! poor.!See!DUET!12:6%21!and!14:22%26.! d.  The!reason!Judas!mentioned!the!poor!and!the!disciples!mentioned!the!poor!!is!they!understood!the!rules!of!the!Passover!festival!and! what!God!required!of!the!tithe.!The!tithe!belonged!to!the!poor!and!the!people!who!brought!the!tithe.!If!the!perfume!was!sold,!the!profit! from!selling!the!perfume!did!not!belong!to!the!Temple,!it!belonged!to!the!poor!and!used!to!buy!food!for!the!Passover!celebration! according!to!the!Law.!!Even!though!Judas!did!not!care!about!the!poor!he!understood!where!the!money!was!suppose!to!go!if!the!perfume! was!sold.!!! 2/2/13 38
  39. 39. !  Now!Since!Judas!handled!the!money!bag,!does!the!scripture!tell!us!anything!about!where!the!money!for!Jesus!Ministry! might!have!come!from,!Let!see:! 1.  But!one!his!disciples,!Judas!Iscariot,!who!was!later!to!betray!him,!objected,!Why!wasn t!this!perfume!sold!and!the!money!given!to!the!poor?! It!was!worth!a!years!wages.!He!did!not!say!this!because!he!care!about!the!poor!but!because!he!was!a!thief;!as!keeper!of!the!money$bag,!he! used!to!help!himself!to!what!was!put!into!it.!John!12:!4K6!NIV.! 2.  Some!thought!that!since!Y hudah!was!in!charge!of!the!common$purse,!Yeshua!was!telling!him,! but!what!we!need!for!the!festival, !!or! telling!him!to!give!something!to!the!poor.!John!13:29!The!Complete!Jewish!Bible.! "  !Where!did!Jesus !Ministry!Resources!come!from?!The!Scripture!Indicates!Eight!Sources!of!possible!Income! 1.  Matthew!9:10! While!Jesus!was!having!dinner!at!Matthew's!house,!many!taxKcollectors!and!sinners,!came!and!ate!with! him!and!his!disciples!(NIV) .!It!is!clear!the!Disciples!used!their!homes!to!support!Jesus !ministry.!Notice!that!many! people!were!eating!in!Matthews!house.!Someone!had!to!prepare!the!food.!The!Disciples!provided!the!support!of!food! and!lodging.!See!Mk!2:14!and!LK!5:27.!! 2.  Mark!!1:!29K31,! As!soon!as!they!left!the!synagogue,!they!went!with!James!and!John!to!the!home!of!Simon!and!Andrew.! Simon s!motherKinKlaw!was!in!bed!with!a!fever,!and!they!told!Jesus!about!her.!So!he!went!to!her,!took!her!hand!and! helped!her!up.!The!fever!left!her!and!she!began!to!wait!on!them. !(NIV)!.!Again,!after!they!left!the!synagogue,!support! comes!from!one!of!the!homes!of!the!disciple!Simon.!His!mother%in%law!waited!on!them!after!Jesus!healed!her!fever.! Jesus!was!there!at!the!synagogue!by!invitation!of!the!synagogue!leadership.!So!Him!and!Disciples!were!there!visiting! the!Capernaum.!Remember,!the!tithe!could!not!go!the!synagogue!but!to!the!Levites!only.!See!Acts!13:!14%15.!Isn t!it! funny,!more!than!one!person!lead!the!synagogue!not!a!single!leader.!See!Also!verses!31%34.!What!!You!mean!all!the! healing!was!done!in!a!person s!house!and!not!at!the!synagogue.!Wow,!that!throws!out!any!false!assumption!that!you! have!to!go!to!church!to!get!healed.!You!can!be!healed!at!home.!All!the!people!didn t!run!to!the!church!they!ran!to! Simon s!house.!! 3.  Luke!19:!2K6,! A!man!was!there!by!the!name!of!Zacchaeus;!he!was!a!chief!tax!collector!and!was!wealthy.!He!wanted!to! see!who!Jesus!was,!but!being!short!man!he!could!not!because!of!the!crowd.!So!he!ran!ahead!and!climbed!a!sycamoreKfig! tree!to!see!him,!since!Jesus!was!coming!that!way.!When!Jesus!reached!the!spot,!he!looked!up!and!said!to!him,! Zacchaeus,!come!down!immediately.!I!must!stay!at!your!house!today.!So!he!came!down!at!once!and!welcomed!him! gladly.!See!Luke!18:35!and!Jn!19:!35K42.!Again,!Rich!People!supported!Jesus !Ministry.!Joseph!f!Arimathia!contributed! an!expensive!tomb!and!Zacchaeus!provided!lodging!for!Jesus.!These!men!were!not!middle!class!but!upper!class! 2/2/13 39
  40. 40. 4.  !Jesus!Ministry!was!supported!by!many!women:!Matthew!25:55!and!the!most!prominent!scripture!is!telling!in!!Luke! 8:2%3.! …and!also!some!women!who!had!been!cured!of!evil!spirits!and!diseases:!Mary!(Called!Magdalene)!from!whom!seven! demons!had!come!out;!Joanna!the!wife!of!!Cuza,!the!manager!of!Herod s!house;!Susanna;!and!many!others.!There!women! were!helping!support$them$out$of$their$own$means.!Well!to!do!women!supported!the!ministry!of!Christ.!Nowhere!do! we!see!Jesus!asking!the!synagogue!to!support!his!ministry.!If!Jesus!was!receiving!tithes!then!the!scripture!would!read,! were!helping!support!them!out!of!their!tithes. !Free%will!was!done!to!support!Christ!and!his!disciples.!The!women! helped!support!Jesus!out!of!their!means!rather!than!tithes.!Because!the!women!traveling!with!Jesus!were!not!farmers,! they!did!not!possess!the!required!substance!of!the!tithe.!Jesus!follower!gave!according!to!the!means.!! 5.  !All!the!support!Jesus!received!from!followers!was!done!in!their!personal!home!and!not!the!synagogue.!Look!at!Luke!10:! 38%39!,!Mark!14:3,!Mat!26:18,!Mat!12:1,!Mat!21:18,!Luke!9:52%53!show!that!Jesus!was!depended!on!charity!of!the!people.!!See! Luke!10!and!Matthew!10!showing!how!the!disciples!went!out!depending!on!public!charity!of!the!people!they!preached!to.! ! 2/2/13 40
  41. 41. !  What does Mathew 22: 17-22 teach, Tithes or something else? !  Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give {proper word is Pay} tribute unto Caesar, or not? 18 But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites? 19 Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny. 20 And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? 21 They say unto him, Caesar's. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's. 22 When they had heard these words, they marvelled, and left him, and went their way. !  Many preachers teach from this scripture that what belongs to GOD is the tithe, so you must pay tithes to the church just like you pay taxes to the government. But Jesus did not identity what belonged to God in this verse. Can anyone say what belongs to God in this verse? The context of the verse and chapter determines what belongs to God and what belongs Caesar. !  The biblical facts here in the verse are: The tithe of food belonged to God because the Temple was still standing during this time and the Levite would be getting the tithe not the temple. So because the Law was very much in operation, animal sacrifices and all the other laws would be required because Jesus had not died yet to institute the New Covenant. !  To say tithing is what Jesus is referring to is pure speculation and a guessing game when the text context is ignored. !  The context states that Christ was answering a question about taxes not tithes. So is there scriptural evidence that Jesus was talking about God s taxes in comparison to Caesar s taxes. If so, the money tithe falls apart on two grounds: The tithe went directly to the Levites not the Temple for support. Second, The argument (Unto God the Things that are God s is tithes) falls apart because the tithe was not a Tax, but it was an inheritance package for the Levites by birthright not to the Temple. Tithes were a substitute for land. The Levites were given a three part inheritance package that consisted of tithes (Num.18:21, 24) , offerings (Duet 18:1), and 48 Cities and 3000 feet of pasture land (Numbers 35:1-8). !  Could the phrase Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's Be Something Else Other Than What Preachers say this Verse Is. Let s see How Scripture Interprets Scripture !  Since Jesus was asked about taxes, then it could be Temple taxes that Jesus is speaking about that belongs to God. What are those taxes? Here s what the Bible says: Matthew 17:24-27 And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? 25 He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? 26 Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. Notwithstanding, lest we should offend them, go thou to the sea, and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth, thou shalt find a piece of money: that take, and give unto them for me and thee. 2/2/13 41
  42. 42. 1.  Jesus!is!more!likely!encouraging!that!once!they!give!their!taxes!to!Caesar,!then!they!should!be!giving!their! tribute!!to!God!by!paying!the!temple!taxes!which!was!not!10!percent!of!anyone s!income.!The!Temple!tax!was! established!in!Exodus!30:11%16:!And!the!LORD!spake!unto!Moses,!saying,!12!When!thou!takest!the!sum!of!the! children!of!Israel!after!their!number,!then!shall!they!give!every!man!a!ransom!for!his!soul!unto!the!LORD,!when! thou!numberest!them;!that!there!be!no!plague!among!them,!when!thou!numberest!them.!This!they!shall!give,! every!one!that!passeth!among!them!that!are!numbered,!half!a!shekel!after!the!shekel!of!the!sanctuary:!(a!shekel! is!twenty!gerahs:)!an!half!shekel!shall!be!the!offering!of!the!LORD.!Every!one!that!passeth!among!them!that!are! numbered,!from!twenty!years!old!and!above,!shall!give!an!offering!unto!the!LORD.!The!rich!shall!not!give!more,! and!the!poor!shall!not!give!less!than!half!a!shekel,!when!they!give!an!offering!unto!the!LORD,!to!make!an! atonement!for!your!souls.!And!thou!shalt!take!the!atonement!money!of!the!children!of!Israel,!and!shalt!appoint! it!for!the!service!of!the!tabernacle!of!the!congregation;!that!it!may!be!a!memorial!unto!the!children!of!Israel! before!the!LORD,!to!make!an!atonement!for!your!souls.!! 2.  The!text!could!simple!imply!that!to!pay!your!taxes!but!never!forget!!your!obligations!to!give!to!God!with! no!specific!reference!at!all!to!tithing.!If!tithing!is!referred!to!in!Matt!22,!!then!we!know!it!could!only!be!food,! based!on!the!TORAH!commands!for!tithe!contents.!And!the!Levites!were!the!only!ones!commanded!to! collect!the!food!tithe!because!it!was!their!inheritance!by!birth!into!the!Levitical!bloodline.!!(Rendering! ….unto!God!the!things!that!are!God s)!could!not!be!a!veiled!reference!to!tithing!money!according!to!the!OT! tithing!laws.! !  Theological!Thought,!Could!Jesus!word s!(Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's )!simple!!mean,! Is!it!right!to!give!as!your!tribute!to!God!currency!that!is!imprinted!with!the!face!of! Caesar? !!In!this!instance!one!would!have!to!research!if!Roman!money!was!acceptable!in!the!Jewish!Temple!as!an!offering.!We! know!it!was!not!an!accepted!tax!because!the!temple!tax!had!to!be!a!halfKshekel!according!to!the!law.!See!Matthew!21:12!as!it! gives!us!proof!that!money!was!exchanged!to!the!acceptable!money!from!Jews!from!other!territories.! Source!s!for!slides!38!through!40:!!The!Tithe!That!Binds!Pages!53%54!and!Tithing!God s!Command!Or!Man s!Demand—Which?%%page!98! 2/2/13 42
  43. 43. 1.  Consider!these!thoughts:!Since!the!!Upkeep!of!the!Temple!was!done!through!temple!taxes,!why!is!the!church!incorrectly! asking!for!tithes!to!upkeep!the!temple!and!for!salaries!when!temple!taxes!(Money)!was!required!by!the!law!just!like!tithe.!! Should!the!church!be!asking!for!Temple!Taxes!according!to!the!Law!since!they!like!using!the!tithing!law.!Guess!What?!The! temple!tax!was!about!two!days!wages!paid!once!a!year,!not!weekly!like!churches!request!members!do.!!! A.  Consider!this!point!of!view!from!Chris:!John!4:21%24!"Woman,!believe!Me,!the!hour!is!coming!when!you!will!neither!on! this!mountain,!nor!in!Jerusalem,!worship!the!Father.!!22!You!worship!what!you!do!not!know;!we!know!what!we!worship,!for! salvation!is!of!the!Jews.!!23!But!the!hour!is!coming,!and!now!is,!when!the!true!worshipers!will!worship!the!Father!in!spirit!and! truth!;!for!the!Father!is!seeking!such!to!worship!Him.!!24!God!is!Spirit!,!and!those!who!worship!Him!must!worship!in!spirit! and!truth!. !NKJV!! Worship!is!to!be!of!the!heart!of!man!towards!God......expressed!only!in!love!(Gal!5:6)...with!no!required!religious!or!external! observations!(such!as!temple!tax!or!tithing).!The!sons!of!God!are!FREE!to!give!as!they!feel!led!to!support!the!work!of!the!!they!are!able....and!as!God!blesses!them.!!Ravi!Zacharias!in!one!of!his!teachings!points!out!that!in!the!same!way! as!the!coin!has!Caesars!image!and!inscription!on!it,!the!unasked!or!follow%up!question!is...."Who!(or!what)!is!made!in!God's! image!and!has!His!inscription!on!him?"...."Who!(or!what)!should!be!rendered!to!God".!!Clearly!the!answer!is!Man.!This!means! that!we!are!to!render!ourselves!to!God....! B.  !Consider!this!point!of!view:!How!do!you!Render!!(or!Give!to!God)!Undo!God!the!things!that!are!God s:!! i.  Mathew!25:!34%40:!For!I!was!hungry!and!you!gave!me!something!to!eat,!I!was!thirsty!and!you!gave!me!something!to!drink,!I! was!a!stranger!and!you!invited!me!in,!I!needed!clothes!and!you!clothed!me,!I!was!sick!and!you!looked!after!me,!I!was!in!prison! and!you!came!to!visit!me. So!when!Jesus!said,! Give!to!God!what!is!God s ,!we!know!that!at!least!part!of!what!he!had!in!mind! was!giving!to!the!needy.!In!fact,!when!Jesus!spoke!about!giving,!he!most!frequently!mentioned!the!poor.! i. The!Poor!verses:!Matthew!6:2K4,!!19:21##Mark#10:21,#and#Luke#18:22,#Luke#12:33,#Luke#14:12]13,##Acts#10:4,##Math#15:3]6.# ! 2/2/13 43 Rendering!or!giving!unto!God!the!things!that!are!God s!Could!Simple!be!feeding!the!hungry,! quenching!the!thirsty,!entertaining!strangers,!clothing!the!naked,!helping!the!sick,!visiting!those!in! prison.!
  44. 44. !  Remember Malachi must be studied in conjunction with Nehemiah to understand the full context !  To Understand these verses we must do word studies of words in the verse to see what God is referring to. !  Malachi 3:8-11 says: Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings. 9 Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation. 10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. 11 And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts. KJV 1.  This verse is used to erroneously scare more people out of 10 percent of their gross or net income than any verse in the Bible Today. One problem exist from the start is, what preacher is right, the one who says, 10 percent of gross or ten percent of net. So there is no consistency from the start based on different teachings. 2.  The second problem is that for hundreds of years since the 6th century, the Christian church of all denominations have not succeed in 15 centuries to convince Christians that Tithing money works as taught. Even today in America, the number of Christians tithing is in single digit percentage. 3.  The third problem with the net, gross tithing teaching is that, many people who do tithe don t get a wind fall blessing as taught and some remain poor their entire lives after tithing faithfully for years, while other seem to be getting blessed. Is God Showing partiality? 4.  The forth problem is that Most Christians have not studied the tithe from the Hebrew/Jewish perspective in context to find out if what is taught today matches what the OT (TORAH) teaches. "  Now let s break apart Malachi by doing word studies to find out what the tithe is and what God was saying to the Jewish people. A.  First, once you read Malachi, you must establish who the audience is that God is speaking too. It is clear he is talking to the Jews. The gentiles would know nothing of the Jewish law of tithing unless they were proselytes to Judaism. B.  Tithe means: a tenth part of something. Doesn t a tenth part has to come from something whole? But what is the something that tithes is referring to in Malachi? The Hebrew words are MASSER and ASER. MASSER is a noun. A noun is the name of a person, place or thing. So if MA ASER is a noun then the first time God identifies the noun content is in Leviticus 27:30 ,32 which says And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, is the LORD's. It is holy to the LORD. And concerning the tithe of the herd or the flock, of whatever passes under the rod, the tenth one shall be holy to the LORD. NKJV C.  The thing God identifies is not a place, not a person, but a thing. The thing or the noun that is identified as a tithe (Ma aser) is a tithe (tenth part) from seed from the ground or fruit from trees (crops). Then God identifies a Tithe from herds or flocks. God never Identifies silver 2/2/13 44
  45. 45. !  To Understand these verses we must do word studies of words in the verse to see what God is referring to. !  Malachi 3:8-11 says: Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say, Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes and offerings. 9 Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation. 10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. 11 And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts. KJV !  The key word in verse 10 is meat.10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house a)  The word meat is the Hebrew word Tereph (it stands for that which is food, prey and leafs) . God wanted eatable things in his house. b)  So far Malachi is speaking of tithes as things you eat being brought to God. The Levites received a tenth part of the crops and every tenth animal. Notice not ten percent. c)  The English Standard version of the Bible use the word, food d)  The Complete Jewish Bible uses the word food e)  The Contemporary English Version uses the word food. f)  The New International Version uses the word food. "  It is clear that Malachi is declaring the food tithe be brought to his house for Levites, Priests to eat. Money can t be eaten •  The next key word phrase in Malachi 3: is Windows of heaven. What does this mean to open the windows of Heaven and pour out blessing. Is God talking about money, houses cars, or something else to the Jewish people. Let see what the Hebrew says. a)  The words Windows of Heaven in Hebrew means Shamayin (It stands for visible heavens, the sky, the atmosphere). from The Online Bible Thayer's Greek Lexicon and Brown Driver & Briggs Hebrew Lexicon, Copyright © 1993, Woodside Bible Fellowship, Ontario, Canada. Licensed from the Institute for Creation Research.) b)  So God is going to open up the SKY or Atmosphere and poor out blessings. So the question is, is God pouring out money, cars houses from the sky as blessings? NO! So what is the blessing being poured out? c)  The word Blessing in Hebrew means Brakah (in the context of Malachi it stands for rain). The blessing being poured out is rain from the windows of heaven (The Sky or Clouds) which was going to water crops and cattle from the curse of the drought they were being punished for as a result of not tithing the right food items or giving the right offerings. d)  God is promising the Blessing of Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, and Only Rain!!!. 2/2/13 45