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A2 media evaluation question 1


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A2 media evaluation question 1

  1. 1. A2 Media EvaluationQuestion 1Pavan Singh Mangat
  2. 2. In My Advanced Portfolio production we created two main advertisements, aradio advert and sponsorship advert. We decided to produce an advertcampaign on hot-dogs with a Mafia style parody. We decided to call our hot-dog campaign “The Dogfather”, in doing this our idea was to create an on-going campaign where all adverts are connected with each other. This wasachieved by the connection of Mafia films such as Scarface and TheGodfather. This also linked in with the title of the brand The Dogfather whichis a parody on the film. As it was based on hot-dong, it was quite hard to findadvertisements of the same topic so we concentrated on the conventions ofmicrowave food advertisements such as Zugos, Rustlers and PotNoodle.After viewing these adverts the conventions of these type of adverts are thatthey feature the product in hand, they have a storyline to them and they havea voice over to the advert. In our campaign we followed some of theconventions and challenged others.
  3. 3. Our sponsorship advert was based on the real media text of the mafia sage; TheGodfather. In this scene there is a passage of an item which contains a bullet proofvest which is wrapped around a fish. The famous line is “it’s a sicilian message,Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.” as our theme was to replicate these famousscenes but apply them to our product and brand. The setting, props and style of theadvert was an important aspect and had to be as close to the original text as wecould get it.Before producing the advert we looked at the Zugos Advert which is a sponsorshipadvert to the programme “Friend”. ( this advert, a male is sitting on a worktop actingas a microwave preparing the food “Zugos” for aperson. This advert only lasts 11seconds.We also looked at the “Cesar” advert on Film4.This advert on the other hand features the samedog in all adverts. This is because all of theadverts follow on from each other in a consistentstory.(
  4. 4. Looking at these adverts we could see that the conventions of this specific typeof advert are that they are short in length and get straight to the point. As wehad to work in a short time frame the scene we had to pick; had to be short anddirect but also remember able. This is the reason for choosing the mafia fishscene. So keeping with the first convention of these sponsorship adverts, wewent onto adapting the advert to suit our campaign and hadnumerous production videosexperimenting with the script andcontent but upon evaluation wedecided to keep the style and scriptof the original text with some changes.These changes were that instead of thefish, we changed it to a hot-dog tokeep in theme with the product.These were minor changes to thereal text but made a major difference. We kept with the convention of having ashort advert but adapting it to our own brand so the target audience would beable to recognize the product while also relating to the parody scene.
  5. 5. Our first advert was taken from the original opening scene from The Godfather.In this scene Don Vito Corleone is talking to a fellow companion regarding somehelp. This is the most iconic scene of the film and arguably the whole filmindustry. We decided to use this scene due to its reputation. Due to the power ofthe scene and the global appreciation, people would be able to identify the sceneimmediately and as our product was aimed at the Male target audience, usingthis scene was successful as the film itself appeals to the male population. Wefollowed the conventions of the Microwave food advertisements such asfeaturing the product and having a storyline. We featured the product in abriefcase at the end of the advert as people will be interested and intrigued in theadvert due to the parody. Featuring the product at the end means that it will havethe audiences attention as they do in the Cadburys advert ( . We challenged the convention ofhaving a voiceOver as our campaign isnt attempting toInvolve the audience at the same time which isWhat a voice over is used for. As the averagePopulation of males are familiar with the MafiaFilms such as Godfather; the advert will createA visual stimulant as they know the scene wellAnd will continue to view the advert to see what happens.
  6. 6. Our 2nd TV advert was a remake of the film scarface with the “Say hello tomy little friend” scene. ( a lot of changes in this advert as weWanted It to capture the audiences attentionwith a brand new plot and then as they hearthe line “say hello to my little friend” theywould then Realise the inspiration behindthe advert. We Used the soundtrack fromthe Strongbow Advert.( this added a new level of suspense tothe advert and created a mysteriousatmosphere. We used a comical effect wherethe opposing “gang” would have a confusedwhen the hot-dog was presented. Thisimplies that the hotdog isnt just a piece offood, but that its more than “my little friend.”
  7. 7. Our Radio Advert was created to promote the product directly to the audiencewith no storyline. We did this by describing the product and how we distinguishourselves from other brands. Our advert ended with the slogan “Dogfatherhotdogs, an offer you cant refuse”. This created a more Radio Advert style as aconvention of Radio Adverts is that they are direct and straight to the point butalso features a tagline or slogan. These conventions imply that the audienceneeds the product which I feel we portrayed effectively. This was also used atthe end of our TV adverts so this slogan was stuck inside the audiences headand so as soon as you heard the Radio Advert you could identify the productand increase the word of mouth promotion.
  8. 8. Overall the adverts follow the conventions of having a storyline,feature the product clearly and have a catchy slogan. Looking atadverts such as the Zugo advert and other similar adverts, the ideaof our adverts connecting together was achieved well due to themafia style parody. The Potnoodle Advert reinforced the research ofeach individual advert having its own story (whilst being linked toanother advert) but promoting the product at the end of the actualadvert. The Generic features of the mafia films were successful aswe kept to the ideal settings and props used in the real media texts.After evaluating our project I can see some areas that could havehad improvements made; which are included in our sponsorshipadvert and advert 1 which regards the lighting and location ofcertain props. The locations had to be similar to the original text butdue to the lack of time and facilities we couldn’t adapt them to bemore similar to the original text. However as a parody remake adactually promoting the product I feel that the whole campaign was asuccession.