Curriculo do Fred


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Currículo acadêmico e profissional do Fred Pacheco.

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Curriculo do Fred

  1. 1. Resumé aboutFREDPACHECO Profile Strong knowledge and experience in Management at different size companies. Focused in people management training and speaker in many events about Digital Marketing. Strong academic experience giving classes in Graduation courses. Studied at major international universities and authorAddress of a book about negotiation. Also involved with nonprofits.153, Guiomar da Costa St.Residencial Felix, B.J.Perdõestel +55 (11) 97619-1315 Educatione-mail fredpacheco@me.comurl Ohio University, Athens, Ohio - International MBA, 2013lattes FGV - Getulio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil — MBA, 2005 UFF - Federal Rio University, Niterói, Brazil — Bachelor of Marketing, 2003 Stanford University, Palo Alto, California — Continuing Studies, 2011 Managing Innovation, BUS205 Social Intelligence, PDV78 The art and logic of Fundraising, WSP220 Disney Institute, Anaheim, California — Executive Training, 2011 Leadership Excellence, People Management, Quality Service City College S.F., San Francisco, CA — ESL and Biz Speech, 2011 Fluency in Portuguese, Spanish and English (TOEFL : 593) Relevant Facts Articles written for magazines and newspapers ( Book published on negotiation in 2009 ( Rewarded twice in a row by annual WAA Award ( Advisor for Fundação Estudar and Mentor for new scholarship student Coordinator and Instructor of executive courses in JumpEducation Training and business consultant for ClickOn Brazil Trainer for companies like Danone, Nestlé, Motorolla, McCann Advisor and speaker for Laramara nonprofit organization Volunteer at Kabbalah Centre’s marketing department in São Paulo National Secondary Students Union director in 1994 High school Students Union president from 1992 to 1994 Speaker in major events like IDC LA Infra 2011 & 2012, eBrand 2008, SMW 2009, Vitamina UFF 2009 & 2010, Fórum TI & Utilities 2012 Page 1
  2. 2. Resumé aboutFRED Teaching ExperiencesPACHECO Graduation Teacher, IPOG Goiás, Brazil since 2011 Classes: Media Planning (1) Course: Master in Digital Marketing Graduation Teacher, Tuiuti University Curitiba, Brazil since 2010Address153, Guiomar da Costa St. Classes: Planning and Social Commerce (2)Residencial Felix, B.J.Perdões Course: Master in e-Businesstel +55 (11) 97619-1315e-mail Graduation Teacher, SENAC-SP Campinas, Brazil since 2013url http://blog.pacheco.inf.brlattes Classes: e-Commerce (1) Course: Master in Digital Media Graduation Teacher, FIA/USP São Paulo, Brazil 2009-2010 Classes: Digital Marketing and Marketing Research (2) Course: Master in Franchising Administration Substitute Teacher, UFF Niterói, Brazil 2004-2005 Classes: Media Planning and Marketing Research (2) Course: Bachelor in Communication - Advertisement Executive Experiences Planning Director, Trend-i São Paulo, Brazil since july, 2011 I’m in charge of planning team in this brazilian digital agency, taking care of all accounts’ strategy and communication planning - like DPaschoal, Pais&Filhos, Decathlon. Including: communication alternatives to client’s goals, negotiates with media companies, measures and report results. Also working with new businesses - like BP Consulting and Norcon-Rossi. Sales Director, BooBox Social Media São Paulo, Brazil 2009-2010 I was partner in this early stage company of advertising system and ad-network for social media sites. I developed all the commercial model, sales materials and team hiring and training. I was in charge of agencies key-account, meeting with Media VPs to plan campaigns together. In the very first year, I grew the revenue 11x to over US$ 1.5 Mi, exceeding all investors’ expectations. The results of my work as social media evangelist is yet generating results to Boo-Box and the agencies/customers. I also represented the company as official speaker, being interviewed 7 times by major Brazilian media magazines and newspaper. Page 2
  3. 3. Resumé aboutFRED Media Intelligence Mngr., Predicta São Paulo, Brazil 2008-2009 As the head of the consulting area of this AdServer and WebAnalyticsPACHECO provider, I got closer to the customers’ reality and improved strongly the relationship with key-accounts. My team was responsible to optimize online campaigns, performing better results for customer’s goals. I created new products and areas like usability lab, business consulting and behavior targeting. Those new products made the revenue grow 150%. In this time,Address153, Guiomar da Costa St. I was rewarded twice by the WAA as the best analytics project of the year.Residencial Felix, B.J.Perdõestel +55 (11) 97619-1315 Account Manager, WPP Plano Trio São Paulo, Brazil 2007-2007e-mail I managed Nokia’s account for field force and POS operation, redesigningurl http://blog.pacheco.inf.brlattes customer care and sale force strategies with new processes that cut cost and improved the efficiency. I was in charge of 3 managers and 32 employees working direct with the account. My team was in charge of 460 field force employees widespread in Brazil and I was the focal point to weekly meeting with sales team and marketing managers from Nokia Brazil. Market Intelligence Rep., Michelin Tires Rio Janeiro, Brazil 2003-2007 Responsible for marketing strategy analyses and marketing research for automotive tires in Brazil. I acted actively in board meetings as an advisor to directors’ decision making. I led key-projects such as Geomarketing and Customers Segmentation. I was also in charge of the new Motorcycle Tires Manufacturing Project which had studied the market, build the business plan, evaluated financial scenarios and presented to Michelin’s world board that approved the investment in Brazil. As a result of this project, the new sourcing for Brazilian market made the revenue grow 380% in three years. Business Consultant, Neoris/MLab Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2000-2002 Leading multidisciplinary teams in Webmarketing Strategic Planning, e-CRM and Digital Media Planning with customer targets definition. Responsible for bring Shared Service solution to Brazil, with materials, trainings and go-to- market development. Worked for great clients like Petrobras, Oi/Telemar, Xerox, Michelin, Vale do Rio Doce CVRD and McKinsey. Processes Analyst, IBM Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1998-2000 I was in charge of projects for redesign processes across Latin America to reduce costs and improve the data security. I was a certified instructor for IBM Latin American teams. I designed a Partner Relationship Management System to control channels partners operation in all Latin America. Because of that, I was awarded twice by IBM Corp. Page 3