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Facebook 360 Video: A POV from Pace


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Facebook’s 360 video allows users to have an entirely immersive video experience. In this quick POV from Pace, you’ll learn more about Facebook 360 video and how brands can use this new technology to enhance their content marketing programs, increase audience engagement and connect with users on a deeper level.

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Facebook 360 Video: A POV from Pace

  1. 1. Facebook A Quick POV from Pace NEW: 360 Video on Facebook September 2015
  2. 2. What’s New? 2 What is 360 Video? 360 video requires special cameras that are set up to simultaneously shoot a 360-degree view of an environment. This allows viewers to have an entirely immersive experience within a video format by simply toggling left and right, or up and down. YouTube has had 360 video for some time. Now, as the consumption of video content becomes more prevalent, and as virtual reality quickly evolves, Facebook has joined in and has officially launched this technology for use by brands, publishers, and individual creators. What’s New? • In September 2015, Facebook launched 360 video with a handful of first adopters, including Star Wars, Discovery, GoPro, and VICE. • 360 video is currently available for desktop, Android and iOS • 360 video is displayed in the newsfeed on both desktop and mobile. • Cameras required to shoot 360 are becoming more affordable, making this an option for agencies and brands, and opening the door for eventual widespread use of this technology . • Pace will pair it’s proven storytelling approach with technology to tell amazing stories by transporting readers directly into various environments. Source: Facebook Newsroom (Read More)
  3. 3. The Content Opportunity for Brands 3 Tell a Better Story • 360 video allows users to get a true sense of how an experience “feels,” in addition to how it “looks.” • The technology widens a user’s view of an experience and allows him/her to connect more deeply with that experience. Engage Users • Users who interact with content are more likely to engage. Leverage the technology for increasing time with, and attention to, your brand. • Showcase experiences that open users minds to what is possible. Take them where you want them to go. Show them what you want them to see. Enhance Your Content • From featuring a destination to showing a home, to demonstrating a new product, the possibilities are endless.
  4. 4. Contact usto discuss how 360 video can fit into your content program. Brian Bowen Executive Producer Brooke Wagner Director, Social Media and Content Activation