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Costa Rica is a top destination for north Americans moving abroad. See why more baby boomers are choosing to retire in Costa Rica and why the southern Pacific region is one of the top destinations. Pacific Lots of Costa Rica is the largest expat development in the country, now in our 23rd year in business we are the largest builder of custom homes in the country.

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  • Costa Rica is a democracy guaranteeing rights for residents and foreigners alike. The current President is Dr. Oscar Arias, a nobel peace prize winner. His term is up May 8 th . Costa Rica’s first female president, Laura Chinchilla is taking the office. Legislature: 57 elected officials responsible for laws and taxes (39% are women). Judicial: 22 Supreme Court magistrates.
  • According to Transparency International, Costa Rica, is one of the highest scoring countries in Latin America in the fight against corruption.
  • Numerous US Companies have a strong presence in Costa Rica.
  • It’s consistently ranked as the happiest place on earth recently reiterated in the New York times.
  • We also offer full rental and property management services allowing you to earn income while your property appreciates. Or if you prefer to leave your house empty when you are not there.
  • Our community offers numerous grocery stores, schools and shopping opportunities.
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    1. 1. Costa Rica is in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama
    2. 2. It’s about the size of West Virginia
    3. 3. Costa Rica is less than a 2 ½ hour direct flight from Miami.
    4. 4. Costa Rica is situated below the hurricane belt
    5. 5. Home to 4 million residents
    6. 6. It’s also home to 100,000 foreigners
    7. 7. Including more than 50,000 North Americans
    8. 8. Costa Rica is loaded with Natural Wonders Arenal Volcano La Paz Waterfall South Pacific Coast Beach Diving off Cocos Island
    9. 9. And man-made ones San Jose National Theater Cartago Cathedral Ruins
    10. 10. A myriad of activities are available; for adventurers…
    11. 11. And for those of us who prefer to relax.
    12. 12. 27% of the country is protected land.
    13. 13. Costa Rica contains more than 100 types of ferns, 1,000 orchids and 2000 kinds of trees.
    14. 14. Costa Rica is home to a dizzying array of fauna. Tree Frogs Blue Morpho Butterflies More than 50 kinds of Toucans Hummingbirds
    15. 15. Humpback Whales Sloths Squirrel Monkeys Olive Ridley Turtles
    16. 16. The government consists of three branches: Executive – Laura Chinchilla, President Legislature Judicial
    17. 17. It’s a country with little government corruption. And a very healthy economy.
    18. 18. Numerous US Companies have a strong presence in Costa Rica.
    19. 19. Infrastructure is improving rapidly. This is thenew Caldera Highway
    20. 20. The Coastal The CoastalHighway in 2009 Highway now
    21. 21. Costa Rica, a peaceful country, neutral for 200 years, was the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish its military.
    22. 22. spending instead on education Costa Rica is proud of a 96% literacy rate among its citizens; among the highest in Latin AmericaFocusing spending on Education (boasting a 96% literacy rate) and…
    23. 23. High Quality, Low Cost Healthcare (Free to residents)
    24. 24. Cost of an outpatient visit in Costa Rica is approximately $17; in the US it’s $366* *2005 World Health Organization Data
    25. 25. Cost of a hospital stay in Costa Rica isapproximately $52; in the US it’s $907* *2005 World Health Organization Data
    26. 26. The pace of life is slower. Perhaps that’swhy Costa Ricanshave a longer life span than those in the US.
    27. 27. Costa Rica hasconsistently been ranked as theHappiest Place on Earth.
    28. 28. Our community is located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica.
    29. 29. Easily accessible via a paved road from San Jose, or a short commuter flight.
    30. 30. Property ownership is Fee Simple and Title Insurance is readily available.
    31. 31. Taxes are very low; approx. $1.45 per $1000 in value up to approx 200k.(A small additional tax applies to homes valued at over 200k.)
    32. 32. Home insurance is approximately $487 yearly for a home worth $200,000.
    33. 33. You can use your IRA to purchase property.
    34. 34. aYou can live comfortably for $1200 to $1500 monthly.
    35. 35. Or lavishly for $2000 to $3000 monthly.
    36. 36. “Green Season” is from May until November
    37. 37. It’s the local’s favorite time of the year. The mornings are sunny and lateafternoon showers are typical.
    38. 38. Our tranquil beaches include Playa Torguga, Ventana, Piñuela and Ballena.
    39. 39. We offer Ocean and Mountain view home sites. Prices start at only $40,000.
    40. 40. All of our home sites come complete with roads, water and electricity on the lot.
    41. 41. We will build your luxury home starting at $100 per sq ft.
    42. 42. You may also choose to hire any builder of your choice, build your own home…
    43. 43. or simply hold the land as an investment.
    44. 44. Financing is available with 20% down.
    45. 45. Every home iscustom designed.
    46. 46. We have a full staff of builders, engineers, architects and designers on site.
    47. 47. We have interior designers available to assist with setting up your comfortable home.
    48. 48. We can design and build your dream pool.
    49. 49. And we have the best landscape designers available.
    50. 50. Hand craftedwoodwork is included
    51. 51. We’re a full service organization so your investment is worry free.
    52. 52. We offer full property and rental management services.
    53. 53. You can earn rental income while your property appreciates.
    54. 54. We can help you set bank accounts and corporations.
    55. 55. We can even help you attain residency.
    56. 56. Our community has a fascinating international flare.
    57. 57. Surprisingly;world class,gourmetrestaurantsabound in ourcommunity.
    58. 58. There are many shopping opportunities in our area.
    59. 59. The people of our community include…Ticos (Costa Ricans), Americans, Canadians, French, Dutch, German, Students, Retirees, Professionals, Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Bakers, Families….
    60. 60. We encourage you to visit us to see if we’re right for you.
    61. 61. We offer propertytours monthly whichinclude 3 nightslodging and mealsfor $299 per person.
    62. 62. Our guest house
    63. 63. Your tour guides
    64. 64. and you may meet me there, Steve Linder
    65. 65. For more information about Costa Rica and ourdevelopment contact us at Thank you for watching!