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The seven wonders of the world

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  1. 1. The seven wonders of the world
  2. 2. The seven wonders of the worldThe seven wonders of the world are thewinners of a competition organized byNew Open World Corporation companyand inspired by the wonders of theworld siteThe seven wonders of the world arechosen through a public vote Participants must register an emailon the website of the corporation andelect their favorite candidates. Couldalso vote via SMS and through a tollpayment.In this selection were admittedstructures developed in the years 2000The seven wonders were chosen fromamong 200 monuments
  3. 3. The seven wonders of the world The seven wonders of the world are Machu Picchu (Peru ), The Taj-Mahal (India), The Great Wall of China (China), Rome’s colisseum (Italia) , Chichen Itzá (Mexico), The Christ the Redeemer statue (Brazil) and Petra (Jordan) Among the finalists were The Alambra,The Tour Eiffel, The Acropolis of Athens ,St. Basils Cathedral of Moscow (Rusia) ,The statue of Liberty in New York(EE.UU),The” Sindney Opera House” ,etc
  4. 4. Machu-Picchu
  5. 5. The Machu-Picchu• Machu-Picchu is in Peru• Machu-Picchu is a Inca´s City• It is believed to be a city break or a religious shrine• In 1911 he was Hiram Bingham who made the scientific discovery of this place, supported by an expedition from Yale University USA and the National Geographic Society because there are other theories say that was discovered in 1901 and again( again means “otra vez” in 1804
  6. 6. The Machu-Picchu• In Machu-Picchu there are llamas• It is a World Heritage of UNESCO• and a fantastic work of architecture and engineering• Machu Pichu can only receive 2500 visitors a day
  7. 7. The taj-Mahal
  8. 8. The taj-mahal• TheTaj-Mahal is in India in the province of Agra• It is a complex of buildings• The construction began around 1632 and was completed around 1653• Emperor Shah Jahan built it in honor of his favorite wife his 3rd wife
  9. 9. The Taj-Mahal• It was built more than 20,000 workers between 1631 and 1654• Taj Mahal is the finest example of Mughal architecture, a style that combines elements from Persian, Turkish and Indian architectural styles• The Taj-Mahal is a World Heritage of UNESCO.
  10. 10. The Great wall of China
  11. 11. The Great Wall of China• The Great Wall of China is a forfification• It was built by the first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang• It was built in the V century BC and was later rebuilt in the sixteenth century• It was built for to protect the northern border of the Chinese Empire• It was guarded by more than a million warriors
  12. 12. The Great Wall of China• It is estimated that the wall measures 8000 km• From the border with Korea to the Gobi Desert• There is only 30% of the wall• The Great Wall of China is a World Heritage of UNESCO
  13. 13. Rome´s colisseum
  14. 14. Rome’s Colisseum• The colisseum is in Rome in Italy• Romes Colosseum is an amphitheater• The colisseum was built in the 1st century• Before it was called Flavian Amphitheatre• Gladiator fights and public spectacles Took place at the Coliseum
  15. 15. Rome´s Colisseum• In ancient times had a capacity for 50,000 spectators, with eighty rows of bleachers• The Coliseum is one of the most famous monuments of classical antiquity• The Rome’s Colisseum is a World Heritage of UNESCO
  16. 16. Chichen Itzá
  17. 17. Chichen Itza• Chichen Itza is in the state of Yucatan in Mexico• Chichen Itza was a city or a ceremonial center• It is an important vestige Mayan civilization• The main buildings are on the decline of the Maya• They say that the god who ruled over this place is Kukulcan
  18. 18. Chichen Itza• The land under the monuments had been privately-owned until 29 March 2010, when it was purchased by the state of Yucatán.• Chichen Itza is one of the most visited archaeological sites in Mexico; an estimated 1,2 million tourists visit the ruins every year.• Chichen Itza is a World Heritage of UNESCO
  19. 19. The Christ the Redeemer statue
  20. 20. The Christ the Redeemer statue• The Chirst the Redenter statue is in Rio de Janeiro• The statue is 30 metres high• it was built in the Tijuca National Park to 709 meters high with a spectacular view to the port city of Rio de Janeiro
  21. 21. The Christ the Redeemer statue• It took five years to build the statue• It was inaugurated on October 12th, 1931• It’s the biggest statue of Art Decó• The Christ the Redeemer statue is a World Heritage of UNESCO
  22. 22. Petra
  23. 23. Petra• Petra is in Jordan• Petra is an important archaeological site in Jordan• Its name means stone, because it is a city carved in stone• It was built in antiquity to the late seventh century. C. by the Edomites• The site remained unknown to the Western world until 1812
  24. 24. Petra• It was occupied in the sixth century. C. by the Nabataeans• In the seventh century was abandoned because of the trade routes changes and earthquakes• Petra is a World Heritage of UNESCO
  25. 25. THE ENDGOOD(6)