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Pacific Tycoon Investment Shipping Container


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Pacific Tycoon Investment Shipping Container

  1. 1. WHO WE ARE  We are Pacific Tycoon, the leaders in shipping container investing. As a wellestablished asset management firm, we facilitate the dependable movement of domestic, business and industrial goods, all over the world. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we support the industry that delivers 90 per cent of everything that surrounds you; even as you read this.  With an international shipping container investing client base of 7,200 container owners, spanning a network of half a million containers under management, Pacific Tycoon investment options pay shipping container owners a guaranteed monthly return; that is tax free and reinforced by a historically consistent demand for the worldwide transportation of consumer goods. In doing so, Pacific Tycoon provides its clients with access to a massive shipping network of traders and transporters, who are constantly awaiting the supply of more containers. Furthermore, the company also manages the full operational responsibility of their shipping container fleet (including containers belonging to investors), both on land and at sea.  The key to the profitability and long-term success of Pacific Tycoon's investment opportunities, is LOCATION. Pacific Tycoon are based out of the head office in Hong Kong, and working in partnership with globally positioned brokers in prospering and emerging markets, we work to encourage the continued profitability of each and every shipping container investment. Strategically positioned within the industrial and business growth engines of China and the Far East (Asia), Pacific Tycoon leverages the overwhelming strength of the economic surroundings, to the advantage of container investors. Please refer to the diagram below for morn information.
  2. 2. YOUR INVETMENT         Your container belongs to you, not Pacific Tycoon It has a "number plate" and manufacturer's specifications. Just like your car. It is registered in your name (or the name you designate). You have a contract leasing it to Pacific Tycoon. It is trackable. Your containers are insured. If you lease Pacific Tycoon 5 containers or more, you will receive your income payments monthly. you can sell your containers at any time, your exit strategy preserves capital throughout.