New Old Thing:Protecting "New" in New Media


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slides of talk i gave at Social Media Camp,Delhi. Them of Talk was "How Evils which are usually associated with OLD media are resurrecting in New Media also"

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New Old Thing:Protecting "New" in New Media

  1. 1. Protecting "New" in New Media Social Media and Blog Camp, June 07, 2008, Gurgaon By Prashant Singh The NEW OLD Thing
  2. 2. Who am I ? Why I am here ?
  3. 3. What this talk is about ? New Media Blogs ,IM, Twitter, Wiki, Social Networks ,News2.0 OLD Media Print, TV, RADIO UGC ,Citizen Journalism , Community Ranking New Trends Evil Of OLD Media Centralization , Affirmation ,Corruption, How Old Evils are resurrecting in New Media
  4. 4. Some Comparison Between Old and New Media Swaminathan Aiyar VS Michale Arrignton
  5. 5. Mid 80s –To-Late 90s: Our Opinion about Economic Issues was Outsourced to Swaminomics Late 90s –To-2008: Our Opinion about Web 2.0 reflects TechCrunch Are we any more or less Smarter than What we were in 90s ?
  6. 6. Jason Calacanis Incident & Echo Chambers in Blogosphere News Views
  7. 7. First Duncan Speaks News Views
  8. 8. News Views Mr. Arrington Jumps in to defend Calcanis
  9. 9. News Still Shape our Views Majority of us are not applying our judgment on News Its WetPaint Dilemma All over again
  10. 10. Quality of News
  11. 11. Reporting News Vs Creating News in Old Media Reporting News Creating News
  12. 12. Reporting News Vs Creating News in New Media Reporting News Creating News Funding of Facebook,Slide,Spotrunner, Appointment of Facebook COO, Acquisition of BeBo , YouTube Yahoo-Microsoft Battle I have seen Future ..Its Tablet PC World Wide Telescope is World Changing , Man Behind Twitter’s Scaling Problems
  13. 13. When it comes to creating news . New media is no better or no worse than old media
  14. 14. “ Deep Throat “ Vs “Stainless Steel Mouse “ William Mark Felt, Sr. Shi Tao
  15. 15. When it Comes to standing up to authorities , New Media Fails Almost every time .
  16. 16. Anti Competitive Practices Integration of Publisher and Adv Networks can prove to be premature optimization at Best or Fatal at Worst . No Level Playing Field . Publishers Cross Promoting their own products . Are disclosures enough ?? Content Piracy without attribution is rampant A List Bloggers discourage VC investment in New Blog Networks .They Fear Over supply .
  17. 17. Some Other Rhetoric of News 2.0 Camera Phones + Citizen Journalism will cause demise of the professional photojournalist~ Dan Gilmore Thanks To Twitter ,We don’t Need Beat Reporter Community Knows Best but I don’t think Community wants Flying CATS /LOL Cats as most important News on Any day ,Fact is your system can easily be gamed ~ A comment on Slashdot about Digg
  18. 18. The BIG Question : What this Revolution is about ? Is it about Content and Quality ? Or is it about Reach and Distribution ?
  19. 19. When it comes to content and Quality ,Is New media Fundamentally different from Old or just an Extension of OLD Media For a reporter Content of NEWS is important , Medium is secondary .As long as my content remains un altered I don’t care if they Publish it on Blog , News Paper, TV or even on salami sheets
  20. 20. Distribution Revolution has occurred indeed ..
  21. 21. But How can we make it a to next level ? Any Thoughts ?? Lets Talk About It ….
  22. 22. Thanks !!