Types of shipping envelopes & packaging boxes


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Types of shipping envelopes & packaging boxes

  1. 1. Types Of ShippingEnvelopes & Packaging Boxes LOGO www.PackagingSupplies.com
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  6. 6. Bubble Mailers : Packagingsupplies.com offers a wide range of handy bubble mailers which have extremely diverse usage as a shipping supply. Bubble mailers are envelops with bubble wrap inside.Discount Bubble Mailers : The wide range of discount bubble mailers byPackaging supplies.com caters to commercial and individual shipping requirement.These can be used for the shipping of small items that require safe handling likeDVDs, jewelry, medicines, etc. Postal Tubes : Packagingsupplies.com offers a wide assortment of postal tubes of different diameters and lengths for the safe and secure transportation of documents. These tubes are made of eco friendly corrugated boxes and are supplied with end caps. These are available in both cylindrical and triangle shapes. LOGO www.wondershare.com
  7. 7. Bubble Wrap :: Packagingsupplies.com offers a quality range ofbubble wraps. These are ideal for the packaging of a wide range ofinventories. Ensuring safe packaging to delicate items like glassproducts and showpieces, bubble wrap find wide usage as apackaging supply.Kraft Paper : Packagingsupplies.com offers wide range of KraftPaper, which are manufactured of quality raw material that enhancesthe durability of the product. These papers are available at differentsizes, which can be further customized as the customers’requirement.Shipping Boxes Wholesale : Packaging supplies offers a wide range ofshipping boxes at wholesale rates. The wide assortment includescorrugated boxes, postal tubes, bubble mailers, etc. All these products aremanufactured using quality raw material and are available at wholesalerates; customers receive heavy discounts on these Shipping Boxes. LOGO www.wondershare.com
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