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Adobeconnect booking system

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  1. 1. University Carlos III of Madrid<br />BookingRoomswith Adobe Connect<br />Francisco Cruz Argudo<br />email:<br />jabberid:<br />Sip:<br />renum:34916248786 <br />
  2. 2. Index<br />OurSolution: MrBosy<br />Description<br />Features<br />Technology<br />Adobeconnect & MrBosy<br />Ourexperience<br />Use Cases<br />Software License<br />Roadmap<br />
  3. 3. OurSolution<br />Mr. Bosy<br />(Meeting RoomBookingSystem)<br />
  4. 4. MrBosy: Description<br />Booking & managementsystemunderadobeconnect<br />WWW interface <br />Solvessome of the Adobe Connectlimitations<br />ThesystemallowsuserstoaccessAbodeConnect in aneasy and intuitiveway, withoutanykind of mediation<br />Thesystemallowsustooffer AC like a universal service (staff, teachers, students,….) <br />Onlyauthorizedusers can book a meeting.<br />InternalUsers (staff/teachers)<br />LDAP authentication<br />FederatedAuthentication (Spanish NREN SIR)<br />Itispossibleto invite othersusers (internal and external UC3M users)<br />Students and externalusers (onlyby invitación)<br />They can notmake a reservation<br />Thesystemcreatesanaccountforthesesusers and onlyforthismeeting (whenthemeetingfinishedusers are deleted)<br />FederatedAuthentication (Spanish NREN SIR)<br />Itispossibleto define externaluserslike “permanentusers” <br />Supportserveralprofiles (administrator, translator,…)<br />
  5. 5. MrBosy: features I<br />Works in a federatedauthenticationenvironment<br />Uses standardattributeslike: CommonName, eduPersonAffiliation<br />Internal and Authorizedusers<br />Thesystemallows<br />book a meetingby calendar<br />show theavalilabilityfor a given date and time<br />invite bothinternal and externalusers<br />confirmtheattendance<br />Show theusers’smeeting (my meeting calendar)<br />Addusersby .csvfile<br />Define the role of eachparticipant (Adobe Connect role)<br />Multilenguagesupport (now: spanish, english, valencia) <br />Cancel and modify a meeting<br />closethemeeting (when time expire)<br />An email issendingtoeachuser (login and passwordforexternalusersiftheydon’thave SIR access)<br />
  6. 6. MrBosy: features II<br />Externalusers<br />Receivean email with a validlogin and passwordforthismeeting (iftheydon’thave SIR access)<br />Whenthemeetingisoverthesystemdeleteallexternalusers<br />Change AC username<br />Changepassword<br />Confirmattendance<br />Translator<br />Translatethesystemto a new language<br />
  7. 7. MrBosy: features III<br />Administrator<br />Knowsallthemeetings in thesystem<br />Availabilityweektable<br />Toeachmeeting<br />Date and time<br />Number and Identification of participants<br />Systemconfiguration<br />Number of roomsavailable<br />LDAP <br />BBDD<br />AC parameters (server name, login, passwd, recording folder, DDBB, ..)<br />Languages and usersmanagement<br />Statictics: start date-end date <br />Number of meeting (graph)<br />Numbrer of internalusers (graph)<br />Number of externalusers (graph)<br />Numbers of hours (graph)<br />Allinformation (text)<br />
  8. 8. MrBosy: Tecnology<br />Developmentunder PHP 5.0<br />MySQLlikeDatabase<br />Apache like Web server<br />Support browsers:<br />Firefox<br />Opera<br />Chrome<br />Internet Explorer<br />Safari<br />Runningwith 7.0, 7.5 and 8.0<br />Runningwith Linux and windows server 2008<br />
  9. 9. AC & MrBosy: <br />Adobeconnect<br />A permanent URL.<br />Don’tclosethemeetingwhenfinished (poormeetingoptimization) <br />Itisnotpossibletohavetwomeetingswiththesamename<br />A manual roommanagementisrequired<br />Federateauthenticationisnotsupport<br />Poorstatistics<br /><ul><li>MrBosy</li></ul>Theroomonlyis active duringthemeeting time <br />Themeetingoverautomatically (thesystemreportsusers 10 minutes before) <br />themeetingnameisnotimportant<br />Isnotrequired a roommanagement<br />Federateauthenticationissupport<br />Betterstatistics<br />
  10. 10. Ourexperience<br />TheservicestartedNovember of 2009<br />The AC users<br />Great successbecausetheydon’taskusanything. Selfservice<br />The new AC users<br />Training cousers (AC and mrbosy)<br />Supportmeeting (first 5 minutes)<br />Usedthe multimedia rooms<br />Some figures <br />2010<br />Meetings: 363<br />hours: 889<br />Internalusers: 958<br />Externalusers: 256<br />2011 (1-1-2011/29-04-2011)<br />Meetings: 164<br />Hours: 321<br />Inrternalusers: 659<br />Externalusers: 371<br />
  11. 11. Use Cases<br />Researchgroups (national and international) <br />Inter-universitymaster<br />E-learning and tutoring<br />Congress<br />Thesispresentations<br />Helpdeskpforlibraryusers<br />Internal and externalmeeting at computerservice<br />
  12. 12. Software License<br />Under LPUC3M v 1.0<br />Agreementbetweenbothinstitutions<br />UC3M can install and cofingure (remote) thesystem<br />Instalationcost<br />Universitiescooperating in theproject<br />Universidad Politecnica de Valencia<br />OpenIDsupport<br />Translationto Valenciano<br />
  13. 13. Roadmap<br /><ul><li>Currentversion 2.2
  14. 14. Nextversion 2.3 (June 2011)
  15. 15. Fixbugs
  16. 16. Configurable open meetingbasedon
  17. 17. CommonNameattribute
  18. 18. eduPersonAffiliationattribute
  19. 19. Betterstatistics
  20. 20. AC Recordingmanagement
  21. 21. Octuber 2011: moodleintegration</li></li></ul><li>Thanks<br />