Rainforest power point


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Rainforest power point

  1. 1. Frill-necked lizard
  2. 2. Characteristics ● 80 cm length ● Weight: 1kg ● Particular characteristic: necklace skin - Behind his head and on his loin - Used to: 1.when it is threatened 2. to communicate - Varied colours ● Very well developed sight ● Life: 6 years
  3. 3. Habitat ● Northern regions of Australia and southern New Guinea. ● Arboreal lizard. ● DIET: little vertebrates insects ● Humidity ● when the are the prey. ● Love the sun ● Is a old dinosaur. ● they live in the rainforests and on the deserts.
  4. 4. Male and female ·We can distinguish the male with the female by the lenght. ·The male is longer than the female. ·Lizards breed in rainy seasons. ·the eggs are laid in a nest 5–20 cm below ground, and usually in sunny areas. ·Incubation takes two to three months.
  5. 5. Thermoregulation ·Lizard temperature depends on the ambient temperature. ·Is beliebed that the lizard aid to the termoregulation. ·During the period of the sun, the lizard is near the bottom of a tree and under forest cover.
  6. 6. Interesting & Amazing Information On Frill-necked Lizards ● A frilled lizard can run standing up on its hind legs as well, with its forelegs and tail in the air. ● Hunts for spiders and insects like cicadas in the trees and looks for ants, termites, small mammals and small lizards on the ground. ● Eagles, owls, larger lizards, snakes and some mammals like dingoes and quolls are the main predators of the frilled lizard. ● Frill-necked lizards are often kept as pets. http://www.backwaterreptiles.com/agamas/frilled-dragon-for-sale.html
  7. 7. Video
  8. 8. By Gorka Junkera Evan Serrano Ignacio sanroma