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Presentation about BookBrewer at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, August 2011.

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Bookbrewer 0812 aejmc_opt

  1. BookBrewereBook publishing made easy Dan Pacheco, Founder
  2. How we got here•  Democratized print magazinecreation•  No need for design or layoutsoftware. Plug and play.•  Knight News Challenge 2008.
  3. Printcasting’s Traction•  Empowering Tools.3,000 users globally and 300+new local publishers werecreated in one year. When KF grant ended, we open-sourced technology, but shut down
  4. Lessons and Feedback•  Printing is costly.Users didn’t want to pay to print and distributelocally (and neither did we)•  Selling ads is hard.Difficult to sell in a recession. Few publicationsmonetized.•  Digital and mobile.Top questions: “How do I publish my magazine onFacebook?” became “How do I publish to Kindle,”then “How do I publish to the iPad?”
  5. Pivot•  Spinoff: When grant ended, we open-sourced what we’d built, spun off as a for-profit company. •  Better chance at self-sustainability as for-profit. •  Gave Knight Foundation 6% equity in recognition of its early role.•  FeedBrewer, Inc. is a provider of multi-platform publishing solutions.•  BookBrewer: focuses on eBook publishing.Proprietary tools built on open-source Drupalfoundation. Applies Printcasting methodologyto eBooks.
  6. What BookBrewer DoesWe make eBook publishing easy. Docs, blogs, photos Devices, apps & stores
  7. A scenario Apple (iPad, Amazon iPhone (Kindle) apps) Kobo (Indigo, Borders) Tools Your Book Print on demand Barnes & Noble (Nook) Android apps (phones, tablets)
  8. BookBrewer.comIt’s like blogging a book
  9. Growth in self publishingUnique Titles, Self-Published & POD Source: R.R. Bowker
  10. And eBooks make money! $6 Billion 300%Source: International Digital Publishing Forum and Association of American Publishers.
  11. ProblemToday, making an eBook is hard.   Learn XHTML.   Submit to 5+ retailers.   Find editors, designers.
  12. SolutionBookBrewer makes it easy and familiar.   Simple editing tools.   We distribute for you.   Recommended editors.   Recommended designers.
  13. Fee for Service public pricingFlat fees for the general publicAuthors pay $20 to make updates to eBooks and POD titles.
  14. “Red Carpet” publishersFor authors and publishers with high sales potential: •  Low or no setup fees. •  Weekly metrics. •  Monthly payments. •  Liaison with retailers for promotion. •  Discounts on other services.
  15. Red Carpet Customers •  Barbara Freethy – New York Times bestselling eBook author. •  Bella Andre & Lucy Kevin (top 100). •  Tina Folsom (Top 200). •  Ridan Publishing: Joe Haldeman, Marshall S. Thomas, Nathan Lowell. •  These authors alone account for 10,000 $3.99 sales each month.
  16. •  Get all of an author or publisher’s sample books in abranded app. Click “Buy” button to get full copy.
  17. Print on Demand •  Like Printcasting 2.0. •  Layout and printing of paperbacks, using eBook as source file. •  $60 setup fee, then $4-$15 to print based on page. •  Author can mark up price on special URL to send to friends. • Partnership:
  18. Where does news fit in?•  EBooks are a proven paid content model.They show that well written, well marketedhuman interest stories sell in a mobile market•  But news is free online. Why would peoplebuy it as an eBook? •  Convenience •  No internet connection required •  Familiar book •  Personalizable content experience
  19. News orgs on the wayFirst big news publisher soon •  Large, global online news provider has reporters making eBooks in BookBrewer based on their beats.UT Austin’s ISOJ Journal •  Rosental Alves’ International Society of Online Journalism publishing its second “#ISOJ Journal”, available on Amazon.
  20. Thank You! We’re like WordPress for eBooks http:/