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Meghdoot : A Tool For Hindi SMS


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Meghdoot : A Tool For Hindi SMS

  1. 1. Tensor Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Shekhar C CEO January 2008
  2. 2. Overview Technology Concept extraction + Pers onalization Trans literation bas ed on Topology
  3. 3. Overview Technology Trans literation mera bharat mahan --> मर भ रत मह न ami tomake bhalo bashi-->আম ত ক ভক বম MeghDootTM ● Indic language SMS on mobile ● Local language search ● Mail/ Chat/ Blog in local language ● 12 Indic Languages + Russian + Arabic ●
  4. 4. Products MeghDoot ● Send the SMS -------------------- JOIN meghdoot ---------------- to 567673434 <>
  5. 5. Demo meghdoot
  6. 6. Business synergies VAS / Web SMS Low cost SMS and ● ● downloadable app via call service ● GPRS − Personalised text Bundle MeghDoot Ads ● with Handset /app − Personalised radio − Search/ chat/ Ads email/ blog in SMS Network ● vernacular Automatically link − languages like minded users
  7. 7. T6 Personalized Ad delivery T6 S mart C lient (S M S / G PRS ) M ultilingual SMS T6 Contextual T6 Advertisement Personalized Platform M obile ------------------ S ervice Auto selection Us er targeted Delivery M obile Us er from ad inventory A ds Platform Based on: Context, Location / Time, user activity logs, context of SMS L og proces s ing and users personality T6 Contextual Advertisement Platform T6 M obi-A d-S ens e 7
  8. 8. ! Thanks... Shekhar C CEO