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Agile + Branding Sitting in a Tree


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I’m a design craftsman with a marketing background working at an Agile shop. I’ve observed that, in agile software development, the full benefits of branding are often not considered and sometimes even ignored. From my experience as a designer in an agile world, I can assure you brands can and do actually impact product development.

During the talk, I share three real-world product stories that illustrate how agile development works with brand. You’ll see how I applied brands through iterating, listening to customers, working with business people, attention to good design, reflection, simplicity and embracing changing requirements.

A company’s brand — and how that brand is applied — is the differentiating factor in products. As developers, designers, and product managers, let’s work together to make the most of it in our applications.

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Agile + Branding Sitting in a Tree

  1. 1. Agile + Branding Sitting in A Tree PAUL HART
  2. 2. b I’m unsure of how to integrate brand into Agile development a I’m unsure of what brand means for product development c I’m afraid of what Agile will do to my brand
  3. 3. brandsoftware marketing my view
  4. 4. What does branding have to do with Agile development, anyway?
  5. 5. What is brand?1 Why does it matter?2 3 4 What’s the problem? Agile + Brand
  6. 6.
  7. 7. “Delightful!” Provide Experience Us User Consumes Experience
  8. 8. How do your customers feel?
  9. 9. What is brand?1
  10. 10. "an identifying mark made by a hot iron"
  11. 11. distinguishable identifiable unique personality
  12. 12. Brand Promise Brand Identity Brand Attributes Brand Personality
  13. 13. “Everywhere I want it.”
  14. 14. Brand Promise What you will get by using the brand
  15. 15. Happiness
  16. 16. The brand promise is like the North star
  17. 17. Identity Brand Experience+
  18. 18. Brand Promise Brand Identity Brand Attributes Brand Personality +
  19. 19. Experiences invoke emotion
  20. 20. user1234 user1234
  21. 21. What do you expect?
  22. 22. “We aim to be a place where guests and team members will always find more than they expect.” TARGET STORES
  23. 23. design for all great guest service more for your money > > >
  24. 24. When > Trust is established user experience user expectation
  25. 25. Content Interaction Workflows Performance Accuracy Timing Images What does brand look like in software? Colors (lack of) Bugs
  26. 26. Interaction affects the brand experience
  27. 27. Everything has a brand whether it’s intentional or not
  28. 28. Brand is the experience.
  29. 29. Why does it matter?2
  30. 30. Business Goals Consumer Desires Brand Identity Experience
  31. 31. The brand provides context
  32. 32. Good experiences make loyal customers
  33. 33. Helps achieve business goals IMAGE FROM HTTP://PLACEIT.BREEZI.COM/
  34. 34. Today’s brands are becoming agile
  35. 35. Brand empowers.
  36. 36. What’s the problem?3
  37. 37. Iterations
  38. 38. Brand Drift
  39. 39. Frankenbrand When you get a different feeling from different communication channels. BRAND SPEAKER AND CONSULTANT Tamsen Webster IMAGE FROM HTTP://WWW.DOCTORMACRO.COM/
  40. 40. Brand drifts.
  41. 41. As product makers we are all shepherds & facilitators of the brand
  42. 42. Agile + Brand4
  43. 43. User experiences change over time (shifting requirements) Brands need to adapt to new platforms and media Brands are more “agile” than ever before
  44. 44. Iteration Cycle Allows client collaboration + Stays up to date + Provides opportunity for user feedback
  45. 45. How we respond to change is key to preventing brand drift.
  46. 46. Brand Alignment
  47. 47. Evaluate the brand promise, build shared understanding Identify and validate approaches that fulfill the brand promise BEFORE BUILD DURING BUILD
  48. 48. Evaluate Product capability usability experience
  49. 49. utility usability aesthetics
  50. 50. Case Study A
  51. 51. “...improve the quality of every life we touch through an expanding portfolio of innovative health and wellness solutions. Each product and service offers excellent value, quality and customer service.”
  52. 52. Life just got a little easier.® BRAND PROMISE
  53. 53. Personas
  54. 54. Confident Understanding Support Smart Proactive Easy
  55. 55. usability experience capability
  56. 56. Concepting
  57. 57. Validation Testing
  58. 58. Concentrate on capability while leveraging other frameworks to increase brand experience. LESSON:
  59. 59. Evaluate Features capability usability experience
  60. 60. AFTER observe reactions promise delivered? DURING what informs? ensure integrity BEFORE brand promise lenses Iteration: Evaluate Features
  61. 61. Case Study B
  62. 62. Alexis Engaged, yet astray Monica Model student Ali The nomad James Confused padawan
  63. 63. usability experiencecapability
  64. 64. Modern Contextualized Approachable 2D Simple Friendly
  65. 65. Usability Testing
  66. 66. 6 min. Timer Goals Sketches Sketching
  67. 67. Test results Review Problems
  68. 68. Prioritizing
  69. 69. Prioritizing
  70. 70. Line up the brand experience with the expectations of users. LESSON:
  71. 71. Case Study C
  72. 72. experience usabilitycapability
  73. 73. Mission Help parents, teachers and educators unlock the power of personality to help a child thrive.
  74. 74. Trusted Proven Current Approachable Helpful Intelligent
  75. 75. Research w/real users
  76. 76. Inspiration
  77. 77. Mood boards
  78. 78. Eli Lydia I’M A KIDTELLIGENT COMPOSER I’M A KIDTELLIGENT INVENTOR Kidtelligent Empower your child. 123 Main Street Suite 200 Grand Rapids, MI 49506 Kidtelligent Kidtelligent Empower your child. Roger Jansen 616-555-1212 KidtelligentEmpower your child. KidtelligentEmpower your child. KidtelligentEmpower your child. Headline Museo Sans Special use copy—Museo Sans Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte- tur adipiscing elit. Nulla semper vulpu- tate diam, eget ullamcorper orci porta vitae. Aenean tortor ante, fermentum fermentum sollicitudin vel, scelerisque sed metus. Donec sed enim ligula, nec laoreet dui. Aliquam erat volutpat. Web body copy—Helvetica Neue Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte- tur adipiscing elit. Nulla semper vulpu- tate diam, eget ullamcorper orci porta vitae. Aenean tortor ante, fermentum fermentum sollicitudin vel, scelerisque sed metus. Donec sed enim ligula, nec laoreet dui. Aliquam erat volutpat. Increase Your Kidtelligence. Help your kid thrive by unlocking the power of their personality. Our specially designed assessment shows you how and increases your kidtelligence. Visit Kidtelligent Empower your child. Increase Your Kidtelligence. ATOMIC OBJECT — KIDTELLIGENT CONCEPT A AUGUST 5, 2010 PAGE 1/4 Ad Concept 1
  79. 79. Ad Concept 2
  80. 80. Web Concepts
  81. 81. Final Design
  82. 82. Key Activity
  83. 83. Properly prioritize the user experience for specific key activities. LESSON:
  84. 84. Brand is the experience. Brand empowers. Brand drifts. Brand evolves.
  85. 85. Before the build agree on the proper lens for features & learn from users PRODUCT OWNERS: Keep the feature intent in mind, and translate the brand to the backlog DESIGNERS: Don't de-prioritize brand stories in the backlog just because they are not feature. Brand *is* a critical feature DEVELOPERS:
  86. 86. Can you think of areas where you’re not living up to the brand intent? What are you doing now to reinforce your brand promise? Which spotlight are you shining on your product or features? What dev stories add to brand experience and potentially usability, but not capability?
  87. 87. Agile + Branding Sitting in A Tree PAUL HART