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Pack-Smart is the leading supplier of packaging equipment and services to packaging manufacturers in the printing, specialty finishing and secure card industries. Our 100% servo controlled equipment can out perform the competition in speed, accuracy and energy conservation.

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Pack-Smart Inc. - Your Business Partner

  1. 1. Your Competitive Advantage Solution IdeaChallenge
  2. 2. ◦ We understands what it takes to be the leader ◦ Your customer is our customer ◦ No compromise or Non Nonsense ◦ Team Through Individual Accountability 20th Century Fox Avatar Sims Online Visa Gift CardsDisney / PixarWall-E Universal Pictures E.T. Apple iTunes Apple iBooks Beatles
  3. 3.  Serving the Leaders ◦ Our diverse portfolio contains only the highest quality products ◦ We service the Secure Printing, Finishing and Manufacturing industry with value added capabilities ◦ We provide our clients with Our Diverse Secure Card Affixing Clients: cutting edge design and innovation to transcend their AT&T, VISA, American Express, AAA, Sears, Apple, Starbucks, Concerta, Meijer, Wal–Mart, Rogers, Aljawal products
  4. 4.  Sony Green Partner ◦ Our technologies meet and exceed compliance with Sonys upper chain management policy
  5. 5.  Apple ITunes Card ◦ Pack-Smart Secure card packaging encoding systems are preferred by Apple Corp.
  6. 6.  Visa Pre-Paid ◦ Pack-Smart Secure card packaging encoding systems were one of the first in the industry to qualify for secure packaging of Visa and Master Card
  7. 7.  Ontario Technology AMIS 2008 ◦ In 2008 Pack-Smart was recognized for advanced manufacturing strategies and green aproach by Minister Of Economic Development and Trade Sandra Pupatello
  8. 8.  2010 SMART MANUFACURING MADE IN ONTARIO AWARD ◦ In 2010 Pack-Smart was recognized for lean manufacturing and technological and advancements and Government of
  9. 9. ◦ Customer centric methods , accomplished through listening to customers and building partnerships◦ Unmatched ROI, achieved by implementing carefully chosen components and extensive R&D combined by systematic issue analysis program◦ Scalable functionality, developed through Pack- Smart Exclusive ‘Virtual Machine Platform’ 4 million dollars R&D investment that reduced time to market and allowed for unmatched upgradability of equipment with help of fibre optic network
  10. 10.  Why Pack-Smart? ◦ 100% Servo Motor controlled ◦ Low Inertia Materials ◦ Touch Panels Operator Interface Braille Embossing Module Plasma Treatment Module Servo Motor Aircraft Grade Aluminum Carton Inspection Module
  11. 11.  100% Servo Motor Controlled ◦ Drastically improves energy conservation through the use of regenerative braking systems ◦ This is a systems that actually uses kinetic heat energy to return energy to the power supply
  12. 12.  Modular Design to Total Solution ◦ Pack-Smart provides a unique approach to the manufacturing process by modularizing the entire process ◦ Providing scalable solutions for every job ◦ With the ability to add modules at any given time your company can meet new requirements with ease ◦ These modules are combined to create fully flexible and adjustable Integrated Systems that help your company produce your desired packaging in less time and in a more cost efficient manner
  13. 13. High Quality EquipmentPack-Smart Inc. Our CompetitorsEquipment Benefits Equipment Benefits Planetary • Used on Military Worm Gear • Accuracy: 100 arc Gear Box specific products Box minutes • Triple gear box • Lower backlash • Accuracy: 4-9 arc minutes Servo • Guaranteed AC Motor • “Open Loop” non Motor Accuracy precise speed positioning • Improves energy • Accuracy: 1mm at conservation best • Accuracy: 0.001mm Fibre • Deterministic Standard • Non deterministic Optic Network Industrial Network Sercos • Better at Networks assigning priorities
  14. 14. High Quality EquipmentPack-Smart Inc. Our CompetitorsEquipment Benefits Equipment Benefits Fibre • Digital display Analog • Dial setting for Optic • Shows guaranteed Sensors parameters • Shows approximate Sensors accurate values values DOD Ink • Hi resolution Solvent • Low resolution Jet • Quick dry time Based Low • Risk for employee Red Ink Jet health; special Printing • Eco-Friendly Printing ventilation and special handling procedures • Uses hazardous materials
  15. 15.  Why Pack-Smart? ◦ Proprietary Technological Innovation in card placement ◦ Highest Speed in the Industry due to “V” tracking system Human Machine Interface ◦ Lower Waste Through Inline Process integration and elimination of multiple passes
  16. 16.  Technological Innovations ◦ Each module has 100% Flexibility based on Virtual Machine Platform ◦ Our proprietary HMI (Human Machine Interface) allows for touch screen functionality ◦ Ethernet network connection is a standard ◦ Customers can easily and effectively conduct remote diagnostics globally ◦ Our DataTrack system uses an SQL based software engine used for monitoring, controlling and reporting what happens in your production environment.
  17. 17.  High Speed ◦ Performance – Speed, precision (up to 40,000 units per hour, registration ± 0.020”) ◦ Reduced changeover times and costs ◦ Pack-Smarts packaging systems maximize speed and accuracy while significantly downtime, providing significantly higher ROI
  18. 18.  Low Waste ◦ Package sustainability accomplished by ability to work with environmentally friendly materials such as PLA plastics ◦ When equipped with Regenerative Power Module systems reduce energy consumption by a factor of two
  19. 19.  We are extremely pleased with the quality of service offered by their organization. Pack- Smart has provided us with an efficient system that weve been able to easily adapt to the changing requirements of our customers.President of CPI Cards Canada , Jerry Moody Pack-Smart’s technology enabled this company to be more cost-efficient, make a sleeker product, and help our environment at the same time, Now that’s true value add. Pack-Smart is a leader in working with “green” packaging solutions, including eco- friendly plastics derived from corn.Minister of Economic Development and Trade , Sandra Pupatallo Pack-Smart’s impressive device for placing covermounts is likely to pay its way in more ways than one..... dollars spent on a Rotary Placer has the potential to generate margins disproportionate to the size of investment.Printing World UK , Senior Publisher Rod Hayes We need precise placement, and the new machine gives us that. We routinely get 0.003 in. accuracy, more than enough to guarantee that CDs, for example, get into the envelope correctly and are not damaged in the process.TRI City Graphics , President Brian Gagnon