Telco&Vas Relationship Mo Mo Delhi5


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Telco&Vas Relationship Mo Mo Delhi5

  1. 1. Telco & VAS : Évolution of A Relationship By Prashant Singh Email: pacificleo-AT-Gmail-dot-com
  2. 2. Who AM I ? Program Manager @ Monsoon Multimedia , Internet & Mobile Enthusiast, Blogger , Coordinator Mobile Monday Delhi, Coordinator Of iFix Delhi , aspiring Entrepreneur ....... What this Discussion is about ?? An attempt to understand the relationship between Telco & Mobile VAS Palyers
  3. 3. Story behind this talk…. It started with a Phone call .. TO A Mobile VAS Provider Who asked me if I am Married ?
  4. 4. Evolution in Role of Telecom Operator Mobile Voice Carrier  Falling Profit Margins in Voice.  Heavy Investment in 3G infrastructure .  Mobile Data & m-Commerce  Existing billing Relationship with subscriber
  5. 5. Transformation of Telecom Operator Mobile Voice Carrier Mobile Voice Carrier Content Provider Mobile Portal Mobile ISP Location Broker Transaction Provider
  6. 6. Challenges of New Roles Revenue split with third party Providing billing infrastructure Billing Provider Location Base Services Leveraging Location information Location Broker Subscription, advertisement, Revenue sharing One Stop shop for Mobile Internet Mobile Portal Access Fee, Advertisement Offering Information ,Content, Service Content Provider Subscription ,traffic & Access Charges Offering Internet Access Mobile ISP
  7. 7. Competitive Landscape 11 New Applicant for spectrum MVNO, Number Portability Voice Mcheck, itzCash, Google CheckOut, PayPal, EasyBill Bank, Credit card, Utility Billing companies trying to circumvent Telco's stronghold on billing Billing Provider Falling Cost of GPS Enable Handset, Google Map Approach ,Herecast, Routeguru,Mapunity ,Loopt GPS, Third Party Location Brokers , Alternate Approach Location Broker Outside of imode no one has done it successfully Internet Portals, Handset search Engine Alliance , Content Aggregators, Mobile Portal MyToday ,Twitter, Traditional Publishers, Side loading, Bluetooth Content Provider Falling cost of WiFi Enabled Handset [ INR 9K], Availability of Free/Paid Hot Spot Traditional ISP via WiFi, WiMax ,Offline Browsing Mobile ISP
  8. 8. Moral of the Story : Telcos are under Attack on all fronts Business Relation ship between Telco & VAS is undergoing a paradigm shift .
  9. 9. Network Operator Centric Business Model Mobile Voice Carrier Content Provider Service /Content Aggregator Location Broker Billing/ Payment Provider End User WASP
  10. 10. Service Aggregator Centric Business Model Service /Content Provider Billing Payment Provider Content Provider Location Broker WASP Network Operator End User
  11. 11. Service Provider Centric Business Model This model requires Strong Regulatory body , some [Not All] market in Europe are working on this model. Service /Content Publisher Billing Payment Provider End User Network Operator Location Broker
  12. 12. What Might Work and Why Service Aggregator Centric Model like iMode. Verizon is opening up its network. Nokia is re positioning it self as a Service company by launching Ovi & MOSH These Aggregators can be owned by Telco too . As long as they are functionally independent .
  13. 13. WHY ? Similarity with Japanese Market.{ Public Transport ,Family System} Telco thrives on Mass Market. Value in VAS is Personal value . VAS thrive on Very High Diversity . Low Tele Density & USO : Telco increase the size of Pie and VAS Extract More juice out of that “Increased Pie” .
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