Platform update and super apps ON BB App World


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Platform update and super apps ON BB App World

  1. 1. BlackBerry Application Platform • It’s easier than ever to build apps for BlackBerry - Java and Web development advancements in BB6 - New BlackBerry WebWorks web app platform - BEAM to simplify mobilizing enterprise apps • Huge commercial opportunities for consumer apps - BlackBerry App World: Over 1.5M downloads per day - New advertising and in-app payment services • Enables high-value, integrated app experiences - Platform for “Super Apps” - New services including BBM Social Platform • New opportunities for value creation - Introducing the new BlackBerry PlayBook
  2. 2. The NEW BlackBerry App Platform: BB5 & BB6 Java Application Platform BlackBerry Browser Robust platform for custom Java apps Build rich browser-based content services • Always-0n Environment with • Rich HTML & JavaScript 1.5 Event Listening • AJAX, DOM L2 • Rich Native App Integration (Email, PIM, etc.) • Securely Push Data to Browser • Rich Audio and Video Support • New WebKit-compliant browser in BB6 with • LBS, Bluetooth 2.0 support for elements of HTML-5 • Highly customizable UI libraries • Ability to push out web launchers to users New BlackBerry WEBWORKS Platform Full-Featured apps built entirely in HTML, JavaScript & CSS || Access to all services available to Java New BlackBerry BBM Social Platform Use BBM to share & invite from your app || Embed BBM chat within apps || Custom extensions to BBM Internet Connectivity & Commercial Services BlackBerry Push Service || Geo-Location Service || BlackBerry Payments & Advertising Services Enterprise Connectivity Services via BES Secure Connectivity to Intranet || Secure Push Services || BEAM || OTA Application Management
  3. 3. New in BB6: Java App Development Key Highlights: 1. Easier to build interactive, visually stimulating user interfaces 2. Value-added “Super App” APIs • Universal Search • Integrated BB Maps • Deeper integration with Inbox, Phone, Home Screen, Convenience Keys, PIM Apps • Barcode reading via Camera 3. New Location Services
  4. 4. New in BB6: WebKit Browser Key Highlights: 1. New WebKit browser • HTML-5 subset, JS 1.5, CSS-3 2. Rich touch and UI experience • Pinch / zoom, panning, tabs 3. Embed WebKit browser in Java apps 4. BlackBerry WebWorks on WebKit
  5. 5. Newly announced at…
  6. 6. New BlackBerry WebWorks for BB5 & BB6 Key Highlights: 1. Leverage your existing web development skills to build full-featured apps for BlackBerry • HTML, JavaScript, CSS development • Packaged into distributable apps 2. Full offline functionality with dedicated home screen icon • Looks and feels like any other Java app 3. Access to the power of the underlying platform • Multi-tasking, always-on, etc. • JavaScript access to Java APIs • Access to online services (push, payments, etc) Available TODAY
  7. 7. New Advertising Service for BB5 & BB6 60% Revenue Share With Developer Mediation Platform • Enables developers to easily embed advertising within their apps • Back-end “mediation platform” aggregates multiple ad networks • Many new ad networks around the world joining soon Available TODAY
  8. 8. New Payments Service for BB5 & BB6 Key Highlights: 1. Enables seamless micro-payments from within Java and WebWorks applications • Purchase upgrades, premium content • Purchase virtual currencies, credits, etc. 2. Simple API for developer to call transaction process • Payment SDK BETA now available 3. Leverages payment methods available to user • Carrier Billing, PayPal, Credit Card 4. Apps using Payment Service must be distributed via BlackBerry App World Available Q4’10
  9. 9. New BlackBerry Analytics Service What are they Who is using doing with my app? my app? How long are How many they spending people are with my app? using my app? When are they Where are my using my app? users?
  10. 10. New BBM Social Platform for BB5 & BB6 Embed Invite Share Create Customize Chat Friends Content Communities User Profiles Social Platform Available H1’11
  11. 11. New BEAM Enterprise App Services • “BlackBerry Enterprise Application Middleware” (working name) - Expose existing services in BES for common tasks so that customers and developers don’t need to re-invent the wheel • Complementary client-side and server-side API libraries to simplify the following common tasks for wireless enterprise apps: – Push Content Directly to Calendar, Contacts, – Query Server for User/Device Info: Tasks, Inbox o Location – Push Content to Custom Applications Using o Presence Pre-Built Libraries & Templates o Calendar Availability – Simple File Transfer Between Server and o Device System-Level Info Device File System o Etc. BEAM BEAM Client Enterprise Server Container Application Servers Available H1’11
  12. 12. BlackBerry Tablet OS QNX Neutrino POSIX-Compliant O/S with True Multi-Tasking WebKit HTML-5 Browser with full Flash 10.1 & support for WebWorks Adobe AIR for standalone apps Native SDK with support for OpenGL Java support Bluetooth pairing with BlackBerry Smartphones
  13. 13. BlackBerry Super Apps
  14. 14. BlackBerry “Super Apps” Always on, Always Connected Tight Integration with Native Apps Proactive and Notification Driven Highly Contextualized Social and Connected Designed for Efficiency
  15. 15. Always On, Always Connected Apps can run on device power up or in the background to: •Listen and react to events •Listen for incoming push data •Proactively download content •Jump in when the user needs you!
  16. 16. Tight Integration with Native Apps Apps can integrate with native apps on the device to: •Add menu items to any application •Add custom messages to the inbox •Augment the phone with pictures and text •Invoke native applications
  17. 17. Proactive and Notification Driven Apps can leverage enterprise or consumer push and multi-tasking to: •Visually notify the user using updated icons, notification banner and dialogs •Audibly notify the user of critical events •Physically and discreetly notify the user •Give you the right info at the right time!
  18. 18. Highly Contextualized Apps can leverage location based services or device context to: •Share local experiences •Offer up relevant discounts or coupons •Contextualize native app integration •Save the user time
  19. 19. Social and Connected Apps can be a critical link in helping users stay social and connect by: •Invoking native apps including BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, and others •Leverage Peer to Peer Communications •Integrate with the camera to share pictures
  20. 20. Designed for Efficiency Apps must respect the resources on the device to provide the best possible experience by: •Downloading data over WiFi if possible •Going to sleep when not being used •Leveraging push •Running intensive tasks when device is plugged in
  21. 21. Unvired for SAP– regional super app winner Proactive and Notification Driven Tight Integration with Native Apps Highly Contextualized • Push data to the device and • Message List Integration • Standard Menu Integration notify the users • One stop shop for all information
  22. 22. BlackBerry Developer Zone Free Registered Developer Program • Software Downloads, including Open Beta Programs for SDKs! • Comprehensive Resources • Developer Blog & Webcast Series, Newsletters • Discussion Forums • Developer Issue Tracker • Training and Certification • Academic Program • Developer Services 23
  23. 23. Questions? Creating Themes for the BlackBerry Smartphone 24