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Pacific High School | Online High School with a Difference


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Pacific high school is helping students to realize their dream of pursuing quality education from wherever they want. We offer high quality, self-paced, affordable and convenient online education. Our online diplomas are rated amongst the top online diploma programs in virtual world.

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Pacific High School | Online High School with a Difference

  1. 1. An Insight into Pacific High SchoolStudent Guide-For Yourhelp & SupportJoin PacificToday & Realize YourDream of Quality Education
  2. 2. Message for StudentsWelcome to Pacific High School. Pacific High School is one of theleading high schools that have been catering to the educational needsof both young students and working adults.On behalf of Pacific High School I welcome you to come aboard andget started with a successful career and life. At Pacific High School ouraim and ambition is to provide nothing less than the best academicopportunities for working adults, without the hassle of attending fulltime campus classes while easily continuing with their work life.Pacific’ High School’s online diploma courses comes prepared withstudent support services that gives students the integrity to forth andstart an absolutely wonderful educational journey with us.Pacific High School provides numerous opportunities to young individu-als to meet their desired educational goals. We have an expert team ofprofessionals and consultants to help students out with questions theymight have. This includes me too! Our Students are all we’re about.Thank you for visiting us and Welcome to Pacific High School!Sincerely,Dr. Roberto StephenAcademic Director
  3. 3. Table of Content Introduction 01 Mission History Philosophy Course Policies 02 Academic Integrity Assignments Grading Internet Safety Netiquette Administration 03 Confidentiality Transfer from Non-Accredited School Discipline Grievance Policy Terms & Condition 04 Financial Responsibility Limitation Of Liability Unauthorize Use Posing Information On the Website
  4. 4. Welcome to Pacific High School Pacific High School is one of the most prestigious online high schools in the world. Our internationally renowned faculty combined with years of experience in online distance education has allowed us to uphold the best industry practices. Our curriculum is the epitome of our efforts to ensure that students receive the highest quality of education. When you graduate from Pacific High School, you dont just graduate with a high school diploma; you graduate with a learning experience bar none. Our graduates enjoy the benefits and support that come with studying at an international high school. Pacific High School has partnered with several prestigious universities to offer you great opportunities for further education in tandem with several national and international higher education agencies to extend the possibilities for you when you graduate.
  5. 5. HistoryPacific was envisages in the early 1999 and the dream of our founders was brought toculmination in 2007.Pacific High School started from humble beginnings and gainedinternational recognition in a short period of time as a leader in online education.PhilosphyPacific High School continues to build upon the ideals of its founders, inspired by theirvision of an educated world. Defined by action in solidarity with the economically poor ofthe world especially women and working men who deserve to be given a chance toimprove their lives against all odds.In keeping with this tradition, the school offers a challenging high school diploma and has aworld-class faculty, committed to providing coursework, resources, activities andinstructional facilities that encourage excellence in teaching and learning.Mission"At Pacific, we provide a college preparatory academic program thatchallenges all students to reach their maximum potential. We provide anenvironment of excellence, responsibility, and diversity that fosters intellectual,social, and analytical skills accomplished through professional developmentand structured online learning experiences."
  6. 6. Course GuidlinesAcademic IntegrityAcademic Integrity at Pacific High School means that studentssubmit only their own original thoughts and work on allassignments at all times. The most commons types of academicdishonesty include cheating, copying part or all of anassignment from another source (both from other students &from other sources), and failing to appropriately cite sourcesused during research.Teachers cite plagiarism through a variety of methods. No formof plagiarism will be tolerated at Pacific high School.AssignmentsIn some ways, submitting assignments virtually is just like submitting them at atraditional school. However, in some ways it is very different. All of yoursubmissions are considered to be formal, academic submissions. Whether youare submitting work for Algebra or History, all instructors expect that basicgrammar conventions are followed.One of the keys to receiving full credit for any assignment is to demonstrate anunderstanding of the assignment
  7. 7. Course Guidlines Communication With Grading Teachers Quizzes/tests are graded automatically by the system. Teachers will grade all other When a student has a question or issue with an assignments, essays, and worksheets in assignment, the teacher needs a lot of information to 48-72 hours. address the issue or answer the question. When sending a message via the message center asking a teacher about a particular issue, make sure your message is properly structured and you cover every aspect in it. Internet Safety Netiquette All students and personnel at Pacific High School should appre- The term "netiquette" refers to the set of guidelines for interacting ciate the availability of the Internet to fulfill the educational needs and communicating with others online (e-mail, message boards, of students. While Pcific High School understands that some social networking sites, etc.) internet sites contain illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or offensive · Avoid sarcasm, jargon, and slang. Swear words are unaccepta- information, it is the responsibility of the user to utilize critical ble. thinking skills to determine the validity, accuracy, and suitable- · Never use derogatory comments, including those regarding race, ness of the content for educational purposes. age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, political persuasion, body type, physical or mental health, or access issues. Additionally, students and personnel shall not send information · Focus your responses on the questions or issues being that is illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or offensive via the Internet. discussed, not on the individuals involved. · Be constructive with your criticism, not hurtful ·Respect other people’s privacy.
  8. 8. AdministrativeConfidentialityIt is the policy of Pcific High School that student and personnelrecords and other records identifying the names of students andpersonnel are confidential. Such records shall not be madeavailable to any agencyDisciplineTeaching and learning occur most efficiently in a climate of order.Courteous, considerate behavior is required of all students at all times forall students attending Pacific High SchoolGrievance PolicyPacific High School seeks to provide personalized instruction for each student.Pacific High School believes that each student is distinctive, so learning shouldbe dynamic, flexible, and engaging. Should speaking with the person orpersons involved not resolve the concern, a grievance may be filed with theadministration
  9. 9. AdministrativeTransfer from Non-Accredited SchoolPacific High School reserves the right to accept or not acceptcredits from any school. Also Pacific High School reserves the rightto assess/evaluate students at anytime.
  10. 10. Terms & ConditionsFinancial ResponsibilityPacific High School offers installment payment plans to make iteasier for students and help them to complete their diplomawithout any stres.. But any student who fails to comply in fulfillingall the installment terms. The High School reserve the right tostop his/her diploma issuance unless all the financial obligationsare met.Limitation Of LiabilityYou agree that in no event shall the High school be liable for any direct,indirect, incidental, consequential, special and exemplary damages, orany damages whatsoever, arising from the use, misuse, (or inability touse) or performance of this web site or services provided or offered byany means, even if the High school has been advised of the possibility ofsuch damages.Unauthorized Use It is unauthorized to use of the website and its contents or bypassany security measures. Any such activity is considered violation.Anybody caught in any such activity will be prosecuted under thecharge of violating federal law.
  11. 11. Terms & ConditionsPosting Information On The WebsitePacific High school strictly prohibits transmission of any unlawful,threatening, obscene and otherwise offensive information. Call Toll Free: 1-877-575-4637 We are open 24x7 (Even on Sundays)