Integration of sound signature in graphical password


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Integration of sound signature in graphical password

  2. 2.  Introduction  Overview of System  Graphical Passwords  Modules  Discussion  Advantages  Disadvantages  Conclusion
  3. 3.  Passwords are used for  Authentication  Authorization  Access Control o There are two types of passwords  Text based  Graphical based
  4. 4.  A graphical password is an authentication system that works by having the user select from images, in a specific order, presented in a graphical user interface (GUI). For this reason, the graphical- password approach is sometimes called graphical user authentication (GUA).  A graphical password is easier than a text-based password for most people to remember.  Graphical passwords may offer better security than text-based passwords because many people, in an attempt to memorize text- based passwords, use plain words .
  5. 5.  We have integrated sound signature to help in recalling the password.  The proposed system creates user profile as follows- Master vector - (User ID, Sound Signature frequency, Tolerance) Detailed Vector - (Image, Click Points) As an example of vectors - Master vector (Smith , 2689, 50) Detailed Vector
  6. 6.  Enters User ID and select one sound frequency which he want to be played at login time, a tolerance value is also selected with will decide that the user is legitimate or an imposter. To create detailed vector user has to select sequence of images and clicks on each image at click points of his choice. Profile vector is created.
  7. 7.  Registration  Reset password  Login application  Profile matching System
  8. 8.  In registration process user need to register to the system .  New user gets registered with his details and his password is generated according to the values at the x and y axis of the particular point. User Details Register get unique login id by sms
  9. 9.  In this module user can reset his/her password by login into the system. User Login Reset Password
  10. 10.  User can login through his/her username & password. Login Details login
  11. 11.  In this module the system validates and verifies checks the profile of user and sends SMS to the user mobile. Profile matching get sms after login
  12. 12. Advantages Dis-advanages  Provide a way of more human friendly passwords while increasing the security level.  On average-millions of years to break into systems.  Dictionary attacks are infeasible.  Password registration and log-in process take too long.  Require much more storage space than text based passwords.  Shoulder Surfing-  As the name implies, shoulder surfing is watching over people's shoulders as they process information.  Because of their graphic nature, nearly all graphical password schemes are quite vulnerable to shoulder surfing.
  13. 13.  Picture passwords are an alternative to textual alphanumeric password.  By the solution of the integration of sound signature ,it becomes more secure & easier password scheme.