Why stealth accounts for sale is a bad idea


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Why Stealth Accounts For Sale is a Bad Idea

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  • Why is it that these goons at stealth success look like the same morons at top rated accounts and powersellerhop? Probably that cock monkey James Marley running it
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  • This should be titled why not to buy from stealth success.
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Why stealth accounts for sale is a bad idea

  1. 1. Title - Why Stealth Accounts For Sale is a Bad Idea Here is the reasons why you should not buy a stealth account from a stealth ebay account broker. Stealth ebay account is a brand new account which will have limits placed on the account. These type of eBay accounts don't have any sales history and has just been created. Here is the reasons why you should not consider buying one of those accounts. + The person who you bought the account from may have 100's of other accounts linked to the same IP address and later on you may get suspended because one of their customers has done harm on the account. + You will have a limit placed on the account later on because that account will have no sales history whatsoever. So its really risky buying an account which is brand new. + Customers won't believe in your brand and will not take you seriously because you will have NO sales history on the account. + Becoming a power seller or a top rated seller will be very long winded and will be like starting brand new on eBay. + It all seems fake and fraud you will be buying an account which you could just make yourself and ask eBay to increase those limits on the account. Why should you consider buying an eBay account from Stealth Success ? + You will be able to sell a lot more items on the account which basically means more profit and turnover. + Customers will trust your company because you will have a wide range of items for sale. + You will look like the leader in the market with such a big range of items for sale. + You will be able to list tens of thousands of items without any restrictions. + You will become a power seller much quicker because you will be selling lots. + You will be able to over take your competitors much quicker. + Your feedbacks will rise much quicker.
  2. 2. + You will have more customers emails and details which you could use for other marketing. + You will have more repeat sales by owning a unlimited account. + You wouldn't have any category limits. + You will have having a much bigger head start selling online. + You and your family will be more wealthy because you will be more successful. + You will be saving years of trying to build up selling allowances. + You will be buying an eBay account over 7 years old. + A lot of time and effort has already been put into this account. We have called our company stealth success for a reason we offer the most successful why of owning a eBay company which in turn will benefit your company. Stealth Success is the leader in buying and selling established eBay accounts and eBay Businesses for sale. UK PHONE - 07583 981184 LANDLINE - 01392 581 333 INTERNATIONAL CALL 00447583981184 WWW.STEALTHSUCCESS.COM SKYPE: BUSINESSESFORSALE