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Peso: The Multi-Channel Communications Model


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It's hard to cut through the noise in today's business world. Understanding how to use ALL your available channels to connect and build a bond is critical to success. Enter PESO: Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media - and this primer on how to use PESO as your communications currency.

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Peso: The Multi-Channel Communications Model

  1. 1. The Peso Media Model Creating Digital Currency July 2015
  2. 2. THE POWER OF PESO At the intersection of public relations, social & digital PESO may sound like we're speaking about money. In a way we are, if we consider smart media coverage the coin of the public relations, digital and social media realms.
  3. 3. What is PESO? PESO is an acronym for a big-picture, all-channels-inclusive way of communicating. It is emerging as the only method in which a company, entrepreneur or cause can earn the attention of its stakeholders. PESO stands for: Photo credit: Cision Native 2015
  4. 4. Source: PESO: It’s a global, social world
  5. 5. The Power of One  The Power of Many In the earned media realm, public relations practitioners create the opportunity to have your story told by credible, objective, third-party influencers such as journalists, bloggers, trade analysts and industry leaders. Earned media can deliver extraordinarily powerful exposure, thanks to influence of the writer and the strength of their community. Earned media is the power of one: The journalist’s voice. Source: WiseGeek
  6. 6. Power of One  Earned Media Securing an earned media placement means having a journalist write about you. If you secure a feature in a leading media property (think Forbes, Entrepreneur, Times, Fortune or a feature on CBS) andyour message can be seen or heard by millions, without the cost of a paid placement. However, that message is in the hands of the one writer; if they'd don't capture what you would have like to have shared, or choose not to publish, or – and yes, this happens - decide they're not a fan of your company, then that media win can become significantly diminished for you. And of course, a journalist can chose not to write a story, a tough decision for a growing (or established) company to accept.
  7. 7. Power of Many  Shared, Paid & Owned In the world of many there are certainly leading voices, but the value resides in the collective community and the conversations they share. Campaigns can earn significant multiples in shares, views and interactions, and that's not the mega-return of the social block-buster (those irresistible kitten videos). The challenges? A company can invest significant money in promoting content across its social, paid marketing and blog channels and not earn engagement, or the community may not respond positively. And, of course, the social and digital worlds are living, breathing communities that require engagement. Credit: Zocalo Group
  8. 8. The Take-Away Every “coin” in the PESO media channel model is critical to your successful communications strategy, and should work together in partnership.
  9. 9. Creating Your PESO Plan • Create a content plan with dedicated messaging for each channel • Take a look at “who” is in each of your channels, share their tone of voice • Create a flow chart that shows how content will move through your PESO channel • Earned media story  Shared via Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest  Blog  Company newsletter • Identify the top journalists in your industry, follow their social channels • If they cover your story, share immediately • Stay away from the constant sales pitch, offer info of value • Review constantly, the social world changes fast Credit: GreyGorilla
  10. 10. Questions? Need Help? PRA Public Relations is led by a team of 15 year+ strategy and story veterans. We’re an earned media agency that understands the power of public relations to drive search engine optimization, social media and digital. Let’s talk… tweet… email… Contact: Pam Abrahamsson 1.503.298.9749 Twitter: @Pam_A Visit: