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Solar Cell Production with TRUMPF


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The highest levels of efficiency and production in cycles only seconds long: TRUMPF’s innovative products can help you
find new approaches to solar module production.

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Solar Cell Production with TRUMPF

  1. 1. Solar cell production with TRUMPF: Getting more out of the sun Machine Tools / Power Tools Laser Technology / Electronics Medical Technology
  2. 2. Double the knowledge for better solar cells. The highest levels of efficiency and production in cycles only seconds long: TRUMPF’s innovative products can help you find new approaches to solar module production. We are opening up new opportunities for solar cell manufacturers and facility builders. In addition, you will receive the support you need for your project through the combined experience and comprehensive, worldwide service from two leading technologically innovative TRUMPF Group companies. Contents: Page 4 Thin film cells: Precise and productive across large areas. Page 7 Crystalline silicon: Advantageous for more efficient cells. Page 10 More service worldwide. Page 1 Products: Find everything you need in our vast product portfolio.
  3. 3. TRUMPF: Technology and world market HÜTTINGER Elektronik: leader in lasers and laser systems. The innovator for generators. TRUMPF promotes the development of industrial lasers. For the HÜTTINGER Elektronik, a member of the TRUMPF Group since efficient manufacturing of solar cells, TRUMPF has lasers with 1990, is the worldwide, forward-looking supplier of generators short pulses at a higher average output. An example of this is for coating large surfaces, such as architectural glass and flat the picosecond laser that is used to structure thin layers of panel displays. You will benefit from this comprehensive know- Molybdenum and achieve excellent quality at a high producti- ledge when it comes to developing reliable, stable processes vity level. for the production of homogenous coatings – both with DC as well as MF and RF technology for various materials. Whether it‘s a job requiring patterning, edge deletion, edge insulating, removal, structuring, cutting, drilling or marking: at You can also rely on HÜTTINGER‘s experience for the growing TRUMPF you will find lasers of all wavelengths and in many of silicon crystals for solar cell production. HÜTTINGER is the configurations. In short, you will always find the right laser European leader in floating zone processes. whatever your application. The standardized, reliable laser solutions from TRUMPF have been in use for many years in many industries.
  4. 4. Thin film cells: Precise and productive across large areas. HÜTTINGER generators and TRUMPF lasers offer ideal features for efficient manu- facturing of affordable thin film solar modules. Conductive and photo-active coatings are applied in front-end production. After each coating, the laser is used to structure the surface. The individual cells and their circuitry emerge as a result. Our expertise in coating and structuring the modules simplifies your path to innovative solutions. In the back-end, the edges are deleted with a laser and contacts are applied to the module.
  5. 5. Coating with plasma support: Patterning: Impressive results. Precision and speed. If you optimize cells with homogenous front and back contact Structuring with the laser, also called patterning, divides thin layers, you can achieve considerably higher levels of efficiency. film modules and wires up the generated cells. In the sunlight, HÜTTINGER generators create the plasma used to apply these the charge carriers in the cells are separated and the current layers through the magnetron sputter or PECVD process. Their flows through the contacts generated using structuring to the DC technology is ideal particularly for applying high-quality edge of the solar module. The precise, selective and contact- coatings – and it’s also affordable. free laser processing is process-dependable with short pro- cessing times. Nanosecond lasers can also be used for the production of modules with amorphous silicon and cadmium telluride. Entirely new areas of application are opend by innovative pico- second lasers from TRUMPF. There is no molten material due to its short pulses. You can use it to remove the molybdenum in CIS mo-dules at a higher speed and without cracks. “Cold” processing of the photo-active layer with ultra-short laser pulses also offers high quality and productivity advantages over mechanical processes.
  6. 6. Removal and edge deletion: Superior features. For stripping the coatings, TRUMPF lasers are the affordable With TRUMPF lasers, you can rely on high performance for solution for a high flow rate. Large-area removal is performed short cycle times. In addition, if you distribute the energy to on the edge of the module by dividing up the large areas to numerous workstations with laser light cables, the laser power ensure constant lamination. For this purpose, the use of lasers from one station can be used at another during loading and is cleaner than sandblasting and easier to integrate into the line. unloading cycles, increasing overall productivity. Schematic design of a production line of thin layer modules with TRUMPF and HÜTTINGER components. Coated Patterning 1 glass with laser PECVD coating with generators Edge stripping with laser Sputtering with generator Patterning Patterning with laser with laser
  7. 7. Crystalline silicon: Advantageous for more efficient cells. Products from the TRUMPF Group open up new options for genous coating of solar cells. Laser processing leads to solar producing crystalline solar cells. For pulling crystals, induction cells with a higher level of performance. For example, use of warming using HÜTTINGER generators creates a more homo- reverse side contacting is currently being discussed. Lasers genous, perfect silicon ingot than any other method. Genera- work contact-free and can be positioned quickly. And, they tors from HÜTTINGER ensure reliable processes for the homo- don’t generate mechanical stress. 7
  8. 8. Drilling for reverse side contacting. Silicon ingots: Cutting or drilling: Pulling is worthwhile. New concepts to better use the surface area. If you want to achieve the highest quality in inductive zone When cutting out wafers, a TRUMPF laser separates the silicon pulling of silicon crystals, generators and inductors from with equal precision and speed. In addition, the shadowing HÜTTINGER are the machines of choice. You will achieve on the front side of a solar cell can be reduced by applying excellent results with their constant and controlled processes – contacts on the reverse side and drilling inlet holes with the ingots without crystal defects or chips, which are best suited laser. A TRUMPF laser does this in the production cycle. And for further processing. the drill holes cover less than 1 percent of the surface area. Coatings: For more or less reflection. An optimized crystalline cell with an anti-reflex and reverse contact layer can achieve a considerably better level of efficiency. HÜTTINGER generators produce the plasma for applying these layers through a magnetron sputter or PECVD process. Thanks to its ideal features, such as arc management, the cells receive particularly high quality coatings. Zone pulling. Cutting. Coating.
  9. 9. Deleting insulating layers. Reverse side contacting: Low-contact contacting: Efficiency increases. Inductively or with the laser. To increase reflectivity on the reverse side and to avoid electri- There are two extremely fast, reliable and contact-free pro- cal losses, a transparent insulating layer and a metallic coating cesses for soldering contacts to the solar cell: using a TRUMPF are applied across a large area. The laser allows you to achieve laser or a HÜTTINGER generator and inductor. We will help targeted contacting on the reverse side of the solar cell with you select the optimal process for you. Both the laser as well the lowest output losses on the contact points. There are two as the generator reduce scrap and are compact enough to be ways to do this: Either you use the laser to shoot the contacts integrated into a production line. To best match the inductor through the layer system onto the wafer, known as laser fired to your application, HÜTTINGER develops it with you and contacts, or you use the laser to remove the insulating layers tests it in their applications lab. before the metal coating is applied. With selective removal of the insulating layer, ultra-short pulses operate without added Also, you can count on TRUMPF if you are looking for a laser heat creating disruptions in the silicon. for marking solar cells. You will no doubt find a suitable solu- tion in our comprehensive product portfolio. Edge insulation: No short-circuit – thanks to the laser. Due to the circumferential doping, short-circuits automatically develop on the front and reverse side of a crystalline solar cell during production. When the laser is used to insulate edges, it generates a separating line at lightning speed that reliably eliminates the short-circuit. Edge insulation. Contacting conductor paths. Soldering modules.
  10. 10. More service worldwide. Thousands of application tests performed annually in the application center. TRUMPF offers you comprehensive support around the world. Feasibility studies in one of our application centers are a central Our service begins long before you even decide on a solution. component of our basic consulting services prior to purchase. We provide comprehensive consulting services to help you de- Either you will learn exactly which TRUMPF laser, beam guid- fine the process and figure out which solution you really need. ance and parameters you need for your application or you will see which HÜTTINGER generator and which inductor design will provide the optimal features for your process. 10
  11. 11. All around support – even after purchase. We will support you worldwide with customized services mum because by using remote diagnostics or Telepresence, through the entire service life of your system. Our experienced our specialists can, with your permission, access your system application technicians will help you install and start up your online and solve problems. And should you need a spare part, processes. We will assist you with maintenance and train your we are available 4/7, 6 days a year worldwide. employees. We keep downtime and technician visits to a mini- 11
  12. 12. Products: Find everything you need in our vast portfolio. 1
  13. 13. TRUMPF lasers and HÜTTINGER generators offer a broad range of products for use in the production of solar cells. TRUMPF: The right laser for every application. You can be sure that you will always get the best laser for Lasers from the TruMark Series 6000 also cover all three your individual application from TRUMPF‘s extensive product essential wavelengths: from infrared with 1064 nm to nm portfolio. up to UV lasers with nm. Lasers from this series are used for wafer marking and patterning. They are not only extremely Our nanosecond lasers have proven themselves time and again easy to integrate into the production lines, they can also be when it comes to edge insulation and drilling crystalline solar operated on any power grid on Earth. This also applies to the cells. Lasers from the TruMicro Series 000 are powerful pico- TruMark Series 000 that is even more compact. second lasers. They are used for extremely sophisticated surface treatment, such as highly productive and precise re- Whether used for welding modules, cutting the most sophisti- moval. They are available in three wavelengths: 100 nm, cated contours or drilling small holes, the lasers from the 1 nm and 4 nm. And with the TruMicro Series 7000, you TruDisk, TruFiber and TruPulse Series have the best features can quickly cut, drill, ablate or remove large-area layers, thanks for applications in module production and processing. to the laser outputs of up to 70 watts. 1
  14. 14. HÜTTINGER: Generators for your applications. The generators from HÜTTINGER – proven a thousand times architectural glass coatings. There are generators that are ideal over – are the best starting point for stable processes in the for manufacturing solar cells in every category – the one you production of solar cells. We can offer you a large selection of pick depends entirely on your tasks. DC, medium frequency and high frequency power supplies for induction heating and plasma excitation. This means that The DC generators from the TruPlasma DC Series 000 are an you are able to select the exact generator for the requirements affordable start in plasma excitation. The excellent arc manage- of your system, whether for thin-layer or wafer-based cells ment CompensateLine ensures particularly smooth and clean and whether you want to coat material through sputtering or process results. Therefore, these generators are ideal for a a PECVD process. Whatever your requirements, you can rely multitude of coating processes, such as the sputtering of alu- on our well-known rapid and reliable arc management. Even minum. With the medium frequency generators from the substrates of over two meters wide are no problem for gene- TruPlasma MF Series 7000, you will achieve very high process rators from the world market leader for flat panel display and reliability.
  15. 15. The fast, well-engineered arc management system DetectLine permits extraordinarily homogenous and high quality layers to be produced, which makes for reliable processing with many different materials. Flexible interfaces allow for simple inte- gration into any type of system design. And, the high frequency generators from the TruHeat HF Series 7000 offer you the very best results as well as maximum stability. And again, HÜTTINGER will also help you with inductor design. 1
  16. 16. TRUMPF is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and VDA 6.4 Ident No. 149777-0-01-09-F – Subject to change TRUMPF Laser GmbH + Co. KG · Aichhalder Straße 9 · 7871 Schramberg · Germany Phone +49 (0) 74 1-0 · Fax +49 (0) 74 1-108 E-mail · Homepage HÜTTINGER Elektronik GmbH + Co. KG · Bötzinger Straße 80 · 79111 Freiburg · Germany Phone +49 (0) 761 8971-0 · Fax +49 (0) 761 8971-110 E-mail · Homepage