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BookBrewer is an eBook publishing service launching in the summer of 2010. We're partnering with locally-focused book stores, and will be creating private-label versions in exchange for revenue splits. Interested? Contact sales at feedbrewer dot net.

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  1. 1. BookBrewer Seizing the Local eBook Opportunity Dan Pacheco, Founder and CEO
  2. 2. Challenges and Opportunities •  Growth is Slowing for Printed Books •  Print book sales fell 1.8% in 2009. •  Bookstore sales are down 5-11% annually. •  Meanwhile, the eBook market is exploding •  eBooks sold $313 million in 2009, a 176% annual increase (Assoc. American Publishers). Some estimate they could make up 25% of all book sales by 2012. •  Apple’s iBooks already account for 22% of eBook sales, all driven by iPad users.
  3. 3. How to Stay Relevant? •  Technology alone won’t drive sales. •  eReader devices are already being commoditized by Apple’s iPad, which does everything they do and more. •  What’s the best asset every local bookstore holds in common? Local community connections. • To differentiate from Apple and Amazon, book stores need to emphasize local connections. They can’t touch that.
  4. 4. What We Do •  BookBrewer turns bloggers and other online publishers into eBook publishers in 5 minutes or less, and helps them drive sales through locally targeted marketing. Who’s a local online publisher? Everyone!   Bloggers: At last count, Technorati was indexing 130M blogs generating 180M new posts each year.   Facebook: 400M users post 25 Billion pieces of content each month.   Twitterers: 100M users post 55M tweets per day. Many link to blog posts.
  5. 5. Blog to Book, in 5 Minutes We help bloggers turn this … … into this
  6. 6. How We Do It Our “FeedBrewer” technology feeds content into design templates to create new niche products. Content Aggregation Presentation Distribution “The beans” “The grinder” “The flavor” “The drink” • Magazine Edition RSS • Newspaper Mobile sites • Newsletter •  iPhone, Blackberry, Web page headlines • eBook Android Feeds • Print ads Music playlist E-reader devices Content Management •  iPad, Kindle, Sony, APIs Video collection Text • Web page widget Nook, Kobo. • Facebook • Twitter Photos Quote list (tweets) Mobile Content E-mail newsletter • Flickr Audio • Mobile web site • Other Catalogue (listings, Video • Mobile apps Web page embeds commerce) Podcasting Facebook apps Post or Photo collection • Audio shows Upload
  7. 7. High Revenue Potential •  We can charge $69.99 per published book, and $5.50 per sale of each $9.99 eBook. Split revenue 50/50 in exchange for promotion. •  Drive 240K new exclusive titles for estimated $31M after one year. Grows to 1M titles and $323M in year two. •  Authors keep the rest, and share some with local charities who drive sales through local fundraisers (who promote locally).
  8. 8. A New Local Sales Force One marketing angle for bookstores to consider: •  There are 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the U.S. that sell products and services as fundraisers. Why not eBooks, too? •  Publishers could choose to donate a percentage of sales to local organizations. In return, organizations promote sales of local eBooks. •  Similar to what many bookstores do now with schools and churches.
  9. 9. “Buy Locally” Marketing Angle •  Tap into growing “Buy Local” grass-roots movement by promoting locally-produced eBooks at local stores. The message:   Support local writers and artists   Help local cash-strapped organizations   Reduce your carbon footprint / go green •  Promote the idea in local stores. Apple and Amazon will be hard-pressed to follow suit.
  10. 10. Upsell Opportunities There are multiple opportunities for upsells to self-publishers, including: •  Book editing, outsourced overseas, or to displaced editors from legacy media. •  Targeted marketing through social networks and Google adwords. •  Professional book cover design services. •  Print on demand, for those who need it.
  11. 11. Prototype Demo •  Now, let’s take a quick tour through the BookBrewer user experience … •  Go to • Enter “brewme” and “brewme” as user name & password
  12. 12. Our Track Record •  Our CEO once ran AOL’s personal home page service (Hometown), and drove creation of 10 million home pages in 4 years. •  We built, a Knight Foundation-funded project to democratize print magazine publishing. •  Printcasting technology is being expanded to enable eBook exports and more under the umbrella of “FeedBrewer.”
  13. 13. Our Management Team •  Dan Pacheco CEO and VP Product Management. Multiple award- winning media innovator with 15 years of experience at places such as AOL and •  Andy Lasda CTO and VP of Development. Programmer with 16 years of experience, highly respected in the Drupal community. •  Don Hajicek COO and VP Design. 20 years of experience in both Web and print, and even a startup.
  14. 14. Current Status •  We have an early start with, which provides our architectural foundation. •  We’re adding ePub export in July and will begin test marketing it with bloggers. •  We seek strategic marketing partners and are just starting discussions with large publishers.
  15. 15. Thank you! Contact us: Learn more about us: • • •  303-465-5560