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Open Adoption - Dare to invite


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Change management technology

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Open Adoption - Dare to invite

  1. 1. Dare to invite Open Adoption
  2. 2. It’s a very scary story IT’s about changING Do you know that this font size is 66 !!
  3. 3. Yes, change...
  4. 4. But, before...
  5. 5. I'm Pablo I'm French Arrogant, selfish, impolite, lazy I love you envy us so much Working at benext ! … and beware my terrible accent...
  6. 6. Fear the Change paradoxes
  7. 7. Paradoxe #1 ''Shu-Ha-Ri'' Combo Emergent behaviour should be based on orthodox practices
  8. 8. Paradoxe #2 There is no stable state ’’The stable state of a living system is to be dead’’ -- SchrOdinger
  9. 9. Paradoxe #3 The Leap of faith You need a direction AND to suspend disbelief... vision and blindness.
  10. 10. Paradoxe #4 Change has to be an option Change is easier if changing is only an option.
  11. 11. WHO IS CRAZY ENOUGH TO WANT TO CHANGE AND HOW TO BE MOTIVATED TO ? Ok If it’s really what you want… that’s my learnings… But do not count on me, change ? Never ever again !
  12. 12. A clear goaL Clear, uniformly applied rules A way to receive feedback on play Invitation (Opt-in participation)
  13. 13. A sense of{control A sense of progress A sense of membership and community A sense of higher purpose and meaning
  15. 15. Invitation & self-organization Everything starts with an invitation SELF-organization is natural & easy
  16. 16. Permission and space A container has to be defineD with clear rules and a clear goal Autonomy is key
  17. 17. SmaLL WINS something you can handle strenghten your willpower Build habits
  18. 18. CYCLES permit you to try and succeed or fail Fight liminality
  19. 19. STORYTELLING will consolidate changes better memorization, better transmission }
  20. 20. OK PUSSIES LET’s GET REAL OPEN ADOPTION A framework to Embrace CHANGE... }
  21. 21. #1 INVITatION You're free to come, or not. To submit ideas or not To participate or not To support ideas during the cycle or not
  22. 22. #2 OPENING By the one in charge With clear goal and clear rules Handle complexity : a container and self-organization.
  23. 23. #3 OPEN SPACE Based on harrison owen’s Open Space Technology : Marketplace, newsroom,self- organizatiON, Storytelling Build the limbic loop
  24. 24. #4 Closing Consolidation Celebration emotion
  25. 25. #5 IN BETWEEN Coaching Storytelling Visual Management
  26. 26. Q&A ‘’I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.’’» (Edgar Poe) “Ultimate horror often paralyses memory in a merciful way.” (H.P. Lovecraft) "Organizing a self-organizing system is not only an oxymoron, it's stupid." (Harrison Owen) "Ok pussies, let’s get real" (Frank Taillandier) summon me ! @pablopernot