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Organizational Architecture for Peak Value Release to Market


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An exploration of the ultimate purpose of an organization: release of value to the market--and the optimally architected organization to produce it. Shared learnings include: a crisp understanding of accelerating value delivery, compensation design for the involved teams, and a layout of the interlocking accountabilities in the high tech firm. Measurable performance metrics are outlined for each key role in the company, and for teams as a whole. Interim measures are intended to direct the organization's initial efforts, while ultimate measures are understood to provide best results in the long term. From senior management teams, to scrum software teams, this presentation casts the key partnerships for the venture's success.

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Organizational Architecture for Peak Value Release to Market

  1. 1. OrganizationalArchitecture for Peak Pablo Rodriguez Bertorello 1
  2. 2.  Removal of impediments company-wide  Increase revenue (or decrease cost)  Released into production  Value estimated (relatively : epics)  While reducing technical debt  Going to market with minimum viable products  With increasing velocity 2Pablo Rodriguez Bertorello
  3. 3.  Gaged against quarterly company goals  At team level, not individual  Only two drivers:  Value delivery (company level)  Quality measures (role specific) 3Pablo Rodriguez Bertorello
  4. 4. Interim Ultimate Quality Company-wide Identification and removal of impediments at at sr. management level TBD ScrumTeams Value released (epic) QualityValue released (epic) Developers Done and released (story) Test Driven Development Coverage, Continuous Integration, Continuous Release Product Owners Ready minimum viable product (stories) Revenue per value point developed Product Strategists Estimated (epic) Epic go to market & gathering of customer feedback Scrum Masters Velocity increase Team happiness Release team Value released (epic) QualityValue released (epic) 4Pablo Rodriguez Bertorello
  5. 5. Pablo Rodriguez Bertorello 5