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Mathura of my Dreams by Charul Agarwal


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Presentation given by Charul Agarwal of St. Dominics School in the Stage 3 of Mathura Genius Award 2009 (Senior Level) organized by Paarth Educational Foundation (

Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
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Mathura of my Dreams by Charul Agarwal

  1. 1. It is well known that without knowing the history we cannot work towards creating abetter future. So let us start with takinga brief glimpse at the history of this city.
  2. 2. Mathura has always been known for itsexquisitely designed temples. People from all over the world flock into the city to seek spiritual fulfillment in the holy premises.
  3. 3. • The wonderful art and architecture that thrived on the land from ancient times has won it worldwide renown and also many tourists who come to visit these antiques preserved in the museum
  4. 4. TERRORISM• MATHURA TODAY • MATHURA IN MY DREAM• Terrorism has made life difficult today. People are scared of even stepping out of their houses. • No such fear would make life hell in my dreams. People fear crowds and even avoid visiting All those who threaten peace would be brought temples on days they know huge crowd is going to books. to gather in temple premises considering such • HOW: Nothing is insurmountable. So is places vulnerable from terrorist attacks. this terror too .If we resolve to root out this problem then of course this is possible.Nearby all the temples should be a well equipped police post.Bomb Squad Disposal team shall be kept on its toes everytime.An efficient communication network shall be established to link administration and millitary
  5. 5. DRAINAGE SYSTEM• MATHURA TODAY • MATHURA IN MY DREAMS• The sewage system in Mathura is really • In my dream the drainage system would be very inefficient. It is very common to see quite well maintained. In fact the no longer dirty water from the drains to get would the sight of this dirty water would accumulated on the streets especially under arouse disgust as all these drains would the bridge hindering the movement of disappear underground. traffic. • Under bridges would be replaced by over bridges leaving no chance for sewage water to accumulate.
  6. 6. transportation• Mathura today • Mathura in my dreams• ROADS:-living in mathura you must be aware of the poor condition of roads. • ROADS:-the highly congested Most of the roads are unmettled. Even roads shall rapidly be replaced by the mettled roads prove far from being expressways and underground roads useful as they are characterized by across high traffic areas. sewage water accumulating right in the • TRAFFIC SYSTEM:-the traffic police middle of the streets. these roads are shall be present at all places of bumpy therefore a tour through the city need.The places where there is no makes you vulnerable to many such scope for vehicles to move should be jerks. replaced by well maintained roads• Traffic system: in holigate or let us say where people would move on their any other such crowded area don’t you foot. No special provision shall be get trapped with your vehicles and find made for politicians or officials as the it difficult to know how to get out. same rules would apply to all. • OTHER MEANS OF TRANSPORTATION:- Of course such an important place like mathura should have an international airport.
  7. 7. education• Mathura today • Mathura in my dreams• PRIMARY EDUCATION:- • PRIMARY EDUCATION:- many students especially girls are not Of course in my dreams all would have able to avail the opportunity of even the primary level education. access to primary level of education.• CHOICE FOR CAREER:- • CHOICE FOR CAREER in mathura the only choices you have for branches are science or • :- No need for students to leave their birthplace to get a wider multitude of career commerce.Is the world limited to just options for this choice would be made these branches. is it mandatory for all available in their own motherplace. All to live just as others do????????. Yes career options like fashion designing, if you want to pursue your studies in interior decoration, colliery services, mathura you would have to. aviation, astronomy, etc everything would be made available in educational institutions in mathura itself
  8. 8. CAREER BUILDING• VOCATIONAL • VOCATINAL TRAINING:- TRAINING:- Today at the name I dream to have world class vocational of coaching we have a few of training in all most all branches from engineering or commerce and these engineering, commerce, medical too have not been as yet able to stand ,aviation, etc to what not. No need for to the expectations of people. students to leave such a sacred place just for better vocational training. Also• Colleges:-We find students students across the world would emigrating mathura for Delhi ,Mumbai, emigrate to mathura to seek excellent Bangalore,etc where there are educational facilities. colleges which would prepare theirway • COLLEGES:-if enterprising students for career making. are here so why should they go to seek admission in colleges ,why not college be established here it self to seek such enterprising students. And of course this has come true i9n my dreams.An IIT,AIIMS and similar other colleges would be established over here.
  9. 9. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES• MATHURA TODAY • MATHURA IN MY DREAMS• Now even if we have human resources where • So in my dreams are the career Mathura would be opportunities. We covered by the world’s neither have the largest industrial belt. industrial belt nor do Also service sector will we have software be our strength. technology perks to Mathura would replace provide employment to Bangalore as the these people. electronic capital and software giants.
  10. 10. Development of places of tourist interest• Mathura today • Mathura in my dreams• Let us look at the condition of tourism • Mathura in my dreams would today. Since the most important places adhere to our culture of “atithi of tourist interests are temples so let us have a look at the tourism facilities devo bhava”. Everywhere over here. would they be given respect and would be made to feel at• Tourist harassment:- home. tourist are harassed everywhere in India. Even here sometimes they are charged very high rates for something that costs something very less. At the entrance gate of temples they have to encounter a queue of beggars asking them for something in God’s name.Also are the abused , pick pocketed and what not.
  11. 11. FACILITIES FOR TOURISTS• MATHURA TODAY • MATHURA IN MY DREAMS• GUEST HOUSES:- Have • GUEST HOUSES:- you seen the condition These tourists who of guest houses in our come to enjoy our city’s city. They are all cultural heritage would stinking , difficult to live have a luxurious place in. ever thought how it to rest in would be like for these people accustomed to such luxury to live in such poorly maintained guest houses.
  12. 12. Let’s work towards making the tourist destinations here give eternalpleasure.•All these tourist destinations would be interconnected throughunderground roads and waterways.•For example all the major temples in vrindavan would be connectedthrough underground roads and on the sides would be music boxeswhich would play some piece of spiritual music and make all thesetourists get lost in HIS worship.•Also there would be proper parking facilities for the vehicles so thatthey donot create any havoc.•Let us take the case of Dwarikadhish temple. Its location makes italmost inaccessible for these distant tourists so boating as ameans oftransportation can be developed over here.Also water level of riverYamuna shall be elevated so that boats can run all over the year.
  14. 14. CIVIC AMENITIES• Once people have attained greater income there surely is a need for civic amenities• First of all world class health facilities would be provided .• People would also need safe drinking water. For this municipal water supply would have to become very efficient.• Also people would be made to realize their right to question any lack of these necessary civic amenities. And they would be able to get the PWD attend to their grievances.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION• So finally I would like to conclude in my dream there would be greater incomes for people through development of software technology parks, industries and tertiary sector creating a cycle of greater income.• Greater income would mean that people would be able to earn greater income which would lead to higher tax payment• Through these taxes government would be able to spend more on the maintenance of these infrastucture and provision of civic amenities