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  1. 1. SURFING
  2. 2. • Surfing likely existed since humans began swimming in the ocean.• “Body surfing” is the oldest type of wave- catching.
  3. 3. • Waves suitable for surfing are found primarily in the ocean, but are also sometimes found in lakes and rivers, and also in manmade wave pools.
  4. 4. Equipment• High performance short boards• Long boards• Soft boards• Body boards• Stand-up Paddle boards• Rash guards• Wetsuits
  5. 5. DangersDrowning.Surfing, like all water sports, carries the inherent danger of drowning.CollisionsYou have risk collide with sand bars, rocks reefs, surfboards, and other surfers.
  6. 6. DangersMarine lifeAlso you have risk get injuries from sharks, stingrays, seals and jellyfish.
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