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Costa Rica Bargain Property Tours for Self Directed IRA Owners


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A special presentation for a large Self Directed IRA club but anyone can join these tours to find discount real estate opportunities in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Bargain Property Tours for Self Directed IRA Owners

  1. 1. Costa Rica Opportunities
  2. 2. • Purpose of the Webinar • Review opportunities in Costa Rica property ownership through both IRA and without • Vacation Rental, Appreciation, Retirement, Lifestyle, Commercial, Wealth Protection, Corporate Responsibility, Development • Present various USE options • Review calls to action and tour options
  3. 3. This webinar is the result of relationships between: • A sustainable community developer • A property tour operator • A sales and marketing company in Costa Rica • A self directed IRA club • A huge US real estate conglomerate • A variety of experts in Costa Rica • A large expat organization
  4. 4. Who am I?
  5. 5. I needed a Plan B
  6. 6. We are the largest Debtor Nation on the Planet
  7. 7. My Wife & I visited 15 Countries last year
  8. 8. Costa Rica is in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama
  9. 9. It’s about the size of West Virginia
  10. 10. Costa Rica is less than a 2 ½ hour direct flight from Miami. Nearly every airline flies there.
  11. 11. Costa Rica is situated below the hurricane belt
  12. 12. Home to 4.2 million residents
  13. 13. It’s also home to 100,000 foreigners
  14. 14. Including more than 50,000 North Americans
  15. 15. Tap water is safe to drink in Costa Rica
  16. 16. The country contains more than 100 types of ferns, 1,000 orchards and 2000 kinds of trees.
  17. 17. 27% of the country is protected land. Tourism is the #1 source of income.
  18. 18. Costa Rica is home to a dizzying array of fauna. Tree Frogs Toucans Blue Morpho Butterflies More than 50 kinds of Hummingbirds
  19. 19. Humpback Whales Squirrel Monkeys Sloths Olive Ridley Turtles
  20. 20. 860 bird species reside in Costa Rica; including the spectacular Scarlet Macaw. More than in the US and Canada combined.
  21. 21. Costa Rica is loaded with Natural Wonders Arenal Volcano La Paz Waterfall Diving off Cocos Island South Pacific Coast Beach
  22. 22. And man-made ones San Jose National Theater Cartago Cathedral Casinos
  23. 23. And for those of us who prefer to relax.
  24. 24. It’s a country with little government corruption. And a very healthy economy.
  25. 25. The US is Costa Rica’s largest trading partner. Intel is the largest employer.
  26. 26. Costa Rica uses the colon as their currency, not the dollar.
  27. 27. Foreigners have the same right to property ownership as Costa Ricans do. It is deeded and fee simple ownership.
  28. 28. The pace of life is slower. Perhaps that’s why Costa Ricans have a longer life span than those in the US.
  29. 29. Costa Rica, a peaceful country, neutral for 200 years, was the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish its army.
  30. 30. spending instead on education Costa Rica is proud of a 97% literacy rate among its citizens; among the highest in Latin America Focusing spending on Education (boasting a 96% literacy rate) and…
  31. 31. High Quality, Low Cost Healthcare (nearly free to residents) Ranked higher than the US by WHO
  32. 32. Over 25% of the Country is National Park, EcoTourism is their #1 Income Source
  33. 33. My Upcoming tour Schedule December 26 - 29 (sold out) January 2 - 5 January 15 - 18 January 29 - February 1 February 9 - 12 (room for 1 single only) February 15 - 18 RETA ONLY February 19 - 22 (room for 1 single only) February 23 - 26 (sold out) February 26 - March 1 (sold out) March 12 - 15 March 20 – 23 April 2 - 5 June 4 – 7
  34. 34. Classic Path of Progress in Central Pacific Costa Rica
  35. 35. Recently expanded Juan Santa Maria Airport in San Jose
  36. 36. This is the new Caldera toll road completed three years ago that cut the drive from San Jose to the coast by nearly an hour. The toll from end to end is $4.00
  37. 37. This is the New Coastal Highway
  38. 38. Here’s a list of some of the projects and opportunities we visit on our tours •A development where the developer will buy back your lot in 24 months for 25% appreciation •A luxury condo complex selling $595,000 units but to us for $400,000, with great rental income options •A luxury development offering one deal at two for one pricing •A brand new casino/hotel/condo complex in Jaco •A new phase in the largest community in Costa Rica at a 10% discount, large lots, some with ocean views •Own in a sustainable community project for $48,000 •Land/home packages from $69,000
  39. 39. Here’s a look at one example
  40. 40. This is an Appreciation Opportunity Your Purchase is Secured by a First Mortgage on The 960 Acre Development
  41. 41. Pre-Development Opportunity in Sustainable Living Community •24 month Exit Strategy •Purchase a ½ Acre Home Site •$40,000 Mountain View •$60,000 Ocean View •Developer buys back $40k lot for $50k or $60k lot for $75k
  42. 42. This is an Appreciation Opportunity Your Purchase is Secured by a First Mortgage on The 960 Acre Development
  43. 43. Manuel Antonio/Quepos is the most visited town in the entire country. A developer planned a project there that was aimed at the vacation rental and tourist market. It was too far away from the action!
  44. 44. The temperature in the central Pacific averages 82˚ year round.
  45. 45. Quepos has had great property appreciation
  46. 46. Quepos is the top Wedding Destination in Costa Rica
  47. 47. o ep Qu s Plans are now in place to build a new international airport south of our project.
  48. 48. Costa Rica does not sell ocean front property, keeping their beaches public
  49. 49. Quepos has a brand new marina, 100 concrete floating dock slips that will accommodate boats up to 200 feet in length. A Hotel and Condos are in the works
  50. 50. Property Taxes are very low $1.95 per $1000 in value A home valued at $200k owes only $390 per year!
  51. 51. Quepos offers numerous restaurants, grocery stores, a hospital, an airport, over 50 hotels, schools, a marina, churches, activities, casinos and shopping.
  52. 52. The Developer is the team at Osa Mountain Village, a successful developer of sustainable communities in Costa Rica. The Sales Team is Rubloff-Prudential Fine Homes International, owned by Berkshire Hathaway/Warren Buffet – There are over 2000 Brokers in all. Coming April 2014. The Sales Team and Tour provider is Pacific Lots. The most successful provider of real estate sales tours in Costa Rica.
  53. 53. The entire development encompasses 960 acres About 75% will be left as green space and food production There will be approximately 500 ½ acre home sites
  54. 54. How To Take Action? Come see for yourself or Trust the Professionals Upcoming Tour Schedule February 7 – 9 March 1 – 3 Cost of $299 per person excluding airfare. Tours Sell Out – So Don’t Wait Buy any of these deals and get the tour and $700 in airfare free!
  55. 55. Come see the deals on a 3 day all inclusive tour February 7 - 9 or March 1 – 3 2014 Just $299 per person or Free if you buy Any of the deals* * up to $700 in airfare included