History of radio news


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This is a powerpoint about the history of Radio Broadcasting/Journalism from 1920-1950.

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  • The first broadcast by a radio station in the US is widely acknowledged to have been a newscast. November 2, 1920, both KDKA in Pittsburg, PA and WWJ in Detroit, MI broadcast results from the election for president between Warren Harding and James Cox. Despite these inaugural newscasts, radio news did not become a regular feature of radio programming until the late 1920s.
  • History of radio news

    1. 1. The History of Radio News 1920-1950
    2. 2. SectionsThe first broadcastOriginsGolden AgeAdjustmentTest your knowledge!
    3. 3. The First Broadcast Results of election between Harding and Cox • November 2, 1920 http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-presidential-candidates-who-should-have-won.php WWJ KDKAhttp://www.eecs.umich.edu/eecs/corporate/techtransfer/issys.html http://pabook.libraries.psu.edu/palitmap/KDKA.html
    4. 4. Early 1920’s 1925 1926 1930No daily Infamous Scopes NBC introduced Hard News bynewscasts. Only “monkey” trial „network‟. (25 NBC‟s Lowellteasers for covered by WGN in stations) Thomas!newspaper Chicago. 1928- CBS did the 15-minute.buying. same.--Shipwrecks/emergency news Origins (1920-1935)Newspaper Scopes Monkey Lowells lastdrama begins! information broadcast
    5. 5. 1932 1933 1934 1936Newspapers Biltmore Mutual MBS earned aimposed blackouts Agreement. Halting Broadcasting great reputationon radio. of newsgathering. System. 4 stations through its beat 5-minute saw a need to coverage of DCLindbergh baby restriction. Only unite.kidnapping. after papers came outNBC formed own Didn’t work! As well as Howardnewsgathering Hughes’ flight1933
    6. 6. Golden Age (1935-50)“Radio’s Best Time” News embargo broke 1935.News now firmly Associated Press agreed News averaging 10%placed in to sell its news services of programming bybroadcast to radio again. 1930’s.schedule. 1938- stations subscribing to more than one news wire. News written just for radio!Orson Welles October 30, 1938 <~ Listen to the entire broadcast!
    7. 7. 1939-1945 Spurred radio in to NBC developed European golden age. news operation in 1937. In the field! InterviewsNBC & CBS:overseas news andbureaus. Foreign News Edward R. Became a distinctive Was and Roundup Murrow in syntax or writing and continues to be London reporting news. conversational and have The ‘news analyst’!! „actualities‟.
    8. 8. “Oh, the Humanity!” German airship, Hindenburg1937, broadcast Herb Reporterover WLS inChicago. Crashed in Morrison. Lakehurst, NJ http://www.vidicom- tv.com/tohiburg.htm
    9. 9. Listen and watch!For Mac For Windows Hindenburg Video
    10. 10. End of WWII 1940‟s: Still providing 1944: CBS broadcasted new ways to portions of D-Day. broadcast news. FDR‟s 3rd term candidacy His death in 1945 1946: of evening commercial network time.However, television‟s inception plus the war‟s end caused this to begin to taper.
    11. 11. Adjustment (1950-1970) Next Class: 1950- Present http://www.tvhistory.tv/ 1939-RCA-TRK9.JPG
    12. 12. Let’s test what you’ve learned!
    13. 13. When was the first ever Radio Broadcast?• November 2, 1930• November 2, 1920• September 2, 1921• October 2, 1938
    14. 14. Correct!The first broadcast was on November 2, 1920! Go back to slide 3 to refresh your memory! Next Question
    15. 15. Wrong! Try again!
    16. 16. Who introduced Hard News?• Howard Hughes• Lowell Thomas x• Orson Welles• Edward R. Murrow
    17. 17. Correct!Hard News by NBC‟s Lowell Thomas! 15-minutebroadcasts! Go to slide 4 to refresh your memory Next Question
    18. 18. Wrong! Try again!