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Ideas and opportunities 2013 packaging connections


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Its on Ideas and Opportunities 2013 for packaging innovations at Gurgaon India, on 19th July 2013

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Ideas and opportunities 2013 packaging connections

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  2. 2. Sanex Packaging Connections - An entrepreneurial company started by young butexperienced packaging technologist Mr. Sandeep Goyal who has worked with leadingMNCs & Indian companies both as a user and a supplier of packaging materials.From its inception the company was powered with an ultimate vision to be a commonpackaging platform to connect professionals from all across the globe. In order torealize this dream, packaging connections has continuously strived to bring the latestresources from all over the world to the doorstep of packaging industry.We are the first packaging consultancy to have ISO 9001:2008 certification.PackagingConnections community believes in "Online Direct Contacts - NoMiddlemen." This is an asset to all the packaging buyers, suppliers, professionals andinstitutes who are in search of a common platform where they can connect with theindustry directly.We help supplier companies increase their business through Banner Advert, Buyer andSeller offers, P- Innovations, P-Reviews, Press Releases, Resources, EventBanners, Expert Interviews, and Personal/Company Profile with premium membershiptag. It helps to find out newer business opportunities in India & worldwide with 24 x 7days online access.ABOUT US:
  4. 4. SEMINAR OVERVIEW:Packaging Connections is pleased to announce its SECOND one day seminar oninnovations: “Ideas and Opportunities 2013” on 19th July’13, New Delhi, India.In our first edition, “Ideas and Opportunities 2010”, our main focus was on newtrends and innovations in packaging; continuing with the trend we announce“Ideas and Opportunities 2013”.The event will provide a platform to discuss ideas, innovations, and latest trendsin package designing across the world.Packaging innovation seeks to increase branding, enhance shelfappeal, eliminate waste and reduce environmental impact through improveddesign and the use of alternative materials. It is a continual process and manywell known innovations have been introduced over the years in packaging sector.However, there is a growing realization that packaging innovation is crucial todelivering sustainability and it now forms a key part of many companies corporatesocial responsibility programs.This is a Non Sponsored event to provide unbiased statistics, data, informationon the latest happening in packaging sector, without focusing on a particularcompany or the product.The event will include presentations solely by Packaging Connections team.
  5. 5. HIGHLIGHTS: Opportunity to discuss critical packaging issues and findtheir solution through open house forum – “i-PACK” Packaging exercise through our interactive session – “PackTonic” Hard bound copy of the presentations covered Certificate of participation
  6. 6. WHO SHOULD ATTEND:Decision makers from – FMCG Retail giants Pharma companies Cosmetics Food & BeveragesMarketing / Brand Managers
  7. 7. WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND: 100+ Innovations will be covered fromPharma, FMCG, Cosmetics and Flexible Packaging sectors. Case studies that validate the benefits of packaging in differentsectors. Know the key growth drivers that create need for innovations. Interactive open house platform to discuss packaging issues. Understand the main challenges faced by the packagingbuyers.
  8. 8. Programme details and Registration form available at : participants will be contacted via personalized emailfor complete details including venue and payment receipt.MORE INFORMATION:
  9. 9. Thank You!