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The first in a series of financed motion pictures by Iam SPUDStudios-Vidmark

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  1. 1. Upon Completion of service as National Finance Chairperson following the 1990 National Convention in Orlando Florida, then soon after being laid off at age 28 in a declining defense industry, kecked out of electrical engineering major and a new born son Akia who then became my motivation to pursue a career that could support my family also enable me to investigate new ideals. With a new addition to my family Unique Jasmine the new found energy would have to center around the children I love so dearly thus I became an entrepreneur working from home to care for my benefactors via First Beverly Hills Corporation. With Characteristic similar to that of young Jewish immigrate from Germany who appeared on stage, introduced moving picture theater equal to my endeavor to acquire a NFL franchise, acquire TLC-Beatrice before it met it’s fate only to postpone until Norward & Snipes Investments Inc qualified as the foreign filer for Data Capture Systems July 17, 1992 post LA riot, New African Merchant Bank Ltd in 2000 via joint venture thru the assistance of Fenty- Norward Securities partnership involving Investment Banking companies Wall Street has over looked due to the latest banking controversy. However, one theory I find myself to continue to believe based on the founding father of the declaration of independence during my time as a real estate agent had an opportunity to meet and heard the story first hand how those individual Americans that participated as witnesses by acknowledge there belief by signing the document and dispersing with a copy to exercise there writes an faith in the newly form government that as long as that document was in the possession of one individual then our constitution remained a valid document . Therefore, my courage to believe that we the people of United States have a constitutional right to take on an endeavor in which we believe is in the interest of our country. I was fist introduced to Howard Fast while awaiting sentence for a stock deal from Anaheim, California since that time I’ve expanded my relative interest in the Arts, not unlike Max learning the business of Film Making trying to make a living as a messenger driver and having recorded two singles before leaving college which allowed me to be introduced to Warner Chapel and American Society of composers and publishers in 1999, became host of a internet radio show on Gospel Satellite Networks Melrose Lingerie show promoting SPUD my rap name. In addition, as a ASCAP member owner intellectual property I present three power house firms situated form the United Kingdom, Virgin Island Offshore and United States Lehman Brothers Investments Banking Corporate, Bear Stern & Company and TLC-Beatrice International Finance to bring to bring to the silver screen The Max Britsky’s Orpheum Movie in pre-production pending SEC approval of regulation A June 2011, currently regulation D financing in effect to make this endeavor reality for a hometown guy stuck between selling out to a major label as advocated in New York City and/or sticking to the mood of Hollywood theme of independent film making. In conclusion, It has taken 47 years to conform as most and do as the Romans while in Rome until an incident in upscale Hancock Park an area I know far to well Frederick’s Hollywood, Paramount Pictures and where I recorded my first single on Santa Monica Blvd and Vine, the Sunset Strips has provided more memory since high school until leaving for Cal Poly Pomona only to return just for night out with 105th street crew. Fast Forward 20 years now I am SPUD-Vidmark Inc Studio’s with a network of Investors to leverage and big budget movie just to meet women, while providing a return for the old by network that roam the financial capital of the world WALL STREET, so hang on for the ride the party has gotten started with new cast of character, now carving out a section of this exclusive network of movers an shakers.