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Types of Envelopes


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Get an overview of all types of envelopes with Packaging Express.

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Types of Envelopes

  2. 2. Envelopes Envelopes are common packaging item used for flat items, or for the things which get fit into it. Envelopes are in existence since 3000-3500 BC and are supposed to find first in Middle East; earlier clay was used as envelopes to communicate with people. However from 1845 people started using paper envelopes. For different uses envelopes are further classified into various types which are as follows, Announcement How it Look Like? Announcement envelopes are used for invitations, smaller brochures, booklets and promotional pieces, as well as business stationery, for a unique, premium look. These types of envelopes are also called A-type envelopes; these are available in various colors and sizes, classified into four major type i.e.  Commercial Announcement Envelope  Social Announcement Envelope  Traditional Announcement Envelope  Contemporary Announcement Envelope
  3. 3. Baronial How it Look Like? Baronial envelopes are used for both social and commercial purposes. These types of envelopes have a pointed flap and are available in verity of colors, textures and sizes for various uses. Booklet How it Look Like? Booklet envelopes have the flap on the longer side of the envelope. This style is popular for sending brochures, announcements, statements, photos, and other mailings that are usually inserted without folding the contents.
  4. 4. Window How it Look Like? Window Envelopes are used for various personal and business purposes. As name suggests window envelopes have an window to show address throw it, which eliminates the need to mention address outside. Primarily it is used when sender want to assure the address of receiver. Clasp How it Look Like? Remittance envelopes are used by charities, billing agencies, schools, churches, mail order companies, and by other businesses and organizations for ordering or remittance applications. They provide a large printing surface for order blanks and other information required by the sender. The envelope comes with a large wallet flap and has side seams.
  5. 5. Metal Clasp How it Look Like? Clasp envelopes are manufactured from heavy-duty kraft , rugged or manila stock. It is featured with rust free metal clasps, strong reinforced holes, and gummed flaps. It provides a secure and durable closure protecting the contents from accidental opening. Commercial Flap How it Look Like? These envelopes are designed for machine insertion making them an ideal and efficient choice for direct mail, invoices, checks and statements. Commercial envelopes are also often used for letterhead and personal correspondence. They open along the top and have diagonal seams.
  6. 6. Catalog How it Look Like? Catalog envelopes are also known as open end envelopes. These types of envelopes are available in various standard and custom/bespoke sizes. Ticket How it Look Like? Ticket envelopes are used for holding tickets for all types of events, such as theatre, cinema, plays, school events, concerts, lectures or any ticket you can buy.
  7. 7. Policy How it Look Like? Policy envelopes are widely used for both business and personal purposes; these are easily available in various sizes and colors. Primary use of these types of envelopes was for sending policies. Square Flap How it Look Like? Square flap are used for invitations, announcements, photos, and greeting cards. Square flap envelopes are constructed with an elegant and distinctive square flap.
  8. 8. Wallet How it Look Like? The wallet envelope normally has a trapezium shaped flap which is suitable for automatic mailing machines and can come in straight or slightly curved variations.